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2017 Sep 22nd7.5 ?Slice a Palooza Chicago, IL
2017 Aug 191st198 1h00mPlum Dumpling Eating Contest Vizovicke, Czech Republic
2017 Jul 33rd1610 min Z-Burger Eating Contest Washington, DC

DNAinfo has an article on the opening of Taco in a Bag in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago. The restaurant owned by Pat Bertoletti and Tim Brown plans a five pound "Taco in a Trough" challenge. update April 24 DNAInfo reports that Taco in a Bag sold out of food on its day and had to shut temporarily today to prepare more food.
Sofia Laczko reports Pat Bertoletti ate a 5 pound corned beef sandwich in about 4 minutes at Dooley's in Roseville, MI to win the first prize of $500. update Apr 20 Metro Times has a gallery
The soft opening for the Lincoln Square location of Taco in a Bag will take place on Wednesday.
WIFR reports that Pat Bertoletti ate a 3 pound burger in 13 minutes to defend his Big Burger Challenge title at Murpy's Pub in in Rockford, IL and claim the first prize of $500.
In the second part of his video interview with Real Clear Politics, Pat Bertoletti discusses his rivalries with Joey Chestnut, Molly Schuyler and Sonya Thomas. He bills himself as the top male American independent competitive eater; Takeru Kobayashi is not mentioned. update Feb 20 Part 3 is available and is mainly about Taco in a Bag. The final date for that restaurant's West Dundee, IL location will be February 28.
Real Clear Politics recorded a video interview of Pat Bertoletti while driving around Chicago. He thinks that competitive eating has declined over the past five years and blames the hit or miss nature of contest publicity as the reason for the descent.
The Chicago Tribune reports that Pat Bertoletti ate 25 paczkis in 5 minutes at Bennison's Bakery in Evanston, IL to defend his title and take the first prize of $300.
The Columbia Chronicle has an article on the move of Taco in a Bag to Lincoln Square in north Chicago. Co-owners Pat Bertoletti and Tim Brown do not have a set opening date but hope to start operating at the new location in April.
The Chicago Sun Times has an article about the new Lincoln Square location for Taco in Bag. Co-owners Pat Bertoletti and Tim Brown are set to open the new site in March.
DNAInfo reports that Taco in a Bag will be moving to Lincoln Square in north Chicago after its lease expires in the Spring Hill Mall in West Dundee, IL. Co-owner Pat Bertoletti calls his competitive eating career a "hamster wheel of bad life decisions".
Taco in a Bag announces that it will not be renewing its lease at the Spring Hill Mall in West Dundee, IL when it expires at the end of February.
Pat Bertoletti and Tim Brown did a stunt on streaming video to qualify for Wing Bowl 23.
Crazy Legs Conti has a blog entry for the Huffington Post about Glutton Force Five and its owners, Pat Bertoletti & Tim Brown which reports they might be moving to a downtown Chicago location when their suburban mall lease expires.
Pat Bertoletti will attempt to finish Randy's 30 inch pizza challenge in under 30 minutes at The Dog House Bar and Grill and Grill in Maplewood, MN. He will win $1000 if successful. update Dec 14 Pat's official time was 26:45

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Col the Conqueror reports that Pat Bertoletti and Molly Schuyler were members of the USA team for Battle of the Big Eaters 2. update Gal Sone was on the Japanese team.
Smoke's Poutinerie is posting videos from Pat Bertoletti, Tim Brown and "Furious" Pete Czerwinski's cross Canada tour.
Several videos of outtakes from the Hungry competitive eating documentary are available on youtube including clips of Pat Bertoletti, Brad Sciullo and Dave "US Male" Goldstein.
Esquire has a blog entry about the closing of Hot Dougs with quotes from Pat Bertoletti, who ate 10 hot dogs for his final meal at the Chicago restaurant.
The First Look competitive eating episode that aired Saturday night on NBC can be viewed in full on line. The sites visited were an eating contest at Lucky's in Chicago overseen by Pat Bertoletti and Tim Brown, Jamie McDonald's restaurant, Bear's BBQ, Spread Bagelry in Philadelphia for a 14 pound bagel, and Big Mama's & Papa's in Los Angeles where a 54 inch pizza was attempted.
The sandwich eating at Lucky's in Chicago overseen by Glutton Force 5 will appear on tonight's episode of First Look on NBC following Saturday Night Live (1 am eastern). The 54 inch pizza at Big Mama's & Papa's will appear in another segment (via Kyle Hanner)
The Hundreds has a report on the taco eating contest held Labor Day in Redondo Beach, CA sponsored by Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce. The original count was Pat Bertoletti 141 tacos, Takeru Kobayashi 140 (Kobayashi won by 8 after debris deductions.) Naader Reda and shokutsuclub have videos.
Pat Bertoletti will offer advices to participants in eating contests at Cheese-A-Palooza in Kenosha, WI on Saturday.
Teddy Delacruz ate 17 bao in 2 minutes to win a contest yesterday sponsored by Wow Bow in Chicago. After the contest, Pat Bertoletti ate 30 bao in an exhibition.
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