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DK's Donuts & Bakery has a gallery of Beverly (Hills) Gardens Park, where a team from the United States will face a Chinese team in a Maple Bacon Bliss bar eating contest for Battle of the Big Eaters 2, which will be televised by TV Tokyo on New Year's Day.
Claire List has a list of eating challenges offered by restaurants in Shanghai, China.
What's on Xiamen has a post about a 2kg burger available at Langham Placein Xiamen, China. reports that at least 10 Chinese tourists will attempt the 72 ounce steak at the Big Texan tomorrow live on a reality show. update July 25 reports none of the group finished the challenge.
The Beijinger lists Nathan's Famous as one of five USA restaurant chains to fail in China. Nathan's Chinese sites were closed in 2012 after a hot dog eating qualifier was held in 2011. has an article about Pan Yizhong, the most famous Chinese competitive eater who has the nickname "Big Stomach King". (video)
The Chicago Tribune has an article about the novel "POW!" by Chinese author Mo Yan. The protagonist of the book is a meat eating champion who ate five pounds of steak in an hour to win an eating contest at the age of 12.
RocketNews24 reports that a man in Wuhan, China was diagnosed with a hole in his stomach after he consumed a spicy "hot pot" soup. (via DailyMail)
"Furious" Pete Czerwinski has produced a vlog from The Great Wall of China recorded during a recent trip to China to produce an episode of Abenteuer Leben.
Lum Dim Sum has a gallery of Joey Chestnut's trip to China. Joey visited the Great Wall of China and the Compassion for Migrant Children (CMC)’s Pingxifu Center in addition to performing an exhibition at the Beijing Nathan's qualifier where he ate 39 hot dogs in 5 minutes.
NBC News reports that Lu Mingkui, runner-up in Saturday's Nathan's qualifier in Beijing with a total of 13 hot dogs, will compete in the Nathan's finals on July 4. The article does not state if any Chinese women will compete in the finals. update has a gallery listing Ding Qian (4 hot dogs) as the sole female competitor. We will see if she competes in the women's division on July 4.

2011 Beijing Nathan’s qualifier results

The top 3 from today’s Nathan’s qualifier in Beijing: 1) Chris Lam 16 hot dogs 2) Lv Mingkui 13 3) Wang Ranglong 12. Joey Chestnut ate 39 hot dogs in five minutes in an exhibition. update China Daily has a gallery. The winner, Chris Lam, is from Hong Kong and a member of the “Eatcredibles” competitive eating team. update June 19 The Wall Street Journal has a blog entry and video about the contest.

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The Wall Street Journal has a blog entry about tomorrows Nathan's qualifier in Beijing, China.
LumDimSum reports that Joey Chestnut has arrived in China where he will judge the Nathan's qualifier and attempt to eat 50 hot dogs in 5 minutes in an exhibition.
Beijinger has a blog entry about the June 18 Nathan's qualifier in Beijing which says that the top three eaters in that contest will compete in the Nathan's finals and that entrants must be Chinese nationals with a passport who have previously traveled abroad. has an article about the Nathan's qualifier June 18 in Beijing, China illustrated with a picture of Takeru Kobayashi. Joey Chestnut will judge the contest. Entering the contest requires a Chinese passport.
Joey Chesnut's facebook fan page lists his upcoming schedule and announces that he will do a five minute exhibition at the Beijing Nathan's qualifier on June 18. announces that registration for the Nathan's qualifier in Beijing, China on May 18 will open tomorrow at 11 am eastern and that the contest will award a berth in the finals to both the top Chinese and American. (via comment)
The Butcher's Steakhouse in Beijing is holding a contest to choose the name of its new eight pound challenge burger.
Kobayashi has posted some entries about his trip to China on his blog. A news video about the contest is also available.

Kobayashi wins Chinese contest

ChinaNews reports Takeru Kobayashi won the contest held in Suzhou, China by eating 164 pieces of salmon sushi in 20 minutes. Kobayashi says in his blog this is the first time he has done contests on consecutive days since the US Open of Competitive Eating. (Pictures from yesterday’s semifinal)

update has some pictures of the finals

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2500sz reports that Kobayashi and Johnny Wu won their semifinal cake eating contests today and will face off in the finals tomorrow. Kobayashi finished his cake in 15 minutes and 34 seconds.

Kobayashi to compete in Chinese contest March 28/29

Kobayashi’s latest blog entry reports that qualifiers for a Chinese contest he will compete in have been held. Translated Chinese news articles from those competitions are available. The semifinals & finals Kobayashi will compete in will take place on March 28 and 29. Johnny Wu from Hong Kong, who previously competed against Sonya Thomas, is another recipient of a bye into the semifinals.


Link Buffet: September 24, 2008

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Shanghai hot dog contest

A New York Times blog entry reports on a skateboarding festival that took place in Shanghai, China. A hot dog eating contest was held during that event. Not many details are provided about the competition, but a a picture of a sign says it was called the “2nd Melrose & Hormel Hot Dog Eating Championship”


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