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Randy Santel reports that Molly Schuyler was the first person to finish the Pointersaurus challenge at Pointer's Pizza in St. Louis by herself, a 10+ pound pizza intended for pairs. Her time was 16 minutes. Molly is the third all female group to finish the challenge; Stephanie Wu & Stephanie Torres and sisters Pam & Jennifer Cooney did it previously.
Olivia Ragni announces that she completed the Pointersaurus challenge in St. Louis. She did the 30 inch pizza challenge at Gusano's in Arkansas two months ago. update Jan 28 Blake Ahrendsen was Olivia's partner
HEC-TV has a video about the Pointersaurus challenge offered by Pointer's pizza in St. Louis.
Pointers Pizza facebook reports that Rick & Ryan were the first set of twins to complete the Pointersaurus Pizza challenge on September 11. Previous pairs of relatives to complete the challenge include sisters Pam & Jennifer Cooney and Dale & Cathy Boone.
A video of a recent successful Pointersaurus pizza challenge by Philip Centers and Tony Buatte has been uploaded to youtube. The finishers list has not been updated yet.
The online Pointersaurus finishers list has been updated with the first 2009 success: Dale and Cathy Boone were the first mother / son pair to complete the pizza on August 24.

Gallery of St. Louis eating challenges

Metromix has a captioned gallery of St Louis area eating challenges. The prize for the pizza challenge at Talayna’s is now $2000 (the challenge requires both members of a 2 person team to each drink a pitcher of soda in addition to eating a 30 inch pizza.)

In other St. Louis eating challenge news, bodybuilder Isabelle Turell announces that she intends to take on the Pointersaurus challenge with her fiance in May.

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Born To Fork attempts the Pointersaurus challenge

The Born to Fork blog has an entry about a Pointersaurus pizza challenge attempt. At least two teams have finished the challenge that have not been added to the finishers list on the restaurant’s website:

We then came to find out that the two guys [who finished a Pointersaurus] the day before did puke. In fact, the one guy puked 6 seconds after the timer went off. All over the floor. So not only did the guys behind the counter have to dish out $500, plus a refund on the pizza, they had to also clean up a pile of pizza puke sitting in front of their counter. That, my friends, is what you call adding insult to injury.

The most enjoyable part of the challenge was hearing the stories of other competitors. Joey Chestnut (the hot dog eating champ) took the pizza down (with the help of his wife, supposedly) in 17 minutes, setting a record. And they said he ate at least ¾ of the pizza himself. Pretty impressive. And Eater X has also completed the challenge. Before the two doctors the day before us, the last pair to finish was a couple of ladies. Apparently their Mizzou football-playing boyfriends drove down and threw their hat in the ring, and failed miserably. And after properly taunting their boyfriends, they stopped by the next day and took the thing down themselves. Apparently they were a couple of “110 lb girls”, but the same guy who said that also said the doctors were skinny like me. So I’ll go out on a limb here and say the girls were probably more in the 150 lb range.

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Talk about hungry sisters

In the comments to a video of a Pointersaurus attempt, “socca4u” announced that she and her sister became the first all female team to complete the 12+ pound pizza and win $500, but their feat had yet to be recorded on Pointer’s web site. The finishers list has now been updated to include Pam and Jennifer Cooney of Katy, Texas. Another comment says the two women finished in 20 minutes (I believe one of the two IFOCE teams took 14 minutes).

“socca4u” is most likely Pam Cooney because she was a member of University of Alamaba at Birmingham soccer team. She competed in the Maccabiah Games in Israel and was named both all-American by the Jewish Sports Review and to the first team of the 2005 NSCAA/adidas College Women Scholar All-South Region after posting a 3.77 gpa.


Joey, Pat, Eater X & Hall slay Pointersaurus

(Thanks megamunch) Supersized Meals has some pictures from Pat Bertoletti from his trip to Pointer’s Pizza in Missouri in which he and Tim Janus finished the 10+ lb 28 inch Pointersaurus pizza in under an hour, winning $250 each. Joey Chestnut and Hall Hunt also succesfully completed the challenge. The best team needed only 14 minutes to complete the challenge.

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