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Adrian Morgan & Nela Zisser win Houston qualifier

update May 13 Nela Zisser has a contest video

update May 1 The Houston Chronicle has a contest report

Winners from today’s Nathan’s qualifier in Houston. update George Shea has the rest of the men’s top 3

1) Adrian Morgan 39
2) Peter Rottman 22
3) Steven Schuster 20.5

1W) Nela Zisser 17

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Adrian Morgan's facebook says he plans to attend the Saturday Nathan's qualifier at Memorial City Mall in Houston. Nela Zisser will headline the women's field.
Nela Zisser responds to questions from fans in her latest video. At the 11 minute mark, she answers whether she thinks competitive eaters intentionally reverse after contests / challenges.
Nela Zisser won today's hot dog eating contest at The Street Food Collective in Auckland, NZ.
Nela Zisser has started a store at selling T-shirts with her logo on it. She is soliciting questions for a Q & A video in the comments of her latest video documenting her victory in a college Thickburger contest.
In her latest video, Nela Zisser attempts to eat 10 foot long sandwiches from Subway. In the comments, she is soliciting questions for a future Q & A video.
Nela Zisser announces that she will compete in the Nathan's qualifier in Houston on April 30.
In one week, the New York Post's facebook video about Nela Zisser has received 17,158 comments, 49,769 shares, 51,105 likes and 5.9 million views, which I think exceeds the view count of all youtube videos by female competitive eaters.
Black Sports Online has a blog entry about Nela Zisser's latest video where she attempts a breakfast challenge containing 10,782 calories. (Daily Mirror article)
The Debrief has a list of tips from Nela Zisser on how to maximize consumption over the holiday period. In her latest video, she finishes a 10 patty chicken sandwich in under 4 minutes.
Daily Mail has an article on Nela Zisser's latest video where she attempts to eat 100 McDonalds burgers. ( article)
The New Zealand Herald has a profile of Nela Zisser, who hopes to travel to the United States for an eating challenge tour. (via abnormedia)
Woman's Day NZ has an interview of Nela Zisser in which she discusses being diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. In her latest video, she takes on the 2kg curry challenge at Gold Curry in Bangkok.
Nela Zisser appeared Australia's Daily Edition to talk about her latest video where she ate 10 scorpions in Thailand. She hopes to surpass Yuka Kinoshita's mark of 62 McDonalds burgers in an upcoming video. (Daily Mirror article)
Gold Curry in Bangkok, Thailand reports that Nela Zisser finished the 2kg curry challenge in 8:37. has an interview with Nela Zisser, who says she is studying artificial intelligence in college and that Matt Stonie is her competitive eating hero. More Nela Zisser coverage: Daily Mail article about latest video where she faced off against Singaporean Zermatt Neo in a gyoza challenge | video of appearance on Australian Morning Show | Brazilian article | Velvet Style article in Italian | El Correo article in Spanish | article in English
In Nela Zisser's latest video, she attempts to eat 22 Big Macs in one session. update Nov 12 The Daily Mirror and Daily Mail have articles
First We Feast has an an article on how Nela Zisser meshes her modeling with competitive eating. (Her latest video: 50 dumplings in 3 minutes).
In Nela Zisser's latest video, she takes on Kate Ovens in a long distance McDonald's burger eating contest.
The Telegraph has an article about Nela Zisser's latest video where she eats a 7 pound sundae with more than 10,000 calories.
Nela Zisser and Erik Lamkin collaborated on a video project where they both attempted to eat 20 McDonald's cheeseburgers.
The new poll asks who you think will be 2016 MLE Rookie of the Year. Gideon Oji and Geoff Esper are the leading candiates, with Nela Zisser a dark horse.
In Nela Zisser's latest video, she attempts to eat five pounds of frozen yogurt. update Sep 2 NY Daily News and Cosmopolitan have articles.
In her latest video, Nela Zisser eats more than 8000 calories of cheesecake.
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