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Three random Colorado Springs eating challenges
5 lb. burger New Mexico Stomper King's Chef Diner Colorado Springs, CO topped with green chiles
5 lb. burger Five Pound Burger Tubby's Diner Pueblo, CO
15 in. pancake Mother Lode Pancakes The Pantry Green Mountain Falls, CO
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Fox21 has a video about the Gut Buster pizza challenge at Fat Boys pizza in Colorado Springs which awards $300 to a team of 2 that finishes it in under an hour.
Andrew Lane has a blog entry about Stephanie Torres finishing the Govanator Challenge at Govnr's Park in Denver without assistance, which is usually attempted by two person teams. The estimated weight of the burger, bun, toppings & fries was 13.5 pounds, which Stephanie finished in 53 minutes. Andrew and Stephanie also won $300 by completing the Gut Buster Pizza at Fat Boys in Colorado Springs. has an article about Marco Marquez' victory at a jalapeno eating contest at Chile and Frijoles Festival in Pueblo, Colorado where he ate 100 peppers in 10 minutes.
Homer 1350 AM in Pueblo, Colorado is holding a wing eating contest awarding a 32 inch television. (via facebook)

Three “Outrageous Food” restaurants

Here are three restaurants that will appear on Outrageous Food on the Food Network on Saturday at 10 pm eastern.

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The Pueblo Native has a profile of Marco "Mongo" Marquez

Link Buffet: October 15, 2008

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