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Three random Jefferson City eating challenges
8 spicy burgers Wall of Flame Lee Street Deli Columbia, MO starts Feb 14, 2011
3 pancakes Pancake Challenge The Resort at Port Arrowhead Lake Ozark, MO
6.5 lb. burger Tiger Challenge Burger The Stadium Grill Columbia, MO includes 2 lb. fries
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Salute to America in Jefferson City, MO will not be holding a hot dog eating contest as part of its July 4 festivities. Previous competitions awarded $300 to the winner.
KOMU has an article about Brandon "Da Disposal" Clark eating a personal best 35 hot dogs in 10 minutes to win the first prize of $300 in a hot dog eating contest in Jefferson City July 4. Greg Webb was the runner up.
A hot dog eating contest at the Route 66 Summerfest in Rolla, MO was terminated yesterday after an entrant needed emergency medical attention. The fate of the competitor is currently unknown. update The Rolla Daily News facebook reports that he is currently at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis and listed in stable condition. (via Greg comment)
Randy Santel ate 31 hot dogs in 10 minutes to win the hot dog eating contest at the Salute To America Festival in Jefferson City, MO.
Salute to America will hold a hot dog eating contest in Jefferson City, MO on July 4 awarding $300 to the winner.

Bertoletti defends Boonville boneless wings, Jamie McDonald runner-up

update #2 The Columbia Missourian has a contest report.

update Results (Part 1 | Part 2)
1) Pat Bertoletti 6.75 lb.
2) Jamie McDonald 5
3) Aaron Osthoff 4.75
4) Mark Williams 3.85
5T) Andrew “The Bear” 2
5T) Matt Raible 2

update Pat Bertoletti defends his title with a total of 6.75 pounds

The Columbia Missorian has a preview focusing on Pat Bertoletti, who says he has a love-hate relationship with food.

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The eating contest on the Travel Channel's Truck Stop USA that Randy Santel competed in can be viewed online.
The Missourian has an entrants list for the Isle of Capri Boonville World Boneless Buffalo Wing Eating Championship in Boonville, MO on June 23 which is headlined by Pat Bertoletti, Tim Janus and Aaron Osthoff.
NewsTribune has an article about Randy Santel's attempt at the Mega Moose Challenge at Moose Brothers BBQ in Jefferson City, MO today. The news video clip of Randy breaking the Crown Candy Kitchen malt record is also available. update April 29 has an article about Randy Santel completing the challenge.
Registration for the June 23 Boneless Buffalo Wing Eating World Championship at the Isle of Capri in Boonville, MO is now open.
Randy Santel announces that the episode of Truck Stop Missouri in which he attempted the Big 70 challenge will be televised on the Travel Channel April 19.
Ben Fredrickson's report about teaming up with Randy Santel for a pizza challenge was the 4th most read article on this week.
Ben Fredrickson has a report in the Columbia Missourian about partnering with Randy Santel to attempt the nine pound pizza challenge at Minsky's in Blue Springs, MO. Randy also has a video of his attempt at the Monster Burger at Hickok's Bar & Grill in Kansas City.
The facebook page for Midway Truck Stop has posted the results of Randy Santel's attempt at the Big 70 biscuits & gravy challenge that will appear on an upcoming episode of Truck Stop Missouri on the Travel Channel.
Randy Santel will attempt to eat the Big 70 biscuits and gravy challenge at Midway Truck Stop & Travel Plaza in Columbia, MO for an upcoming episode of the Travel Channel's Truck Stop Missouri on December 13. The public is welcome to attend the recording.
The Travel Channel's Truck Stop Missouri is holding a barbecue eating contest in Columbia, MO on Saturday. update Oct 28 The truck stop's facebook has more info about the contest.
The "Big 70" eating challenge, consisting of 7 biscuits and 70 ounces of gravy, was featured in last night's debut episode of Truck Stop Missouri on the Travel Channel. (video | picture of cast iron pig bowl used to serve challenge)
Randy Santel has a column in MyMissourian about attempting the Hail Mary challenge at the Stadium Grill in Columbia, MO tomorrow. If he defeats the 5.5 pound burger, he will donate the prize consisting of $600 in gift certificates to charity.
Makin the Play has an article and video from Saturday's boneless wing eating contest at the Isle of Capri in Boonville, MO. (via RJ1542)

Bertoletti breaks Boonville Boneless benchmark

update May 8 The Columbia Missourian has an article about Shari “Missouri Mouth” Child competing in the contets

The Eating contest twitter has full results part 1 | part 2 for today’s boneless wing eating contest at the Isle of Capri in Boonville, MO

1) Pat Bertoletti 9 pounds in 10 minutes
2) Tim Janus 8.25
3) Adrian Morgan 6.5
4) Aaron Osthoff 5
5) Ben Taylor 3.9
6) Dave Solomon 3.75
7) Matt Raible 3
8T) Gary Klucken 2
8T) Andrew Kogutkiewicz 2
10) Greg Degeneffe 1.95
11) Shari Childs .25

3:37 The casino twitter reports Pat Bertoletti set a record with a total of 9 pounds.

3:32 The contest is over.

3:23 The contest has started.

3:12 Entrances have started. The Isle of Capri Boonville yfrog is posting pictures

The contest should start at 2 pm central, 3 eastern

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The Isle of Capri Casino Hotel Boonville's web site has the roster of the May 7 boneless wing eating contest listing Pat Bertoletti, Sonya Thomas and Tim Janus as expected entrants.
Columbia, Missouri eating challenges are the subject of the cover story of the current issue of Vox Magazine. The issue also has an interview with Adam Richman and a list of competitive eating tips.
Kaleidoscope Weekly has an article about Randy Santel finishing the Route 66 (ounce) burger challenge from Cookin from Scratch in Doolittle, Missouri. (from Atlas & Zeus facebook)
The facebook for Cookin Scratch in Doolittle, MO announces that Randy Santel finished the "King of the Road" 66 ounce burger challenge in 27:22.

MLE May 2011 contests announced

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