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Upcoming eating contests
2017 Oct 7Pepper Eating Contest Funtober Fest Grayson, KY
($60)2017 Oct 20 Wholly Habaneros 1st Annual Taco Eating Contest! Wholly Habaneros Berea, KY
Three random eating challenges
1 lb. burger Louisville Lyp 502 Cafe Louisville, KY ¼ pound of pulled pork, ¼ pound of brisket, ¼ lb of pork belly, brisket chili, onion rings and beer cheese includes tater tots
16 in pizza The Lost River Pizza Co. Challenge Lost River Pizza Co. Bowling Green, KY includes 12 hot wings & 3 25 oz. beverages
2 lb. burger The Lamp Post Challenge The Lamp Post Cafe Ashland, KY includes 2 lb. fries and a strawberry croissant
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International Bar-B-Q Festival Mutton Glutton sliders

The field for Saturday's Owensboro International Bar-B-Q Festival World Mutton Sandwich-Eating Championship in Kentucky has been announced: Joey Chestnut, Geoff Esper, Gideon Oji, Michelle Lesco, Matt Cohen, Matt Raible, Bill Myers, Steve Martin and Dee Martin.
Joey Chestnut has been announced as a competitor in the Owensboro International Bar-B-Q Festival World Mutton Sandwich-Eating Championship in Owensboro, KY on May 13.

2017 Louisville Nathan’s qualifier

update April 29 has a contest report

update April 24 AJean1991 as videos Part 1 | Part 2

update Courier Journal has an article about Stevie Palmer | Courier Journal gallery

Official results Part 1 | Part 2

1) Matt “Sweet Tooth” Cohen 22
2) Brian Eick 16
3) Steve Lancette 14
4) Matt Raible 13.5
5) Michael Jean 12.5
6) Ethan Teske 11.5

1w) Stevie “Eats a Lot” Palmer 10
2w) Liz McClurg 7, allowed to compete despite already qualifying in October in Nashville

WDRB has a qualifier preview featuring station employee Cory who will be competing in the qualifier.

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Joey Chestnut did an interview about Saturday's Nathan's qualifier at Thunder Over Louisville (he will not be present). The article does not list the expected entrants, but Matt Cohen, Sarah "Unstoppable BAB" Reinecke and "Stevie Eats a Lot" are hoping to compete.
Here is the current MLE schedule. Registration is open unless stated otherwise. New contests have been added in Owensboro, KY, San Diego and Elk Horn, IA (more...)
Registration opens at noon today for the Owensboro International Bar-B-Q Festival World Mutton Sandwich-Eating Championship in Owensboro, KY May 13. has an article about Randy Santel finishing the "Big Wick" challenge at Wick's Pizza Parlor in Louisville to start his Spring 2016 tour.
LA Beast will do an extreme eating demonstration at Bobby Mackey's Music World in Wilder Kentucky Saturday at midnight. reports the Louisville Cardinals defeated Texas A & M in the hot chicken eating contest for Music City Bowl teams in Nashville. The professional hot chicken eating contest will be held on Tuesday.
The Louisville Boat Show will hold a Hooter's wing eating contest on January 23 awarding a wing party from Hooter's and pair of tickets to all three races at Kentucky Speedway during Sprint Cup weekend.
Fourth Street Live! in Louisville will hold a king cake eating contest on March 1 awarding $500 to the winner.  

2013 Radcliff, KY hard boiled egg contest

update Oct 8 Two days after the contest, the official top 4 has been announced. Ronnie Hartman was #5 with 40

update Oct 6 WDBR has an article and video

The News Enterprise has an article

Matt Stonie has the top 4
1st- Joey Chestnut- 141 eggs
2nd- Matt Stonie – 132
3rd- Miki Sudo – 109
4th- Sonya Thomas – 92

update Joey Chestnut reportedly ate 141 eggs in 8 minutes, which is a rate of an egg every 3.4 seconds. has an article on amateur competitor Nick Holeman.

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The News Enterprise reports that Joey Chestnut, Matt Stonie, Miki Sudo, Sonya Thomas and Ronnie Hartman are expected to compete in tomorrow's hardboiled egg eating contest in Radcliff, KY. Bob Shoudt has withdrawn from the contest.
Colton's Steakhouse & Grill in Radcliff, KY will hold a boneless wing eating contest on September 22 awarding a spot in the MLE hard boiled egg eating contest on October 5. Sonya Thomas is listed as an expected entrant in that contest.
Joey Chestnut will attempt to break the MLE hard boiled egg record in an eating contest in Radcliff, KY on October 5. update Registration for the contest is now open has an article about Dale Boone competing in the Big Wiener Eating Contest at Mo's Mustang Market in Morganfield, KY on Saturday which claims that GutBusters in Alaska was a TV movie.
Mustang Market in Morganfield, Kentucky will award $250 to the winner of its hot dog and wing eating contest on June 29 if two professional competitive eaters enter the contest to compete with Dale Boone.
The Dhuff & Nasty show announces that 'Matt (sic) "Deep Dish" Bertoletti" will appear on tomorrow's episode on
Wingstop in Louisville will hold an atomic wing eating contest on March 9 awarding a $500 gift card to the winner.
The Mardi Gras Festival in Louisville will hold a king cake eating contest on Saturday awarding $500 to the winner.

Wild Eggs National Pancake-Eating Championship

update Oct 1 #2 Dhuff and Nasty show has a video
Jesse Max Rasmussen has a facebook gallery

update Oct 1 Matt Stonie has a gallery
The Rake and Herald has a contest report

update Sept 30 LA Beast ate 22.5 pancakes

Results via MLE twitter Part 1 | Part 2

1 Pat Bertoletti 50 pancakes
2 Matt Stonie 47
3 Tim Brown 28.5
4 Meredith Boxberger 23.5
5 Badlands Booker 23
6 Kevin “LA Beast” Strahle 22.5
? Andrew Kogutkiewicz 14
? Tracy Goode 13

Pat Bertoletti appeared on WDRB yesterday to promote the contest, which is expected to start at 2 pm eastern.

Matt Stonie has finished ahead of Pat Bertoletti the last two times he has faced him (and in 3 of the 6 contests they have both appeared in this year.)
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InsiderLouisville has an interview with Meredith Boxberger about competing in the Wild Eggs Pancake Eating Championship in Louisville on Saturday. Pat Bertoletti and Matt Stonie are also expected to compete.
Registration will open at 5 pm Eastern tomorrow on for the Wild Eggs National Pancake Eating Championship to be held September 29 in Louisville. The purse will be $4000 ($2000 to the winner).
King cake eating contests in Louisville and Kansas City on February 18 will both award $500.
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