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Upcoming Toronto eating contests
2019 Feb 28Fired Chicken Eating Contest Duke's Refresher + Bar Toronto, ON, Canada
2019 Apr 6Pizza Eating Contest Sunderland Maple Syrup Festival Sunderland, ON, Canada
2019 Apr 7Pancake Eating Contest Sunderland Maple Syrup Festival Sunderland, ON, Canada
Three random Toronto eating challenges
2 1 lb. burgers The Great Stack Challenge Stack Restaurant Toronto, ON, Canada includes 1 lb. fries and 1 stack shake
72 ounce steak 72 oz. Sirloin Steak Challenge Lone Star Texas Grill several locations, ON, Canada free if eaten with trimmings in under an hour
6 lb. bowl Pho Challenge Mr. Pho Vietnamese Noodle Toronto, ON, Canada
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Registration is now open for Smoke's Poutinerie eating contest in Toronto on October 3. has an interview with Ryan Smolkin, the founder of Smoke's pouterie, which mentions the poutine eating contest is sponsors.
In Barrie, Ontario, Takeru Kobayashi won Pie Wood Fired Pizza's Let em Eat contest for the sixth year in a row with a total of 50 slices. Pat Bertoletti was the runner up with 44 slices. update The Barrie Examiner has an article and slideshow. update Aug 4 Kobayashi">believes he ate 58 slices. has a video
Pie Wood Pizza in Barrie, ON will hold qualifiers tonight awarding spots in Monday's Let em Eat 6 contest awarding $4500.
PIE Wood Fired Pizza Joint will hold Let Em Eat 6 at Kempenfest in Barrie, ON on August 3. The contest will reportedly award $3000/$1000/$500 and Takeru Kobayashi is expected to compete, his first contest of 2015.
Matt Stonie has uploaded a video recorded at October's Smoke's Poutinerie contest in Toronto.
Shamrock Burgers will hold a burger eating contest on February 7 in Leduc, AB and another contest in Ajax, ON on February 28. Both contests will award $350 ($200 to the winnner).

2014 Smoke’s Poutinerie eating contest

update Oct 11 has a contest report

update Oct 6 GSHLTV has videos Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

update Results Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

The Toronto Sun and Toronto Star have articles

Canculture magazine has a video

1) Matt Stonie 14.75
2) Joey Chestnut 11.75
3) Erik Denmark 8.5
4) Adrian Morgan 8.25
5T) Marcos Owens 6
5T) Jim Reeves 6
7 Yasir Salem 5.75
8T) Meredith Boxberget 5.5
8T) Badlands Booker 5.5
10) Ben Do 4.5
11) Larell Marie Mele 3.75
12) “Wild” Bill Myers 3.5

Amateur results
1) Steven Dorgo won eat off
2) Jesse Kankula
3) Kyle DeSousa

Matt Stonie has upset Joey Chestnut

Breakfast Television Toronto did a segment about the contest yesterday.

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Let em Eat V

update has a video.

Official top 3:
1) Takeru Kobayashi 62
2) Pat Bertoletti 59
3) Jamie McDonald 36

update Kobayashi won the contest, Pat Bertoletti was second. Kobayashi’s total was 62 slices

Yesterday, Jamie McDonald ate a pizza at Pie Wood Fired Pizza in 32 seconds, then Pat Bertoletti ate a pizza in 17 seconds.

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Registration is now open for Smoke's Poutinerie eating contest in Toronto on October 4. Smoke's will also sponsor a 17 day tour where Pat Bertoletti, Tim Brown and Pete Czerwinski will compete in eating contests across Canada starting in Halfifax, NS on August 5.
Let 'em Eat 5 will take place at PIE Wood Fired Pizza Joint in Barrie, ON on August 4 and award $5,000 ($2,500 to the winner). Takeru Kobayashi, Pat Bertoletti and Jamie McDonald are listed as expected entrants.
Shamrock Burgers in Ajax, ON will hold a burger eating contest on February 22 awarding a $200 Visa gift card to the winner. The runner-up will receive a $100 Visa gift card. has an article about Sriracha hot sauce with coverage of October's ghost pepper burrito eating contest in Toronto won by Jamie McDonald.
Takeru Kobayashi will appear on the Canadian sports channel TSN today at 5 pm eastern.He ate 4 hot dogs in 30 seconds.
Takeru Kobayashi will participate in the finals of the Campus Chompionship at the Drake Hotel in Toronto tonight (competitor list). update Kobayashi ate 32 slices of pizza in 3 minutes. update Oct 29 Smoke's Poutinerie amateur champion, Steven "The Clutch" Dorgo, representing the University of Guelph, won the collegiate contest. update Nov 1 Ignite article
The Toronto Star has an article about a dinner with Takeru Kobayashi and "Furious" Pete Czerwinski.

