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Upcoming New York City eating contests
$400 2017 Oct 25 4th Annual STITCH Wing Eating Contest - men STITCH Bar & Lounge Manhattan, NY
$400 2017 Oct 25 4th Annual STITCH Wing Eating Contest - women STITCH Bar & Lounge Manhattan, NY
$100 2017 Oct 28 Chimichanga Eating Contest Gonzalez y Gonzalez Manhattan, NY
2017 Oct 28Pizza Eating Contest Pizza Zoo @ Stage 48 Manhattan, NY
2017 Oct 29Pie Eating Contest Children's Fall Festival @ The Queens County Farm Museum Floral Park, NY
$100 2017 Oct 31 Chimichanga Eating Contest Gonzalez y Gonzalez Manhattan, NY
2017 Nov 18Ice Cream Eating Contest SkyIce NYC Brooklyn, NY
2018 Jan 27Bacon Eating Contest Beer & Bourbon Festival Manhattan, NY
Three random New York City eating challenges
6 hot wings Suicide Six Wing Challenge Buffalo Cantina Brooklyn, NY
30 lb. burrito Gran Chingon Don Chingon Brooklyn, NY must also drink ghost pepper Margarita
tacos Taco Eating Record Hop Devil Grill Manhattan, NY
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Interview with Nathan’s contest disruptor

DirectActionEverywhere has an interview with Olivia Mihalcik-Duvall, who admits to disrupting the Nathan’s finals:

What is your favorite or most accomplished moment in activism or other DxE activity?

I would say my most accomplished moment in activism was when I was a part of the group that disrupted the Nathan’s hotdog eating contest. It went pretty much according to our plan and got a lot of media attention.

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The New York Mets promotion schedule lists Nathan's Famous as the sponsors of the Father's Day cap giveaway on June 18, so that is the probable date of the 2017 New York City qualifier.
Gersh Kuntzman, called "the original competitive-eating beat reporter" for his coverage of Nathan's hot dog contest around the turn of the century, wrote a column for the NY Daily News that he described as "a case for political assassinations ... when the victim works for Putin or Hitler".
DNAInfo reports that a federal grand jury will not bring charges against former Brooklyn District Attorney Joe Hynes for using money from civil forfeiture to pay Mortimer Matz for public relations services after determining that Matz' work was non-political and the expenditure was legal. In the early 1970s, Mortimer Matz founded Nathan's hot dog eating contest with Max Rosey. In May, the that indictments were looming in the case.
Fink Beats the Stomach announces they will hold the second "Finkie" Awards for competitive eating at Bar Nine in New York City on January 14.
The Brooklyn Paper has a report on Saturday's ice cream eating contest at Sky Ice with quotes from runner-up Jo "Gavonne" Rose. Patrick Garcia won the contest.
The November 30 episode of Wahlburgers (10:01 pm eastern on A&E) will have a burger eating contest at the chain's Coney Island location.

Battle of the Big Eaters 4 recording in NYC

Battle of the Big Eaters 4 recorded in Union Square Park in Manhattan today. Here are what the teams appear to be:

  • USA: Molly Schuyler, Erik Lamkin, Bob Shoudt, Dave Brunelli
  • Japan: Moeno Azuki, Tanisaki Takahito & two other males
  • UK: Adam “Beard Meats Food” Moran, Leah Shutkever, Emma Dalton, Marc Pitt
  • Australia Issac Martin, Isaac Harding-Davis, Cal “Hulk Smask Food” Stubbs, Shazza McKenzie

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Don Chingon in Brooklyn has a request for people to attempt their burrito challenge today for Japanese television. This will probably be a segment for Battle of the Big Eaters 4 to be broadcast on Jan 1, 2017.

Molly Schuyler defends Bierhaus bratwurst title

Molly Schuyler ate 46 bratwurst to defend her title at Bierhaus in Manhattan today.

