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The pie eating contest in Wigan (Manchester area) is probably the European contest that receives the most press coverage due to its publicity gimmicks. This year's gimmick is the claim that pies intended for the contest were stolen and laced with Viagra. Neil Collier won the contest by finishing his pie in under 24 seconds.

Barry Rigby wins Wigan (UK) pie contest

SkyNews reports that Barry Rigby ate a meat pie in 43 seconds to win the annual pie eating contest at Harry’s Bar in Wigan, England today.

The Wigan pie contest is probably the best publicized English contest. This year’s gimmick of checking for performance enhancing substances was noted by the BBC. (Gravy is listed as a performance enhancing substance). Pitch Weekly also had a blog entry about the contest (from Liz K)

update The Guardian, Daily Express and Manchester Evening Post have articles.

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Link Buffet: December 17, 2008

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Great moments in units of measurement mix-ups reports that the pies made for tomorrow’s meat pie eating contest at Harry’s Bar in Wigan, England have a diameter of 12 inches and a height of 3.5 inches. The original intentions were to use 12 cm by 3.5 cm pies, but no units of measurement were provided to the cook. The measurement mix-up expands the volume of the pies by a factor of over 15 (2.5 cm/ in.)^3.

This is not the first time that an issue affecting the contest has received a lot of publicity; a dog ate the pies that were to be used for the 2007 competition.

Youtube has a clip
about another object constructed to improper specifications.


Wigan pie contest to be on pay per view reports that the World Pie Eating championship held at Harry’s Bar in Wigan (Manchester area), England next month will be webcast. Viewers will have to pay £14.99 ($23) to receive information on how to view the contest. The contest previously received coverage for scaling back from a timed format to a fixed amount of a single pie. Last year’s winner, Adrian Frost, took 34 seconds to finish his pie. ($23 per 34 seconds is equivalent to more than $1000 / hour)


Wigan (UK) pie contest survives act of dog

The BBC reports that Adrian Frost won a meat pie eating contest in Wigan, England. The contest was threatened after a dog ate many of the competition pies the day before the event, but enough replacement pies were produced. The dog, Charlie, was allowed to repeat his gluttony in the contest:

“The twist is that Dave has turned up this morning saying he wants Charlie to enter the contest.

“We’ve nothing in the rules to say dogs can’t compete so he will be lining up against the other pie eaters and judging by his performance yesterday he’s got a great chance of winning.”

However, it seems that Charlie was still full from Wednesday’s mammoth eating session as Mr Williams revealed that he did not even finish his competition pie.

See also: Manchester Evening News

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Same person wins UK single meat & vegetarian pie contest

This is London reports that Brendan Brockbank, an 18 year old, won the World (Single) Pie Eating Contest at Harry’s Bar in Wigan, England. After winning by finishing his meat pie in 78 seconds, he won the vegetarian pie contest by eating a smaller pie in 34 seconds. (Sonya Thomas ate one pie every 13 seconds over 10 minutes at the mince pie contest last month)

BBC article


Tottenham Hotspur 3 Wigan Athletic 1


With the news that the Wigan-based World Pie Eating Championship has changed its rules to join the fight against obesity — and introduced a vegetarian option — sport in the town needed to regain its credibility, and were it not for a nightmarish 90 seconds shortly before half-time, this might have been Wigan Athletic’s fifth win in six matches.


UK meat pie eating contest bows to political correctness

The Manchester Evening news reports that the “World Pie Eating Championship”, held at Harry’s Bar in Wallgate has altered its rules to appease the health lobby. The contest format was originally an eat all you can in 3 minutes, but now the winner will be the eater who can eat a single meat pie in the fastest amount of time. A vegetarian pie eating contest was also added.

This is a different contest from the IFOCE endorsed mince pie eating contest that will be held a week from now.

updated this is London and also have articles

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