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big sandwich BMF Bienvenue Bar & Grill New Orleans, LA
8 scoop sundae Tchoupitoulas Challenge The Creole Creamery New Orleans, LA
10 tacos Ten Taco Challenge Munchies Chalmette, LA
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The Andouille Festival will hold a sausage eating contest in La Place, LA on October 18 awarding $600 ($300 to the winner).
Bodybuilder twin brothers Ahmed & Amir Zaki were the first to finish the pho challenge at Pho Cam Ly in New Orleans.
Adrian Morgan will compete against a five person team in a hot dog eating contest at The Upper Quarter Bar in New Orleans on Sunday.
The Sheffield Star has a report on Adrian Morgan's use of Henderson's Relish at the Acme Oyster Eating Championship in New Orleans. He reportedly almost threw up four times during the contest, which did not prevent him from finishing second.

2014 Acme Oyster contest

update June 13 James Karst and Crazy Legs Conti have contest reports

update June 2 has a gallery of pictures one made the front page of the Times Picayune. Where Y’at Magazine also has a gallery. WGNO has a news video

Official Top 3 | part 2
1) Sonya Thomas 40 doz
2) Adrian Morgan 30 doz
3) Mike Abadie 17 doz
4T) Crazy Legs Conti 15 doz
4T) James Karst 15 doz
Corey Fanguy

update Sonya Thomas reportedly ate 38 dozen oysters

The Red Fish Grill reports that Sonya Thomas has won today’s Acme Oyster Eating Championship.

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The New Orleans Advocate has an interview with Adrian Morgan about competing in Sunday's Acme World Oyster Eating Championship. has an article about Adrian Morgan's plans to use Henderson's Relish, produced in Sheffield, England, in next month's World Oyster Eating Championship in New Orleans. The article incorrectly claims that "The Rabbit" has already qualified for the Nathan's finals.
Registration is now open on for the Acme Oyster eating contest in New Orleans on June 1 and the Slugburger eating contest in Corith, MS on  July 12.    
Crazy Legs Conti makes a cameo (at second 39) in the Bare Handed Bear Handlers entry for the jingle contest run by Dat Dog in New Orleans.
While in New Orleans for the crawfish eating contest, Crazy Legs Conti appeared in a music video promoting Dat Dog's jingle contest.

2014 French Quarter Festival Crawfish Contest

Update April 13 The New Orleans Advocate has a contest report claiming the crowd felt Sonya Thomas was the winner. has an article and gallery. Nate Biller and Damien Boykin also competed.

The top 3:
1) Adrian Morgan 2.7 lbs. in 10 minutes
2) Sonya Thomas 2.2 lbs.
3) Crazy Legs Conti 1.9 lbs
4) Nate Biller 1.8 lbs (poundages via Nate Biller)

facebook gallery of crawfish contest
with winning result

The undercard crawfish eating contests have started at the French Quarter Festival. The professionals will eat after a media round.


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Registration is now open on for the Rouses Crawfish Eating World Championship in New Orleans on April 12.  
The Andouille Festival in LaPlace, LA will hold andouille eating contests for individuals and four person teams on October 19 awarding $600 ($300 to the winners).

Sonya Thomas wins 2013 Acme Oyster contest

update June 4 Nola Defender (claiming Miki Sudo was supposed to compete) Rake & Herald and have contest reports. Jason Smith of the Hornets/Pelicans and Thomas Morestead of the Saints served as judges.

WWL has an article and video


1) Sonya Thomas 24 dozen in 8 minutes
2) Aaron Osthoff 21
3) Adrian Morgan 18
4) Corey Fanguy 11
5) Crazy Legs Conti 10
6) Ryan Shams 5 (via email)
7T) Mia Davekos 3
7T) local 3

After not finishing behind another woman in the first 118 months of her competitive eating career, Sonya Thomas now has a 2 contest streak where she was not the top female.

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June 2 MLE contest fields: Tim Janus, Bob Shoudt and Matt Stonie are expected to compete in Sunday's pastrami sandwich eating contest at Katz's Deli in Manhattan, Badlands Booker and Molly Schuyler are listed as favorites in the St. Paul, MN Nathan's qualifier and Sonya Thomas is expected to defend her Acme Oyster title in New Orleans. update May 29 Joey Chestnut confirms he will compete at Katz's and Aaron Osthoff will leave for New Orleans today.
Corey Fanguy announces he was the fourth place prizewinner ($200) in Saturday's crawfish contest at the French Quarter Festival, a result which has yet to be officially posted. Crazy Legs Conti has been announced as the fifth place finisher. Corey Fanguy has a video from the contest.

Sonya Thomas four-peats French Quarter Festival Crawfish contest

update April 15 Crazy Legs Conti placed 5th. Fourth place has yet to be officially announced, but was probably Corey Fanguy

Rake & Herald has a weekend contest report Bayou 95.7 has a podcast of an interview with Corey Fanguy and WDSU has a video of the media contest

Pro Results
1) Sonya Thomas 2.2 lb meat
2) Adrian Morgan 2 lb meat
3) Nate Biller 1.9
4) ??
5) Crazy Legs Conti ?

Media contest results
1) Joshua Clark .9 lb in 5 minutes
2) Fletcher Mackel .85
3) James Karst .7

Houma Today has an article about Corey Fanguy

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Sonya Thomas and Adrian Morgan are expected to compete in tomorrow's crawfish eating contest at the French Quarter Festival in New Orleans.
Takeru Kobayashi will be at Tulane's Got Talent in New Orleans tomorrow for a Guinness World Record attempt.
Videos of the eating contest held in New Orleans the day before the Super Bowl betweeen writers Joe House and "Cousin" Sal Iacono have been posted to youtube: contest | bonus clip - cheating | bonus - showing off | outtakes
The gambling website is accepting bets on an eating contest to be held today in New Orleans between (ESPN) personalities Joe House and "Cousin" Sal Iacono. (video preview | podcast preview | "House Eats" video #2).
A casting call has been placed for "Man v. Food: New Orleans". The program will record tomorrow and Wednesday. update Jan 23 The program was actually "Super Bowl Tailgate Takeover" hosted by Adam Richam that will be televised Jan 30 on the Travel Channel. announces that the Hooters wing eating contest originally scheduled for February 1 in Metairie, Louisiana has been postponed. (Interestingly, the announcement does not appear on either the MLE twitter or facebook.)
The 2013 Hooters wing circuit will start February 1 in Metairie, LA and the Fat Tues King Cake Eating Contest will be held at the Showboat in Atlantic City on February 12. The registration information has yet to be posted. update Registration for the Hooters contest will start at 6 pm eastern today.

2012 Acme Oyster eating contest

update June 6 MrFolkShow has a video

update 8:23 has a gallery

update 4:32 Full results (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3)
1) Sonya Thomas 48 dozen
2) Aaron Osthoff 39
3) Adrian Morgan 37
Crazy Legs Conti 32
Gary Klucken 24
Mia Davekos 7

update 4:15 Official top 3: Sonya Thomas 47 dozen, Aaron Osthoff 39 dozen, Adrian Morgan 37 dozen

Crescent City Lax reports that Sonya Thomas ate 47 dozen to break her record of 39 dozen.

The contest has started. Pete Davekos is posting pictures.

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