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The Travel Channel reports that Man v Food will return for a second season with Casey Webb as host.
AMNY has an interview with Casey Webb about hosting the Man vs. Food reboot, which will debut Monday on the Travel Channel.
The reboot for Man v Food hosted by Casey Webb will debut on August 7. The initial episode will feature New York City restaurants and the challenge site will be the Lunchbox in Staten Island. Other cities visited in the series include Milwaukee, Chicago, Houston, Billings, MT, Charleston, SC, Sleepy Hollow, NY, New Orleans, Portland, OR & Des Moines.
The Travel Channel announces that filming will start this week for a new series of Man v Food that will debut in August. Actor and restaurant business veteran Casey Webb will replace Adam Richman as the host. In 2011, John Lomascolo won the Man v Food Nation Casting Call contest that was to have awarded him with an appearance in an Albany area episode that was not recorded before the series was canceled. We will see if the resumed series fulfills that promise. has an interview with Mark Cohen, owner of The Chicken or The Egg about the recording of Man vs. Food in 2010 at his restaurant in Beach Haven, NJ. He says he had to increase staff to 60 employees after the episode aired. interviews Adam Richman has an interview with Adam Richman, who addresses Anthony Bourdain’s claim that Man vs. Food is responsible for Islamic terrorism:

Last question. I heard that Anthony Bourdain blamed you for the creation of ISIS, arguing that…Someone watches my show, and they supposedly say, “America’s a very bad place. Tomorrow I bomb it.” Tony is actually a friend of mine and I talked to him about it. I was like ‘You threw me under the bus.’ I understand the need for a good line but I hope that his want of a good friend is greater than that, and he made it clear that it was.


Kate Ovens attended yesterday's NFL UK event to promote todays NY Giants vs. LA Rams game at Wembley Stadium in London. Man vs. Food host Adam Richman was another guest. The LAD Bible has a Facebook Live video of the challenge.
The Onion's AV Club has an interview with Adam Richman about his new show Secret Eats With Adam Richman. He says that Man V Food is the highest rated show in the history of the Travel Channel.
Bradzrt has uploaded what appears to be the entire series of Man vs. Food (in low quality) to youtube.
NBCNewYork reports that Louis Barbati, owner of the pizzeria L&B Spumoni Gardens was murdered by gunshot yesterday. The restaurant was featured on the Brooklyn episode of Man v Food. update The Daily Beast has more on the murder
Core Media Group filed for bankruptcy due to the decline of its most visible property, American Idol. The company also owns Sharp Entertainment, the producer of Man v. Food
DNAInfo reports that Brick Lane Curry House, site of the challenge in the New York City episode of Man vs. Food was closed after failing a health inspection. Issues included rats, mice and lack of a working sewage disposal system.
The Travel Channel will run a Man vs. Food marathon tomorrow from 9 am to 4 pm.
Adam Richman participated in an Ask Me Anything interview session on yesterday. He says his least favorite challenge (which was a mystery beforehand) was the hot wings at Munchies in Sarasota, FL and was also not fond of the 7 pound burrito at Jack and Grill in Denver (which he claims was actually 9.5 pounds yesterday). has an interview with the owners of Hoss and Mary's about the move of their restaurant from Old Orchard Beach, ME to Key West, FL later this month. They do not say if the new location will have the "Manimal", the eating challenge in the Maine episode of Man vs. Food.
The Independent has an interview with Adam Richman, who says that he has been a vegan for the past three month to prepare for his participation in the Soccer Aid charity game. The former host of Man vs. Food says he actually gained more weight doing the series that followed that program. In dismissing his status as a competitive eater, he makes the interesting claim that competitive eating is "unionized".
The Travel Channel will televise the debut episode of "Man Finds Food" tomorrow at 9pm EDT. The series was supposed to start in early July 2014, but was put on hiatus for almost nine months due to controversial social media comments by host Adam Richman.
Hoss & Mary's, site of the "Manimal Challenge" in the Maine episode of Man vs. Food will close its Old Orchard Beach location on April 26 and set up a new restaurant in Key West, FL.
The Hard Rock Cafe in Tulsa will hold eating contests on March 19, 26 and April 2 as part of its Brutus Burger Challenge. Adam Richman will host the final contest that will award $5,000.
The Ohio Deli, site of the Dagwood sandwich challenge in the Columbus episode of Man vs. Food was destroyed by fire early this morning.
Adam Richman traveled to Decatur, IL to visit fan Silas Martin, who is currently in a hospice with an inoperable brain tumor.
The LA Times has an article about Syrian rebels. The insurgent known as Qusai Zakarya was a big Man v. Food fan before he became an activist against the Assad regime.
Adam Richman was the guest on the debut episode of Men in Blazers, NBC Sports Network new soccer show.
The Telegraph has an article about Trek vs. Food, a tour by the UK travel company TrekAmerica, which will start in New York City, finish in New Orleans and stop at several Man vs. Food restaurants along the way.
Adam Richman's new show, Man Finds Food, was to have debuted tomorrow on the Travel Channel, but its launch has been delayed after the former host of Man vs. Food had an angry exchange with commenters who objected to his use of the Instagram hashtag #thinspiration, claiming it promoted anorexia.
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