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Possible outtakes from “Hungry” documentary

At least two people were interviewed for the Hungry documentary that are not listed in the credits for the film. Perhaps the outtakes could appear on a DVD if one is produced.

Brightest Young Things has a positive review of the film.

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Nelson Hicks has a video of a bratwurst eating contest held at Der Biergarten in Atlanta won by Dale Boone. Grace Lee served as host and judge.
The Bert Show has podcasts (the bottom two audio clips) of Grace Lee's appearance this morning where she talked about her experience at the Nathan's finals. Grace says she was not aware she received a 20 hot dog deduction until July 5. In the second clip, Larell Marie Mele's comment about Grace is mentioned (without providing the source) and the show tries to call Shea Communications about the decision but cannot reach George or Richard. (The person answering the phone said someone from the IFOCE would call back later.) update Grace has posted a video from New York and The New York Daily News has a short article in which George Shea stands behind the deduction, but says that Grace is welcome in future IFOCE contests. update July 12 Gothamist has a blog entry about the deduction.
Grace Lee says she will give her side of the controversy (20 hot dog difference between her claimed total and offical count) about her Nathan's total on the Bert Show on Monday.
Atlanta Metromix has a gallery of pictures taken by Grace Lee at the Nathan's finals. (via Firsthomerealty)
Grace Lee asserts that she ate 24 hot dogs yesterday, which would have given her fourth place in the women's division and a prize of $1,500. The official results list her total at 4. update Grace has posted a picture of the ESPN3 program showing her listed at 23 hot dogs. has an article about Grace Lee competing in the womens division of the Nathan's finals with some quotes from Damien Boykin.
Grace Lee is looking for sponsors for her trip to the Nathan's finals.
The Bert Show has a podcast of Grace Lee's on-air practice session for the Newnan, GA Nathan's qualifier this morning in which she ate 2 hot dogs in 2 minutes. A representative of the Newnan Nathan's said the qualifier is looking for female competitors, but is closed to male entrants. update a video of the practice session has been posted in which Grace says she ate 9 hot dog in 10 minutes at the end (via Andrew Lane) update May 12 A gallery of the appearance is available.
Grace Lee announces that she will attempt to qualify for the Nathan's finals and will do a live practice session on Q100 tomorrow morning. A video of Grace's recent Macho Totcho challenge is available.
A podcast of Grace Lee's appearance on The Bert Show this morning is available online. Grace discusses her eating challenge history and talks about the possibility of her competing in the Newnan, GA Nathan's qualifier.
Grace Lee will attempt to eat the five pound Macho Totcho at The Nook On Piedmont Park in Atlanta on April 23.
Grace Lee's attempt at the Macho Totcho challenge scheduled for today has been cancelled.
Grace Lee will attempt the new five pound Macho Totcho (tater tot nachos) challenge at the Nook in Atlanta on Saturday.
Grace Lee has a picture of the set of the T.Ocho show.
The Local Dash has an interview with Grace Lee of Atlanta G Spots in which she describes her history with restaurants' eating challenges.
Grace Lee has posted pictures of last night's meal at Coast in Atlanta where she ate 20 pounds (presumably gross weight, not net) of crab legs to set a house record. The crab challenge was done to train for an upcoming big challenge.
Grace Lee had an eight pound stuffed burger constructed at a party at the Nook in Atlanta. (It is not clear how much of it she finished)
Grace Lee has uploaded a video of her five pound burrito challenge last month to the Atlanta Gspots facebook.
For her fourth public eating challenge, Grace Lee of Atlanta GSpots will attempt to eat as much crawfish as possible over two hours at The Nook in Atlanta on February 16.
Atlanta GSpots reports that Grace Lee won last night's five pound burrito eating contest at The Cantina in Buckhead, Georgia against two former male professional athletes. Gallery
Grace Lee of Atlanta GSpots will compete against former NBA center Jonathan Kerner in a 5 pound burrito eating contest at the Cantina in Buckhead, Georgia on January 22.

Atlanta eating challenge website

Juliet and Floria and not the only big-eating Lees on the east coast. Grace Lee has an Atlanta restaurant website at containing an eating challenge page with the following description:

Stay tuned as Grace and her unbelievable appetite take on new challenges every month. She’s challenging Atlanta to out-eat her and, at 5’2″ and 110lbs, she’s setting records, beating men twice her size, and tearing up the city!

There are videos of two eating challenges: setting the record at Varasano’s Pizzeria by eating 30 slices and a wing challenge where Grace ate 60 wings.

On a similar note, Absolutely Fobolous and 8Asians have blog entries about small Asian women with large appetites.

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