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Three random West Michigan eating challenges
12 chili dogs Gregordog super hot-dog eating challenge Gregordog Holland, MI seeking donations to avoid closing
veggie dogs Veggie Dog Challenge Rockford Corner Bar Rockford, MI held to promote the addition of veggie dogs to menu
tacos Taco Wall of Fame Downtown Trini's Sparta, MI 13 tacos needed to get on Taco Wall
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In an outtake video from ESPN's Around the Horn, Pablo Torres talks about his attempt at the Fifth Third burger challenge available at West Michigan Whitecaps games. reports that Jake "LL Cool Jake" Larry won the $500 first prize at today's Crack Fries Eating Contest at Hop Cat in Grand Rapids, MI.
Hopcat in Grand Rapids, MI will hold a "crack" fries eating contest on Saturday awarding $500 to the winner.
DiPiazza's Pizzeria in Grand Rapids, MI will award $500 to someone who can finish its 30 inch pizza challenge in under 30 minutes. ($225 to a pair than can complete it)
Grand Coney in Grand Rapids, MI will hold a Coney dog eating contest on March 24 awarding $100 and 365 free Coney dogs.
HopCat in Grand Rapids, MI will hold a crack fry eating contest on January 28 awarding $500 to the winner.
The Rockford Corner Bar announces that the amateur record holder for its chili dog challenge (43 chili dogs in 4 hours), Balinda Gould-McIntosh, passed away on September 2 at the age of 46 after a struggle with cancer.
The field of expected entrants in the September 18 pie eating contest at NYC Apple Day includes Joe Menchetti and Will Millender. This will be Menchetti's first AICE / All Pro Eaters contest since 2008 and Millender's first in over two years.
OurSportsCentral has a list of 10 possible new choices for the West Michigan Whitecaps ballpark menu. One item "Walking Spaghetti" has 5630 calories, another sandwich has 3670 calories. MLive has pictures of the items. reports that Outrageous Food will record at Palazzolo Artisan Gelatos and Sorbettos in Fennville, Michigan (Grand Rapids area) on January 24 and 28.
A press release announces that the January 22 of Unwrapped on the Food Network will feature the 1.67 pound Fifth Third burger available at West Michigan Whitecaps games.
Hope College in Holland, Michigan will hold a chili dog eating contest to raise money for cancer research at the Van Institute at its soccer game against Olivet tomorrow night. The contest objective is to the record for the most chili dogs consumed at a soccer game. (Lynda Kuerth, Guinness hot dog record holder from 1977-88, was an Olivet graduate).
WZZM reports that Jacob Larry broke a 10 year record by eating 38 tacos at Downtown Trini's and Margarita Joe's in Sparta, Michigan.
MLive reports that the Food Network will record a segment about the Fifth Third burger at the Muskegon-Rockford high school football game on Friday. 1939 Fifth Third burgers were sold in 2009 and 1314 were purchased this year. The challenge has been completed successfully a total of 483 times.
Taco Bob's in Kalamazoo, Michigan will hold an eating contest on September 30 awarding $150 to the winner.
A Rockford Independent article about the Rockford Corner Bar's quest to appear on Man vs. Food calls the host of that program "Adam Richardson" twice.
MLive reports that the Rockford Corner Bar's "Not Dog" vegetarian hot dog challenge has received the first Animal-Friendly Eating Competition Award from PETA. A facebook group has also been started to encourage Man vs. Food to record at the restaurant. reports that the Rockford Corner Bar in Rockford, Michigan will start adding diners who eat 12 or more veggie dogs to its Hot Dog Hall of Fame, which currently has over 5,000 members. A contest will take place at 6pm tonight to see who will be the first veggie dog Hall of Famer. update Nicole Rowland ate 8.25 veggie dogs, the best of the initial challengers.

Competitive eating and the 2010 world cup finalists

Here are the best connections to competitive eating for the 2010 World Cup finalists I could find: Buñol in the Valencia region of Spain holds a festival called La Tomatina in which 4500 tons of tomatoes are destroyed in a food fight. (This amount is probably an order of magnitude higher than all the food consumed in all IFOCE contests combined.) Lynda Kuerth and Sharon Scholten from Dutch west Michigan are two of the notable female competitive eaters of the 20th century.

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After this weekend, the Rockford Corner Bar will require diners to eat at least 20 chili dogs to receive the hot dogs free. A 12 hot dog minimum has been in place for the holiday season.
The facebook for the Rockford Corner Bar announces that during the holiday season diners who can eat 12 or more chili dogs in 4 hours will receive their hot dogs for free in addition to having their names listed in The Hot Dog Hall of Fame. 20 is the usual minimum for free hot dogs.

Man vs. Food Sept 30 (Baseball Special) episode links

Tonight’s episode is the first episode of Man vs. Food not set in a single metropolitan area; the sites are three minor league baseball stadiums.

Travel Channel: Guide | Slideshow | Video (baseball lesson)

ESPN interview with Adam Richman about tonight’s episode


Rockford Corner Bar contest Sat, 1st prize LCD TV

The Rockford (Grand Rapids area) Corner Bar will hold a hold a hot dog eating contest at Comstock 09 on Saturday. The first prize is an LCD TV. The Corner Bar twitter reports that previous chili dog record holders Sharon Van Duinen and Balinda Gould will be present.


Darren Rovell has the season statistics on the Fifth Third burger: 1,948 burgers sold, 298 burgers completed and the fastest time is 11:01 by Steve Landis.
(via Darren Rovell twitter) WZZM has an article and video about the Galley restaurant in Wyoming, Michigan (Grand Rapids area) starting a three foot long Coney dog challenge.
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