2013 Smokes Poutinerie contest

update Oct 27 Matt Stonie has a video and gallery

update Oct 25 The Rake & Herald has an interview with Joey Chestnut after the contest

The Milk and Coco has a video and blog entry

update Oct 23 #2 Rake & Herald has a contest report
Full amateur contest results
The Discovery Channel of Canada has a segment about Meredith Boxberger calling her Canada’s top competitive eater (via Dan Riskin)

update Oct 23 York Region reports that Steven Dorgo won the amateur contest with 8 pounds in 6 minutes

update Oct 22 K’s Random Vlog has a video

CanCulture has a blog entry

update Oct 21 CNN has a segment using footage from the amateur contest

The top official top 5 | Part 2
1) Joey Chestnut 24 pounds in 10 minutes
2) Matt Stonie 20
3) Bob Shoudt 16.75
4) Yasir Salem 12
5) Meredith Boxberger 9
6T) Jesse Kankula 8.5
6T) Jim Reeves 8.5
8) Ben Do 7.5
9) Bill Myers 6.75
10) Mike Landrich 6
11) Larell Marie Mele 5.25
12) “Rake & Herald” 4

update Joey Chestnut has won with a reported total of 24 pounds in 10 minutes.

Joey Chestnut, Matt Stonie, Bob Shoudt, Larell Marie Mele, Ben Do and “Rake & Herald” are expected to compete.

Joey Chestnut appeared on 102.1 The Edge yesterday.

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2013 Pie Wood Fired Pizza Let em Eat IV

update Oct 7 GSHLTV has a video

update #2 The Star and ctvnews have articles

update Kobayashi has defended his title with a total of 42 slices (10.5 pizzas)

From anonymous comment
1) Takeru Kobayashi 42
2) Pat Bertoletti 39
3) Jamie McDonald 38

A picture of the field

Pat Bertoletti and Takeru Kobayashi are 2 of 3 people to have eaten more than 55 hot dogs in a 10 minute contest. This will be their first meeting of the decade of the 2010s. A listing of their meetings is avaiLable after the jump.

“Furious” Pete Czerwinski has withdrawn has a preview of the contest

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2013 Mucho Burrito Ghost Pepper Burrito contest

update Jamie McDonald has defended his title

Jamie McDonald will defend last year’s title at Mucho Burrito’s Ghost Pepper Eating Contest today. “Furious” Pete Czerwinski will not compete after he suffered an injury in last year’s contest and withdrew.

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Mucho Burrito in Toronto will hold a ghost pepper burrito eating contest on October 5 awarding $2500 to the winner.
Pie Wood Fired Pizza in Barrie, Ontario announced Let em Eat 4. Takeru Kobayashi, Pat Bertoletti and Jamie McDonald are expected to compete in the pizza eating contest. update September 17 The facebook event page announces that the contest will take place on October 6 and award $4500 ($3000 to the winner). Entrants will need to qualify and the top 11 will receive spots.
The Bradford (Ontario) Ribfest will hold a rib eating contest on September 21 awarding a 32 inch TV.
Takeru Kobayashi appears in a video promoting, a contest for Canadian college students. Entrants will submit videos and five finalists will be chosen to compete in Toronto on October 28. The winner will receive $5000 in cash and $20000 in prizes for his/her school.
Registration will open tomorrow at noon for Smoke's Poutinerie eating contest in Toronto on October 19.
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