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Three random Milwaukee eating challenges
2 lb. burger The Great Uncle Fester Burger TATS Pub and Grill Cudahy, WI has 24 slices of cheese and 1/2 lb. of bacon
4 pattie burger The Big SOB Sobelman's Pub & Grill Milwaukee, WI
3 lb. burger Ferch's Burger Challenge Ferch's Malt Shop Franklin, WI includes 1 lb. fries, naming rights to first finisher
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The Milwaukee WingFest will hold a wing eating contest on Sunday awarding $200 to the winner. The runner up will receive $100.
Molly Schuyler will attempt to eat 220 ounces of prime rib at Ward's House of Prime in Milwaukee tonight. The official final total was 360 oz (22.5 pounds) update #2 has a segment which says that Molly Schuyler will appear on an upcoming episode of the Gong Show on ABC.
The Milwaukee Taco Fest will hold an eating contest on June 4 awarding $200/$100/$50. has an article about Kurt Schmidt, who ate a 240 ounce prime rib at Black Otter Supper Club in Milwaukee in 2 and a half hours. He appeared on the Travel Channel progam "Big Beef Paradise".
The Summer Soulstice in Milwaukee will hold an egg roll eating contest on June 25 awarding $1500 to the top male and female. The competition is for amateurs only.
Oktoberfest in Milwaukee will hold a brat eating contest on October 10 awarding $200 to the winner.
Kenosha News reports that Teddy Delacruz ate the "Towering Turret" burger in 25:49 at Mars Cheese Castle in Kenosha, WI yesterday to win a contest.
Mars Cheese Castle in Kenosha, WI will hold an eating contest on June 20 to launch its "Towering Turret" burger challenge awarding $225 ($100 to the winner).
Teddy Delacruz ate 7 sandwiches in 8 minutes to win this afternoon's corned beef eating contest in Milwaukee.
Pat Bertoletti will offer advices to participants in eating contests at Cheese-A-Palooza in Kenosha, WI on Saturday.
On Milwaukee has an article about Molly Schuyler, who recently ate 162 sushi pieces to win a contest in New York City, which was probably for the "Battle of the Big Eaters" contest produced for Japanese TV.
Jake's Deli in Milwaukee has started a five pound corned beef sandwich eating challenge named "The Gravedigger" in honor of former Green Bay Packers defensive lineman Gilbert Brown. (via
Former Seattle Sonics center Jim McIlvaine finished an 80 ounce steak at Ward's House of Prime in Milwaukee that will be named "The McIlveighty". Erik Denmark provided advice.
Mike "Awesome Fat" Litman, finisher of a 10.5 pound prime rib at Ward's House of Prime on the Travel Channel's "Big Beef Paradise, will attempt become the first person to finish Mulligan's 7.5 pound monster burger challenge on tomorrow's episode of Fox6's Real Milwaukee".
The Travel Channel's Food Paradise series is available on youtube. In the Big Beef Paradise episode, diners attempt to eat a 10 pound prime rib at Ward's House of Prime in Milwaukee (starts a 5:15 mark).
The Journal Sentinel has an article about Milwaukee competitive eating. has an article about the prime rib challenge at Ward's House of Prime. Mike Litman currently holds the record at 168 ounces.
Eric Dahl reports that he and Devin Hess missed completed the challenge at Pizza Shuttle in Milwaukee by one piece of crust after being limited to just 12 ounces of water. has an article and video about Andy Kogutkiewicz of Racine, Wisconsin, currently ranked #45 in the IFOCE top 50.
Two customers ate ten pound prime rib steaks in under an hour at Ward's House of Prime in Milwaukee for an upcoming episode of "Food Paradise: Big Beef Bonanza".
The Mexican Fiesta in Milwaukee will hold a jalapeno eating contest Sunday awarding $600 ($300 to the winner). has an article about Jeremy Wheeler, who will attempt the Unforgiven Challenge (burger, fries & 6 hot wings) at Red Rock Saloon in Milwaukee on tonight's episode of Man vs. Food. reports that Man vs. Food: Nation recorded at the Milwaukee Public Market on Saturday.
Marissa Conrad has an article for Time Out Chicago about attempting the 12 pound pizza challenge at Pizza Shuttle in Milwaukee with a partner.
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