Full results:

1 Molly Schuyler – 46.5
2 Bob Shoudt – 29.5
3 Dave Brunelli – 26.5
4 Wayne Algenio – 20.5
5 Jenn Cheng – 20
6 Joseph Colangelo – 8
7 Rich Korzelius – 6.33
8 Colton Weiss – 5.5

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Spots remain available in tomorrow's bratwurst eating contest at Bierhaus in Manhattan.
Molly Schuyler is expected to defend her title at the National Bratwurst Eating contest at Bierhaus in Manhattan on October 29.
Stitch Bar & Lounge in Manhattan will hold a wing eating contest on October 12 awarding $250/$100/$50 to the top 3 men and women. The champions will also receive a party at Stitch for 20.
Youtube has a video of the 2004 pickle eating contest held at the Carnegie Deli won by Ed "Cookie" Jarvis. Joe Menchetti, "Badlands" Booker, Arnie Chapman and defending champion Brian Seiken also competed. This might be the only contest in competitive eating history where competitors wore both IFOCE (Booker) and AICE (Chapman) T-shirts.
The Carnegie Deli announced that it would close its Manhattan location at the end of 2016. The restaurant was famed for its giant sandwiches including a 7 3.5 pound "#13" challenge that was attempted by Don Lerman, Ed "Cookie" Jarvis, Kevin Lipsitz, Japanese female competitive eater Takako Akasaka (who ate 2) and others. In 2010, Brian Seiken ate a 5 pound "Lebron MVP" sandwich created to entice LeBron James to sign with the Knicks.
Brooklyn Eagle reports that the Corner of Surf and Stillwell Avenues in Coney Island were named Nathan and Ida Handwerker Way on September 24 in honor of the founder of Nathan's Famous and his wife.

2016 NYC Dumpling Festival

update PitchKnives has a blog entry titled “Dumpling Mama and Girl Power” Kelly Chan has a video

update This is what I think the women’s top 3 is
1) Molly Schuyler 115 (new overall record)
2) Jenn Cheng 60
3) Jennifer Saito 37

Two flip-counters were needed for Molly Schuyler’s total since they only had two digits (similar to Takeru Kobayashi in 2001)

update The men’s competition has concluded. Here is what I think is the top 5
1) Dave Brunelli 89
2) Bob Shoudt 73
3) Joe Menchetti 70
4) Wayne Algenio 69
5) “Ukraine Train” 65

Chef One’s facebook has mini profiles of several of today’s entrants including Molly Schuyler, Dave Brunelli and “The Ukraine Train”.

Molly Schuyler had major travel issues with Delta last night, but mananged to make it to NYC via Boston.

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The Villager has an article about Wayne Algenio's win in Friday's cannoli eating contest at the Feast of San Gennaro which includes an incorrect claim by contest sponsor Adeline Sessa that he set the all time record (Marcos Owens: 34 2014). (contest video)
A press release announces that Molly Schuyler will defend her title at the New York City dumpling festival on Saturday. It will be interesting to see who takes the women's 2nd ($1000) and 3rd ($500) place prizes.
Wayne Algenio ate 21 cannolis in 6 minutes to win today's eating contest at the Feast of San Gennaro in New York City today.
There will be two meatball eating contests in Manhattan this month. A one minute contest will take place at Nino's Restaurant today and the San Gennaro Festival will hold a contest for professionals on September 24 that will be MCed by Tonya Danza. (Flashback Jan 2005: Tonya Danza hosts 10+ pound burger challenge eater Kate Stelnick on his now canceled talk show.) update Ed "Cookie" Jarvis won this morning's contest with a total of 9 meatballs in a minute.
The Carnegie Deli in New York City offers a "Fashion Sandwich" challenge that is free to Fashion Week models that complete it.
The Feast of San Gennaro will hold a cannoli eating contest in Little Italy, NYC on September 16. The schedule does not say if it will be a MLE contest. update The contest is non-MLE and will award $250 to the winner and $100 to the runner up. has an article about Billy Name, who photographed the denizens of Andy Warhol's "Factory" studio in the 1960s along with the covers of the first two Velvet Underground album covers. One of the stories describes him competing in an ice cream sundae eating contest in the mid 1990s.
Bierhaus NYC will hold a bratwurst eating contest on October 29 awarding $750/$500/$250/$100. Molly Schuyler is expected to defend her title.
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