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Upcoming eating contests
$4,000 2018 May 26I Tivoli Fest World Aebleskiver Eating Championship Tivoli Fest Elk Horn, IA
2018 May 31Hot Wing Eating Contest McGrath Powersports Cedar Rapids, IA
2018 Jun 2Hot Dog Eating Contest Sioux Center Summer Celebration Sioux City, IA
$4,000 2018 Jun 2I The 2018 World Championship Canteen Sandwich Eating Contest Central Park Ottumwa, IA
2018 Jun 30Pie Eating Contest The Linn County Fair Central City, IA
Three random eating challenges
2.5 lb. burger Body Slam Burger Hatchet Jack's Bar & Grill West Liberty, IA
24 scoop sundae Ol' Fashioned Barn Burner Happy Joe's Muscatine, IA
3 .75 lb. burgers MVP Challenge The Dugout Bar & Grill Ute, IA includes three orders of fries
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Geoff Esper, Gideon Oji, Darron Breeden and Matt Raible are expected to compete in the Tivoli Fest World Æbleskiver-Eating Championship in Elk Horn, IA on May 26.

2017 Iowa State Fair Nathan’s qualifier

update Aug 17 Iowa Public Television has a video

Jesus Gonzalez video

Juan Rodriguez and Sophia DeVita are the favorites. Juan appeared on WeAreIowa yesterday.

Facebook Live video

Full Results Part 1 | Part 2

1st 28.5 Juan “more bite” Rodriguez
2nd 19 Jake Thompson
3rd 18 Matt “Hungry” Hazzard
4th 16.5 Mark “the muncher” Williams
5th 15.75 Matthew Raible
6th 9 Zach Adams
6th 9 Kameron Gray
6th 9 Andrew Kilborn
9th 6 Chris Branch

1W) Sophia DeVita 19 personal best (sole female)

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The Mississippi Valley Fair in Davenport, IA will hold a corn dog eating contest on August 6 awarding $500 to the winner. Qualifiers will be held on August 3, 4 and 5.
Registration is open for the first two qualifiers of the Nathan's 2017-18 circuit: Des Moines on August 12 and Portland, OR on September 4. The Portland qualifier will be the first northwestern site on the Nathan's circuit since at least 2004.
Catcher Zach Fricke and pinch-hitter Austin Guzzo of the University of Iowa baseball team held a hot dog eating contest during their loss to the Univeristy of Minnesota. Guzzo won with a total of 5 hot dogs.

Elk Horn Tivoli Fest aebleskiver eating contest

update has an article

Blake’s Garage has a video

Official Results Part 1 | Part 2

1st 87 Matt “Megatoad” Stonie
2nd 73 Gideon Oji
3rd 53 Adrian “The Rabbit” Morgan
4th 45 Juan “more bite” Rodriguez
5th 32 Sophia Devita
6th 26 Mark “the muncher” Williams
7th 24 Matthew Raible

It appears Matt Stonie won the aebleskiver eating contest in Elk Horn, IA according to this picture.

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Matt Stonie, Gideon Oji, Adrian Morgan, Juan Rodriguez, Yasir Salem, Sophia DeVita and Matt Raible are expected to compete in the Tivoli Fest World Æbleskiver Eating Championship in Elk Horn, IA Saturday.
A chicken dinner will take place tonight in Elk Horn, IA to raise money for the aebleskiver eating contest in May. Several events are planned to obtain funding for the Major League Eating event.
Here is the current MLE schedule. Registration is open unless stated otherwise. New contests have been added in Owensboro, KY, San Diego and Elk Horn, IA (more...) claims that the Tivoli Fest in Elk Horn, IA will hold an Ebelskiver Eating Contest on Memorial Day weekend.
Direct Action Everywhere disrupted yesterday's Hilary Clinton rally in Des Moines to protest her relationship with wholesale club Costco (video) The vegan activist group previously stormed the stage of last month's Nathan's Famous finals and June's Chicago Ribfest eating contest.
HawkeyeSports has an article and gallery about the University of Iowa attending the Beef Bowl tonight, a pregame meal for Rose Bowl teams held at Lawry's. The event has not been an official eating contest since the 1960s. Stanford will visit the Beverly Hills steakhouse tomorrow. Elika Sadeghi got to dine with the Hawkeyes and posted a video of her meal. ( article)
KWWL has an article about Aaron Osthoff, who says he might return to competitive eating in 2016.

Molly Schuyler to attempt two records in Des Moines

Molly Schuyler will attempt to break two records this weekend in Des Moines: her mark of 4:50 for the “Emmenecker Challenge” at Jethro’s BBQ on Saturday and the record for five pounds of bacon on Sunday. update Jethro’s is looking for competitors to face Molly. udpate Mar 28 The Des Moines Register and KCCI have articles. A video of Molly’s appearance on Great Day Des Moines is also available.

update March 28 #2 Molly finished the challenge in 2:55 to break her record. KCCI has an article and Simon Conway has a video

update March 30 KCCI reports that Molly finished five pounds of bacon in 5 minutes and 2 seconds.

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Kyle Hanner reports that Aaron Osthoff ate 3.7 pounds of wings in 5 minutes to win the first prize of $1000 at the Wing Bowl at the Mystique Casino in Dubque, Iowa.
Mystique Casino in Dubuque, Iowa will hold a wing bowl awarding $1000 on January 30. Qualifiers will be held on the preceding Fridays starting January 2.
The University of Iowa student paper has a report on an attempt at the Airbus burger challenge at the Airliner in Iowa City, IA.
Kyle Hanner ate over 5 pounds of "chicken lips" in 5 minutes at Graze in Iowa City yesterday to claim the first prize of $500.
Graze Grill in Iowa City will hold a "chicken lips" eating contest on May 12 awarding $500 to the winner. (via Zach)  
Los Portales in Iowa City will hold a taco eating contest on April 23 awarding a $1000 travel voucher.
The Ames Tribune has an article about how Iowa State quarterbacks are eating more this off season to improve their arm strength. Former Kansas head coach Mark Mangino was recently named offensive coordinator for the Cyclones.
The Des Moines register has an article and video about Molly Schuyler defending her title at the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival yesterday. <b>update</b> Molly broke her record for the Emmenecker Challenge at Jethro's today: KCCI | Des Moines Register | video
Kyle Hanner won tonight's Wing Bowl in Dubuque, IA with a total of 2.9 pounds in five minutes. Sean Nichols was runner-up.
Aaron Osthoff will be the featured competitor in the wing eating contest at the Big Boy Toy Show in Dubuque, Iowa on January 25.
Mystique Casino in Dubuque will hold a wing eating contest on January 31 awarding $1000 to the winner. Weekly qualifiers will be held in January.
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