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Three random Hartford eating challenges
11 lb. pizza All America Heavyweight Challenger Pizza Giovanni's Glastonbury, CT
1 lb. burger Big Daddy Burger - defunct Chevy's Drive In Bristol, CT no longer offered
16 in pancake Breakfast Challenge That Breakfast Place Willimantic, CT includes 12 eggs, 1/2 lb. home fries, 2 orders toast
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The First Look competitive eating episode that aired Saturday night on NBC can be viewed in full on line. The sites visited were an eating contest at Lucky's in Chicago overseen by Pat Bertoletti and Tim Brown, Jamie McDonald's restaurant, Bear's BBQ, Spread Bagelry in Philadelphia for a 14 pound bagel, and Big Mama's & Papa's in Los Angeles where a 54 inch pizza was attempted.
Bear's Smokehouse will hold a macaroni & cheese eating contest Sunday awarding $800 ($500 to the winner) as part of the grand opening celebration for its Hartford location. @
CTNow has an article about the opening of Bear's Smokehouse in downtown Hartford. The restaurant will award $1000 to a customer that can defeat owner Jamie McDonald in an eating contest, a sandwich challenge awarding $500 is also on the menu.
FoxCT has a video of Jamie McDonald breaking his record at Goldburgers in Newington, CT.  
Bear's Smokehouse, Jamie McDonald's restaurant, will sponsor a mac & cheese eating contest for the Shad Derby in Windsor, CT.
Bear's Smokehouse will appear on an upcoming episode of NBC's First Look hosted by Audrina Patridge.  
Bloomberg has an article about how rising meat prices are forcing Jamie McDonald to raise menu prices at his restaurant, Bear's Smokehouse, by 10%.  
Adrienne Autry reports that Jamie McDonald won Go Daddy's Big Leap contest.  update March 3 CTNow has an article about Jamie's victory. He hopes to open his second location on Arch Street in Hartford this spring.
Jamie McDonald appeared on Fox CT today to promote his candidacy in GoDaddy's Big Leap Contest. He says he might semi-retire from competitive eating if he wins the contest.  
A press release announces that Jamie McDonald will attempt the 8.5 pound "Bearwich" barbecue sandwich challenge at his restaurant tonight in Windsor, CT. He will then award $500 to a customer who can beat his time for the challenge.    
Courant has an article about Jamie McDonald competing in Go Daddy's The Big Leap Contest. The winner will receive 6 months salary and marketing assistance and exposure from Go Daddy. Jamie McDonald pitched his idea while riding in a race car with Danica Patrick and plans to open a second Hartford location for his restaurant regardless of the contest results.  
The Tavern Downtown in Hartford will hold a wing eating contest Sunday awarding a 42 inch TV.
Central Cafe in Plainville, CT will hold a wing eating contest on Sunday awarding $250 to the winner.
La Boca in Middletown, CT will hold a taco eating contest on November 20 awarding $200 to the winner.
Joe Menchetti announces that he ate 1.5 pounds in 2:30 to tie with Jamie McDonald in the New England Fried Dough Eating Championship at the Bethlehem (CT) Fair. Dave Brunelli was 3rd. (Jamie McDonald and Dave Brunelli were both expected entrants in today's fried mushroom contest.)
Courant.com has an article about Bear's Smokehouse in Windsor, CT reporting that a diner who can eat more of an item on the menu than owner Jamie McDonald can will receive a prize of $1,000.
The Bethlehem (CT) Fair will hold a fried dough eating contest on September 7 awarding $1500 ($1000 to the winner).
Jamie McDonalds's new restaurant, Bear's Smokehouse in Windsor, CT will award $500 to the first person to finish its Grizzly Challenge after it debuts in two weeks.
Jamie McDonald finished 2 gallons of frozen yogurt in 10:45 at TCBY in Simsbury, CT which is claimed to be a world record.
Rminder News has an article about Jamie McDonald eating 9.74 pounds of pulled pork before Saturday's New Britain Rock Cats game.
Jamie McDonald will attempt to eat 10 pounds of pork in 10 minutes at tonight's New Britain Rock Cats baseball game. update Jamie McDonald ate 9.6 pounds in less than 10 minutes.
CT.com has a review of Jamie McDonald's new restaurant, Bear's Smokehouse located in Windsor, CT.
The top 3 in the macaroni & cheese eating contest held at the grand opening of Jamie McDonald's restaurant, Bear's Smokehouse BBQ: 1) Wayne Algenio 2) Will Millender 3) Graham Kist
Jamie McDonald appeared on yesterday's episode of Better Connecticut (video) to promote Saturday's opening of his new restaurant, Bear's Smokehosue BBQ. There will be a $1,000 bonus if someone eats more than Jamie in the macaroni & cheese eating contest.
The Hartford Courant has an article about Saturday's opening of Jamie McDonald's restaurant, Bear's Smoke House BBQ, which was funded with his $20,000 Wing Bowl prize. He will be competing in the macaroni & cheese eating contest and will offer a bonus if someone outeats him. The contest will award $350 ($200 to the winner) if that does not happen.
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