Pho Noodle Eating Challenges category

Mimi Zhang was the first person to complete the pho challenge at Sunnybank Plaza in Brisbane, QLD with a finishing time of 26 minutes. The meal had a listed weight of 4.5 kg, but the actual weight was 5.5 kg (12 pounds).
Miki Sudo noted that the prize for the challenge at Pho 87 in Las Vegas is now $1647. The challenge apparently has an unlisted ban on "professional" competitive eaters. The Wall of Shame page offers the following advice: "Mary Jane and Adult Activities before PHOzilla will help increases your's appetide!!Good Luck!"
Bodybuilder twin brothers Ahmed & Amir Zaki were the first to finish the pho challenge at Pho Cam Ly in New Orleans.
My Pho Bar in Brisbane, Australia awards an iPad mini to diners that can complete its SuperBowl challenge in under an hour. The most recent finisher was Jenny Im.
Inside Socal has an article about Naader Reda being the first person to finish the challenge at Pho Century in Upland, CA.
Naader Reda has a blog entry about attempting three Los Angeles area challenge on the same day in December: a pho challenge, a Japanese challenge and a 7 pound burrito challenge that Kevin Ross and "The Spicialist" also attempted.
Ali Fedotowsky of The Bachelorette attempted the Pho Garden challenge in San Francisco with two other women (one succeeded.)
Miki Sudo would probably be the top local female in tomorrow's Las Vegas Nathan's qualifier if she competes. The Las Vegas Sun has a list of six Nevada eating challenges, mentioning her as the recipient of a $1,510 payout after finishing the challenge at Pho 87 in December. She is not the first person to finish the challenge; Naader Reda, Matt Stonie and Stephanie Torres completed it, but had difficulty receiving payment due to an unlisted ban on "professionals." (video about challenge where Miki Sudo appears) The $1,510 award is the largest eating challenge payout I am aware of and preserves a streak of all known eating challenge prizes greater than $1000 being awarded to women. Updated payout list available after jump. (Original list) (more…)