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Upcoming Eastern NC eating contests
$30 2018 Apr 28Pickle Eating Contest - men NC Pickle Festival Mount Olive, NC
$30 2018 Apr 28Pickle Eating Contest - women NC Pickle Festival Mount Olive, NC
2018 Apr 29Pie Eating Contest Days at the Dock Holden Beach, NC
$100 2018 Sep 8Collard Eating Contest - women Ayden Collard Festival Ayden, NC
$100 2018 Sep 8Collard Eating Contest - men Ayden Collard Festival Ayden, NC
Three random Eastern NC eating challenges
55 oz. burger 55 Challenge Highway 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries (over 100 eastern NC sites), NC free if eaten in under 30 minutes with fries & 24 oz. soft drink
red roosters Red Rooster Record Sunny Side Oyster Bar Williamston, NC red roosters are oysters on cracker w/ horseradish, peppers & Texas Pete current record is 42
ultrahot wing Insanity Wing Challenge East Coast Wings NC several North Carolina locations
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"Furious" Pete Czerwinski and "Gentleman" Joe Menchetti are expected to compete in the Big "A" burger contest in Mount Olive, NC on April 28.
Andy's Big A Burger Championship will be held in Mount Olive, NC on April 28. The restaurant chain is changing its name to Highway 55 Burgers to facilitate expansion outside North Carolina.
CapeFearNewspapers.com has an article about the Country Squire's 50th anniversary mentioning Dale Boone's victory in a 72 ounce steak eating contest in Warsaw, NC.
Dale Boone won $200 yesterday by eating a 72 ounce steak and sides in 22 minutes at the Country Squire Winery in Warsaw, NC.
The Country Squire in Warsaw, NC will hold a 72 ounce steak eating contest on August 13 awarding $200 to the winner. Dale Boone is expected to compete.
AndysBurgers and "Furious" Pete Czerwinski have videos of the 4th annual "Big A Burger Challenge". Pete also has a video of David Brunelli's post-contest "reversal of a reversal".
Neal Dennis has uploaded a gallery of Saturday's Big A Burger Challenge in Mount Olive, NC won by "Furios" Pete Czerwinski with a record time.
The facebook for Andy's Burgers announces that "Furious" Pete Czerwinski won today's Big A Burger eating contest with a time of 3:02, breaking Joe Menchetti's record of 4:29.
A poster has been produced for tomorrow's Big "A" Burger Challenge in Mount Olive, NC billing Dale Boone as the #1 ranked eater in the Southern United States and "Furious" Pete Czerwinski as the #1 ranked "picnic style" eater.
"Gentleman" Joe Menchetti, "Furious" Pete Czerwinski, Dale Boone, Mike Longo and David Brunelli are listed as expected entrants in the Andy's Big A Burger Challenge at the North Carolina Pickle Festival in Mount Olive, NC on Saturday.
The Fayetteville Observer reports that Christopher Adams won the Nathan's qualifier at Fort Bragg with a total of 13 hot dogs.
IFOCE.com announces that registration opens today at 3pm for a new June 13 Nathan's qualifier at WinStar Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma (about 75 miles north of Dallas/Fort Worth). There is also information about the two qualifiers for military personnel at Fort Bragg and Naval Air Station Oceana. (It does not say if the 20 hot dog minimum will be in effect for the military qualifiers)
The facebook for Andy's Burgers has a gallery of the 2010 Big A Challenge and Mike Longo has a video of that contest.
http://twitter.com/AndysBurgersNC/status/12772172617 "Gentlemen Joe is the once and still current Big A Champ! 4 minutes and 30 seconds!"
"Gentleman" Joe Menchetti and "Munchin" Mike Longo are two of the five competitors in tomorrow's Big A Challenge in Mount Olive, NC.
Reflector.com: A hot dog eating contest at Sup Dogs in Greenville, NC on April 20 will award $300 to the winner.
A video of last month's Big "A" burger contest lists the top 3 finishers and their times at the end: 1) "Gentleman" Joe Menchetti 4:29 2) Joshua "Jabber-Jaws" Currier 8:07 3) David "Tiny" Chavis 8:59

Joe Menchetti repeats as “Big A” Challenge champion

A comment to a reflector.com article reports that Joe Menchetti repeated as winner of the “Big A” challenge contest held during last night’s UNC vs. East Carolina baseball game. Menchetti’s time to complete the 50 ounce burger was under 5 minutes, less than his winning time last year of 5:15. The attendance for the game was 5,581, reportedly the largest crowd to ever watch a regular season college baseball game in North Carolina.

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2009 Andy’s “Big A” Challenge finals April 22

The Wilson Times reports that this year’s 50 ounce “Big A” burger contest will take place on April 22 before the East Carolina / UNC baseball game in Greenville, NC. The contest will match the 10 fastest “Big A” finishers and qualifying closed at the end of March. Apparently there were only three days between the contest announcement and the close of qualifying.

NewsObserver.com reports
that Joe Menchetti will defend his title from 2008. Contest organizers would like to offer runner-up Joshua “Jabber Jaws” Currier a slot if they can get in touch with him.

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Link Buffet: September 3, 2008

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Link Buffet: August 26, 2008

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Andy’s Big “A” burger contest report

(from MosesNews) A press release about last month’s Big “A” burger contest at Andy’s Burgers, Shakes & Fries is now available at Carolina Newswire. The top 3 finishers:

1. Joe Menchetti, 5 minutes 15 seconds, $1000 prize
2. Joshua Currier, 5:45, Lumberton, NC, $500
3. Shayne Katrigis, 7:58, Charleston, SC, $250

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Kristin Day vs. the Big “A”

Reflector.com has a page dedicated to Kristin Day’s recent attempt at Andy’s Big “A” 50 ounce burger challenge. The page has 5 videos, a slideshow along with an article by Kristin, probably making Kristin’s meal the best documented burger challenge by a female since Kate Stelnick completed the 96er in January 2005.


Columnist to attempt Big “A” Challenge

Kristin Day has a column in reflector.com about her plans to attempt Andy’s Big “A” Challenge. She received advice from former moon pie champion Mort Hurst and will be posting videos of her training which will culminate in her challenge attempt.


Andy’s (Eastern NC) “Big A” burger contest, $1,000 prize

Qualifying for the Big “A” burger eating contest sponsored by Andy’s Cheesesteaks is taking place throughout the month of March. The eaters recording the best 10 times in March for that 48 oz. burger will receive entry into the finals that will take place on April 12 in Greenville, NC. The winner of that contest will receive $1,000. Andy’s Cheesesteaks are located throughout eastern North Carolina.

Contest rules – PDF


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