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Joey Chestnut, Adrian Morgan and Mike Golic Jr. faced off in a beignet eating contest in New Orleans MCed by Katie Nolan of ESPN to promote tonight's college football championship game.
The latest Fink Beats the Stomach episode has an interview with Oliver Brooks, the stage master for the Nathan's finals.
Adam Amin of ESPN is the guest on the latest episode of the Fink Beats the Stomach podcast.
Sports Media Watch reports the ESPN broadcast of the men's Nathan's finals received 1.36 million viewers, the highest amount for a live broadcast since 2011 (a rerun after a 2014 World Cup game was watched by 2.8 million). The telecast was the highest rated sports program for July 4, beating MLB and Wimbledon. update has a list of the top 25 original cable shows for July 4. First Take which was televised on ESPN2 while the women's Nathan's finals were taking place, does not appear in the list.
Tim "Eater X" Janus announced that ESPN wanted him to provide commentary during the Nathan's telecast in 2017, but he was blocked from that role by someone he does not name.
Marty Smith of ESPN did a podcast with Ronnie "Megabyte" Hartman.
ESPN has a press release about next Thursday's coverage of the Nathan's finals. Adam Amin will be a commentate on the men's contest, which will be televised on ESPN2 at noon Eastern. The women's contest will be streamed on ESPN3. Segments about Geoff Esper and Darron Breeden will be shown before the contest.

2019 ESPN July 4 schedule

The ESPN schedule for early July is now out. The men’s Nathan’s finals will be televised on ESPN at noon Eastern and rerun at 3PM and 4PM. The women’s finals will be streamed on ESPN3 for the ninth consecutive year. (ESPN2 will be showing First Take during the women’s Nathan’s finals). ESPN3 will also show camera feeds focused on Joey Chestnut and Miki Sudo.

The Good, The Bad, The Hungry will be televised on ESPN on July 2 at 8 pm and be rerun at 9:30 pm.

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A BroadwayWorld article about The Good, The Bad, The Hungry trailer closes with broadcast information about the 2019 Nathan's finals. The men's finals will be shown on ESPN2 starting at noon Eastern. For the ninth year in a row, the women's finals will be relegated to ESPN3 streaming starting at 10:50 am.
The 30 for 30 twitter has posted a trailer for the documentary The Good, The Bad, The Hungry about the rivalry between Joey Chestnut and Takeru Kobayashi. The airdate for the film will be July 2 at 8 pm eastern. reports that the documentary The Good, The Bad, The Hungry will be televised on ESPN or ESPN2 on July 2.
Sports business reporter Darren Rovell is expected to leave ESPN and join The Action Network, a startup focusing on gambling. Rovell served a sideline reporter on some of the first telecasts of the Nathan's finals (around 2004-2006) and often mentioned competitive eating on his twitter.
Journalist Gersh Kuntzman announced he was interviewed for an upcoming ESPN documentary about competitive eating, which will include Takeru Kobayashi.
The Krystal Square Off and Johnsonville Bratwurst telecasts from 2006 will be rerun on ESPN 2 on August 8 as part of its "The Ocho" themed day focusing on rarely televised sports.
The broadcast of the Nathan's Finals on ESPN2 was the highest rated cable program for July 4 despite a ratings decline from .45 in 2017 to .43 this year.
ESPNMediaZone reports that Adam Amin will replace Indy 500 annoucer Paul Page as the play-by-play voice for the coverage of the contest on ESPN2 at noon Eastern. Paul Page most famous line covering Nathan's was probably calling the champion "Joey Chitwood".
The ESPN schedule for July 4 is out. The men's Nathan's finals will be televised live on ESPN2 at noon Eastern and rerun three times later that day. The women's contest has yet to be added to the ESPN3 streaming schedule. (ESPN2 will broadcast First Take at 10am when the female division takes place.)
Gideon Oji, Juan Rodriguez, Juan Neave, Sarah Reinecke, Matthew Raible, Andrew Kogutkiewicz, Tanner Varner, Michelle Severino, Mark Williams Michael Blue and Andrew Webber are expected to compete in the Canteen sandwich eating contest in Ottumwa, IA on Saturday. In January, the contest organizers claimed the event would be televised on ESPN, but the competition is not listed in the ESPN schedule for June 2.update Ottumwa Courier has an interview with Sarah Reinecke about competing in the contest.
According to the ESPN3 schedule, the broadcast of the Nathan's women's contest will start at 10:45 eastern. ESPN3 will also have cameras focused on Miki Sudo and Joey Chestnut when they compete. The men's contest will be live on ESPN2 starting at noon eastern.
ESPN's Sport Science segment about Nathan's hot dog eating contest can be viewed on youtube. update The link has been fixed, but the video is now private.
A video of the full ESPN broadcast of the 2016 Nathan's finals is available on youtube.
The July 4 schedule for all ESPN channels is out now, and it does not appear the men's or women's finals will be shown live on any of them and will be relegated to streaming. From 10 am - noon, ESPN Classic will show reruns of men's contests instead of showing the 206 women's contest live.

2016 Nathan’s finals live on

The schedule for July 4 is now out. The men’s & women’s Nathan’s finals will be live streamed on that platform. The broadcast will be tape-delayed on ESPN at 3pm eastern due to Wimbledon coverage.

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2016 Nathan’s finals on ESPN at 3pm

The ESPN schedule for July 4, 2016 lists the first showing of the Nathan’s finals at 3 pm. This will be a three hour tape-delay if the competition has its traditional noon start time, as the countdown counter on implies. There will also be three reruns on ESPN2. The July 4 web-streaming schedule for, which shows the women’s division, is not yet available.

It appears that both ESPN and ESPN2 will be broadcasting tennis from Wimbledon while the Nathan’s finals competitions take place.

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