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Jeff "FaFa" Woods passed away after experiencing chest pains while running the first mile of the five mile Krispy Kreme Challenge in Raleigh, NC yesterday. The incident occurred before the midpoint of the race where competitors consume a dozen Krispy Kreme dougnuts. Woods was 58 years old and not a regular runner according to his friends.
Detroit Sports Nation reports University of Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh stormed the stage after his team lost to the University of Florida in a controversial Oreo eating contest held during Citrus Bowl pregame festivities in Orlando. reports the Louisville Cardinals defeated Texas A & M in the hot chicken eating contest for Music City Bowl teams in Nashville. The professional hot chicken eating contest will be held on Tuesday.
HawkeyeSports has an article and gallery about the University of Iowa attending the Beef Bowl tonight, a pregame meal for Rose Bowl teams held at Lawry's. The event has not been an official eating contest since the 1960s. Stanford will visit the Beverly Hills steakhouse tomorrow. Elika Sadeghi got to dine with the Hawkeyes and posted a video of her meal. ( article)
"Furious" Pete Czerwinski will give a talk at Algonquin College in Ottawa on January 20. During the event, he will compete against selected audience members in an eating contest.
The Hungry Hungry Hatters, a competitive eating group at Stetson University, will hold pie, hot dog, wing & ice cream eating contests in DeLand, FL on November 20.
The BBC reports that Hull University Students' Union in Yorkshire held an event that started as a cracker eating contest that evolved into a competition where people reproduced sexual positions on-stage.
The Northwestern U student paper has an article about Grace Chan, who ate 50 California rolls in about 3 minutes to win the women's division of Todoroki's sushi eating contest last year. She is now a student at Loyola University Chicago’s Stritch School of Medicine.
The Wichita State Office of Diversity held a watermelon eating contest as part of an Asian Market held today. (If the Wichita State mascot is made of wheat and he is eating wheat, doesn't that make him a a cannibal?)
The food court at Rutgers University will hold a burger eating contest for 3 person teams on April 16 awarding $525 ($300 to the winning trio.) (via CheeseburgerKat)

Ghassan Al-Hadhrami wins Krispy Kreme Challenge

Ghassan Al-Hadhrami ran 2.5 miles, ate 12 donuts, then ran back 2.5 miles in 28:50 to win the Krispy Kreme Challenge in Raleigh, NC today. 2 time winner Tim Ryan, who has competed in several MLE contests, finished sixth. Meredith Boxberger finished the challenge in 57 minutes.

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Registration is open for the 2015 Krispy Kreme Challenge that will take place on February 14 in Raleigh, NC. The competition consists of a five mile race where entrants are required to eat 12 donuts at the midpoint. In previous years, 8,000+ spots have been filled before race day. The challenge facebook has a link to a picture of a Krispy Kreme decorated like a football with the caption "Ours are fully filled".
PJ Whelihan's in Downington, PA will hold a Wing Off for college students tonight awarding $100 and a spot in Wing Bowl 23.
PJ Whelihan's in Sewell, NJ will hold a wing eating qualifier for college students tomorrow awarding a spot in Wing Bowl 23.
Players from Notre Dame defeated LSU team members in the Music City Bowl hot chicken eating contest 25 to 19. The professsional eating contest will be held on Monday.
The University of Maryland student paper reports that Ian Hickman won a french fry eating contest held in College Park, MD on Friday.
The Student Book Store at Pennsylvania State University will hold a wing eating contest on Friday in conjunction with a "Restore the Wins" rally for former football coach Joe Paterno.
Bradley's in State College, PA will hold a cheesesteak eating contest on October 4 awarding an XBox One to the winner. The runner-up will receive a Samsung Galaxy tablet.
Youtube has a video of a student at University College in Dublin, Ireland slipping and falling into a vomit trough after he competed in an "Iron Stomach" contest where participants ate and drank disgusting things. (via
Members of the UCLA cheer and dance teams attempted the 54 inch pizza at Big Mama & Papa's pizzeria. The attempt will appear on an upcoming episode of NBC's First Look.
Sup Dogs announces that porn star Carter Cruise will be the celebrity judge for its hot dog eating contest in Greenville, NC on Saturday. The winner will receive $200.  
Cast members of the new movie Neighbors will judge an eating contest at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln today.
Mark Maynard has a report on the 20 foot bratwurst eating contest held at the Wurst Bar in Ypsilanti, MI last week to benefit the FLY Children’s Art Center. Eastern Michigan University president Susan Martin participated in the competition.(Via EMU Talk)  update March 25 has an article and gallery
Seth Rogen recorded a video promoting Munching for Memory, a hot dog eating contest to be held at the University of Virginia on April 19.
The official twitter of the University of Wisconsin-Madison retweeted a picture of a Twinkie eating contest held in an economics class today.  
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