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Jamie McDonald has posted a video of an event held Monday at the New Haven, CT Denny's where he faced two teams of two in a Radagast’s Red Velvet Pancake Puppies Eating Contest to promote the chain's Hobbit menu. I Love New Haven has a contest report.
Jamie McDonald will compete in a Hobbit menu eating contest at the New Haven, CT Denny's on December 9. He will face teams of two or three in a "Radagast’s Red Velvet Pancake Puppies" eating competition.

Will Millender: Molly Schuyler wins Lake Quassy contests

update July 16 Rake & Herald has a contest report
Wayne Algenio has videos of the bun & cheese and beef patty contests
Joel Podelsky has a video of the beef patty contest

Will Millender reports that Molly Schuyler won the bun & cheese and beef patty contests held at Lake Quassy in Middlebury, CT today to continue her career undefeated streak.

Official Times (Top 3)
Bun & Cheese (first to finish 7)
1) Molly Schuyler 1:29
2) Joe Menchetti
3) Jamie McDonald

Beef Patty (first to finish 8)
1) Molly Schuyler 1:46
2) Jamie McDonald
3) Wayne Algenio

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Molly Schuyler, Jamie McDonald, Joe Menchetti and others are listed as expected entrants for the National Caribbean Food Eating Championships at Lake Quassy, CT on July 14.
Jake's Wayback Burgers in Waterbury, CT will hold a burger eating contest Saturday awarding an iPad mini.
Jamie McDonald will have a Wing Bowl training session tomorrow at 2 at Griff's Chicken Shack in Hamden, CT where he will try to break his chicken finger challenge of 32. update Jan 6 Jamie ate 36 to break the record. update Jan 7 The New Haven Register has a video of the training session.
Hirschbeck's Sports Bar & Grille will hold a wing eating contest tonight awarding two Red Sox tickets. The runner-up will receive four tickets to Six Flags.
Will Millender reports that Joe Menchetti swept the bun & cheese and beef patty eating contests held at Lake Quassy in Middlebury, CT today. update Carribean Food Delights has a picture captioned with the official times for the beef patty contest.
WTNH reports that Joe Menchetti won the paczki eating contest held at Eddy's Bake Shop in Ansonia, CT this morning. This is Joe Menchetti's ninth victory in a row at Eddy's.
Mike Longo has results from the contests held today at Lake Quassy in Connecticut. Bun & Cheese: 1) Mike Longo 2) Joel Podelsky 3) Andre "The Assassin" | Beef Pattie: 1) Mike Hoffman 2) Chris Schlesinger 3) Liam Burt

Man vs. Food Nation New Haven episode links

Travel Channel Episode Guide | Restaurant / Activity Map | Blog Entry| Gallery

CT Now article about episode


List of New Haven area eating challenges and contests in the eatfeats database
Eatfeats blog category for the Doodle Burger record, the most famous New Haven eating challenge (restaurant closed in 2008)


Man vs. Food: Nation to open with New Haven, CT on June 1

The site of the first episode of Man vs. Food: Nation to be televised (at 9 pm eastern on June 1) will be New Haven, CT. The Tampa episode will follow immediately after. On Wednesday May 25, an hour long show consisting of clips of the new season and eating challenge videos will air. Randy Santel received notice that his videos will not be used in the program.

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The facebook for Griff's Chicken Shack in Hamden, CT announces that Kevin Silber of broke Greg "The Great Moomsi" Maloomian's record by eating 31 chicken strips.
Yale Daily News has a report on a freshman attempting the Caseus Cheese Truck Challenge for the upcoming New Haven, CT episode of Man vs. Food Nation (contains spoiler)
Modern Apizza reports that Man vs. Food recorded at the New Haven, CT restaurant today. Carmine Granucci claims that the other two restaurants in the episode will be Louis' Lunch and the Caseus Cheese Truck. has a video of Joe Menchetti winning a paczki eating contest at Eddy's Bakery in Ansonia, CT this morning for his eighth consecutive victory in that event.
(via a direct message) Top 3 of National Caribbean Food Delights Beef Patty Eating Championship: 1) "King" George van Laar 2) Jon "jcrue" Taylor 3) Pat "the Viper" Viviano
"Munchin" Mike Longo reports that Joel "The Cannon" Podelsky won today's National Royal Caribbean Bakery Bun & Cheese Eating Championship in Middlebury, Connecticut. Longo was the runner-up. update A contest video is available.
Serafino's in Wallingford, Connecticut will hold a pasta eating contest on April 17 with a purse of $1,500 ($1,000 to the winner)
Greg "The Great Moomsi" Maloomian's attempt at the chicken finger record at the Chicken Shack in Hamden, CT will be webcast starting at 7 pm. update Greg ate 30 chicken fingers, Joe Menchetti ate 22.
On March 17, Greg "the Great Moomsi" Maloomian will attempt to break the chicken finger record at The Chicken Shack in Hamden, CT.
Yale Divinity School held a conference to ensure “that the devastating effects of the watermelon [eating contest] incident don’t happen again”

Joe Menchetti 7peats Eddy’s paczkis

CTPost has a preview of today’s paczki eating contest at Eddy’s Bake Shop in Ansonia, Connecticut. Joe Menchetti has not declared if he will try to defend his title. Video might be available online starting at 7:45 am.

updateNewHavenIndependent has a video of the contest which reports that Joe Menchetti won the event for the seventh year in a row with a total of 11 paczkis.

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(via Johnny D comment) The website and a youtube page have been set up to document Kevin Silber's Connecticut eating challenges. One of the videos shows Kevin finishing the Grizzly Challenge at the Black Bear Saloon in Milford, CT for the first time.
The Craigslist for New Haven CT announces that an unnamed television program is seeking contestants for an eating contest.
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