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Upcoming Philadelphia eating contests
2018 May 26Hoagie Eating Contest Hoagie Nation Philadelphia, PA
$8,000 2018 Jun 1I The World Hostess® Donettes® Eating Championship Shops at Liberty Place Philadelphia, PA
$175 2018 Jun 8Premio Sausage Eating Contest Philadelphia Union game Chester, PA
($25)2018 Jul 7 Blueberry Pie Eating Contest Blueberry Festival @ Linvilla Orchards Media, PA
2018 Aug 26Pickle Eating Contest Hava Negrilla Wynnewood, PA
2018 Oct 13Cheesesteak eating Contest Philly's Cheesesteak and Food Fest Philadelphia, PA
2018 Oct 20Donut Eating Contest ArsenalCider-Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA
Three random Philadelphia eating challenges
2 ft. sandwich The Jake's 5-Pound Philly Challenge Jake's Sandwich Board Philadelphia, PA includes 4 soft pretzels, a box of Tastykakes (Krimpets or Kandy Kakes), 24 Peanut Chews, and a Champ Cherry soda, first finisher receives $100 gift card
1 lb. burger 452 Burger Barnaby's Aston, PA topped w/ onion rings, mozzarella sticks, American AND cheddar cheeses, pickles, cole slaw, tomato, red onion, hot peppers, BBQ sauce and chipolte ranch
big dessert Sweetest Food Challenge Darling's Diner Philadelphia, PA 3 slices of french toast, 2 slices of cheesecake, 3 cups of bananas blueberries and strawberrys, 3 scoops ice cream
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Registration is open for a Hostess Donettes eating contest in Philadelphia on June 1. The purse of $8000 is the largest so far for a MLE contest in 2018.
Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers posted a meatball eating contest on his Instagram story. He claimed to have bet $40,000 on the contest.
Inside Edition has a post about Kate Ovens' recent video in which she ate two foot long cheesesteak sandwiches to show her support for the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 52.

Molly Schuyler wins Wing Bowl 26 with record 501 wings

9:07 The official top 5
1 501 Molly Schuyler
2 396 Dave Brunelli
3 388 Bob Shoudt
4 262 Dan Kennedy
5 250 Moe Train

8:59 The contest has concluded

8:56 The top 5
5 231 Moe Train
4 233 Dan Kennedy
3 373 Bob Shoudt
2 382 Dave Brunelli
1 455 Molly Schulyer

8:53 The First Responder division winner goes to firefighter

8:52 The Wingette of the Year is Katie

8:44 The second half is over. Dave Bruneeli and Nadia White struggled, but continued.

8:32 The first half top 10 (actually 11) (Wayne Algenio has the totals)
1 241 Molly Schuyler
2 224 Dave Brunelli
3 218 Bob Shoudt
4 141 Dan “Killer” Kennedy
5 138 John “Oink Oink” Bradley
6 134 Moe Train
7 125 Skin & Bones
8 112 Nadia White, 1st local woman to advance to 2nd round since 2001
9 98 Ukraine Train
10T 97 Geno Bambino
10T 97 Kenzo Kevin

No 1st responders made the 2nd round

8:25 Iceman has won the entourage award.

8:14 The first round has finished. Pittsburgh Paulie quit after one wing and Butch reversed and was DQed.

8:00 The eating contest has started

7:54 The entrance processions have concluded and the national anthem is about to start has a roster with odds. Bill “El Wingador” Simmons, Pat Bertoletti and Dave “US Male” Goldstein will not be competing.

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Murphy's Beef & Ale in Levittown, PA will hold a Wing Bowl on Saturday awarding $800 (prize breakdown not given).
Jon Wasserman ate 20 wings in 4 minutes to win the first prize of $200 in last night's Manayunk Wing Sprint in Philadelphia. Bill "El Wingador" Simmons also competed and NFL lineman Jahri Evans.
SOMO Manayunk in Philadelphia will hold a Wing Sprint on January 31 awarding $200 to the first person to finish 20 wings. Bill "El Wingador" Simmons will compete and NFL lineman Jahri Evans will referee. has an article about the logistics of producing 10,000 chicken wings for Wing Bowl competitors illustrated with a picture of Dave "US Male" Goldstein.
Ram's Pizza Tavern in Clifton Heights, PA will hold a pizza eating contest Saturday awarding $250 to the winner.
Kenso Kevin defeated Farmer Bob in overtime in tonight's final Wing Off at PJ Whelihan's in Downington, PA to claim the prize of a spot in Wing Bowl 26.
Qualifiers for Wing Bowl 26 will take place at P J Whelihan's locations in Maple Shade, NJ on January 11, Sewell, NJ on January 18 and Downington, PA on January 23. Winners will receive $100 and a spot in Wing Bowl 26.
The Wing Bowl twitter announced that Wing Bowl 26 has sold out.   
A pre-sale for Wing Bowl tickets is now available (promo code: "WINGS"). The price has increased to $12.50. The official sale date is December 14. reports that Wing Bowl co-founder Angelo Cataldi has extended his contract with radio station WIP.
Nadia White announces that she ate 20 tacos in 2:20 to break the house record of 2:26 held by John "Oink Oink" Bradley at Loco Pez Tacos in Philadelphia.
John "Oink Oink" Bradley won a wing off at the WIP studio this morning to become the first person to qualify for Wing Bowl 26. A song about "Oink Oink" produced for his episode of The Practitioners is also available.
WIP officially announced that Wing Bowl 26 will take place on Friday February 2, 2018. A division for first responders has been added. Tickets will go on sale starting December 14. has an article about Breandan "Skin & Bones" Lyman, who finished 5th in the 2016 Wing Bowl, competing in Sunday's Philadelphia Marathon. With a time of 2:36 in last year's marathon, he is probably the fastest competitive eater/runner.
Heather Cahill had the fastest time to eat a meal sized poutine (48s) in yesterday's Poutine Games held at Smoke's Poutinerie in Philadelphia. (video)
Molly Schuyler ate 10.5 sandwiches in 10 minutes to win the eating contest at the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Festival.
Molly Schuyler and Bob Shoudt are expected to compete in the cheesesteak eating contest at the Philly Cheesesteak and Food Fest on September 23.
Run856 has an article about how Dave "US Male" Goldstein has used running road races to bond with his son Josh, who has Joubert syndrome.

Dave Brunelli wins Kennett Square mushrooms

The top 3 from today’s National Fried Mushroom Championship in Kennett Square, PA

1) Dave Brunelli 6.8 pounds in 8 minutes
2) Dan “Killer” Kennedy 6.3
3) Bob Shoudt 6

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