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Foodbeast has a post about Raina Huang eating 13 plates (10.5 pounds) of Olive Garden pasta, which is believed to be a house record.
IHOP has started its All You can Eat Pancakes offer, which is available until February 12.
German bodybuilder Lea ("Lea Loves Lifting") has posted a vlog of her trip to a sushi buffet on December 2 where she ate 38 plates in 45 minutes (starts at around 6:30)
To celebrate National Chicken Wing Day, Hooters restaurants will offer All You Can Eat Wings on July 28 (all day) and July 29 (11 am to 4 pm).
The McDonald's in St. Joseph, MO (Kansas City area) will offer all you can eat french fries as part of its grand reopening celebration in July.
German bodybuilder Lea of the LeaLovesLifting instagram and youtube channel ate 350 pieces of sushi in 60 minutes at an AYCE restaurant today. In December she ate 400 pieces.
LAist has a list of the 12 best All-You-Can-Eat Offers in Los Angeles.
Mobile Marketer has a blog entry about the Instagram #panuary contest that is being held in conjunction with IHOP's All You Can Eat pancakes offer.
IHOP announces the chain will offer all you can eat pancakes until February 14. The #panuary Instagram challenge will return; no mention is made of the comeback of the Pancake Bowl eating contest. (via Stephanie Wu)
Las Vegas Weekly has buffet-maximizing tips from Carolyn, who is billed as a "competitive eating queen" who won an hours-long eating contest at Paris Las Vegas’ Le Village Buffet in 2010. reports that Joey Chestnut, Juliet Lee, Juan "More Bite" Rodriguez, Eric "Badlands" Booker, "Wild" Bill Myers, Ronnie Hartman, Matthew Raible, Damien Boykin, and Gideon Oji are expect to compete in Sunday's Hooters qualifier in Knoxville. The restaurant will offer all you can eat wings on July 13 and 20.
The New York Daily News has a report on Crazy Legs taking advantage of IHOP's all you can eat offer to set the house record of 14 at a Manhattan location. update Jan 31 Molly Schuyler says she ate 95 pancakes
IHOP announces all you can eat pancakes are now available at participating locations until February 8. Pictures tagged with #panuary will be submitted to a virtual "Hall of Fame". The IHOP website has no mention of a 2015 Pancake Bowl eating contest.
In a thread about Corporate Darwin Awards, one of the submissions is about Edna Morris, former president of Red Lobster, who left her position in 2003 after the company incurred significant losses from an all you can eat crab leg offer.
Forbes has a blog entry about, a website by the owner of an Olive Garden Never Ending Pasta Pass documenting his trips to that restaurant.
The Olive Garden will offer seven weeks of unlimited pasta (from Sept 22-Nov 9) for $100 to the first 1,000 customers who sign up on its website starting at 3 pm eastern today. A single session of all you can eat pasta will be available during that time period for $9.99.
Hooters produced a video of Jon Gruden "coaching" Joey Chestnut for National Chicken Wing Day at Hooters where locations will offer AYCE wings today for $12.99. Tonight, Joey Chestnut, will appear at Blue Water Seafood and Crab in San Jose for a fundraiser for Patriot Paws Service Dogs.
The Daily Beast has a report on Eric "Badlands" Booker ordering the endless appetizers offer at TGI Friday's. update July 23 also has a blog entry about an attempt at unlimited mozzarella sticks.
The Atlantic has a column asking if women should receive a discount at all you can eat buffets on the assumption that they eat less than men. A Brazilian restaurant charges men $2.25 more for its lunch buffet. (via
Several IHOPs in northern Virginia will hold a pancake eating contest on February 19 in honor of National Pancake Day. reports that Kristin Avery ate 42 Pancakes in 25 minutes to win the IHOP Pancake Bowl for the Los Angeles region. The contest went into overtime after she tied with Naader Reda and another competitor by eating 31 pancakes in 20 minutes. (picture)    

2014 IHOP Pancake Bowl finals

update Feb 2
Portland, “Max Carnage”, 33
St. Louis, P.J. Brennan, 26, defeats Kyle Hanner  update Feb 3 Riverfront Times has a blog entry

update Results
Des Moines, Molly Schuyler, 59 in 20 minutes
Los Angeles 42 by unnamed woman
Fort Wayne, IN 33.5 (unnamed)
San Diego, Trevor Iordanides, 28
Chicago, Israel (no last name) 25
Rockford, IL Juan Mendez 19

Rich LeFevre competed in the Las Vegas contest (results have yet to be posted)

update Ryen says she ate 18 pancakes to set a house record (I am not sure if this was in a Pancake Bowl).

The Pancake Bowls held at IHOPs across the country should be starting soon. Naader Reda has produced a video about his qualification for the Los Angeles contest.

2012 post about the college pancake contests held at IHOP in the 1960s & 70s.

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The Daily Press reports that Naader Reda ate 40 pancakes at an IHOP in Victorville, CA, which qualfied him for the Pancake Bowl finals in Los Angeles.

Top IHOP AYCE pancake totals

Here are the highest publicized totals for pancakes eaten at an International House I have seen. Additional documented counts will be added to the list on request.

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IHOP Pancake Bowl qualifying ends today

update Molly Schuyler ate 70 pancakes to top a leader board.

Qualifying for the IHOP Pancake Bowl finals on February 1 ends today. A picture of a leader board (probably at a Las Vegas location) lists the top 3:

1) Miki Sudo 50 (probably IHOP AYCE female record)
2) Locust 45
3) Madame of Etiquette 18

The Big Eaters Club has a video of “Max Carnage” eating 43 pancakes.

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