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Andrew Puhl ate 12 McDonald's cheeseburgers in 2:30 to win the second Elite Eats Entertainment video contest. Mike Hornacek was runner-up. The food for the new contest is 12 Little Debbie Swiss rolls.
Mike Hornacek ate 12 donuts in 2:18 to win the first Elite Eats Entertainment video contest. Cody Dulaney was runner up. The new contest is 12 McDonald's cheeseburgers, closing Sunday night.
Elite Eats Entertainment announced their first video-based contest. The food is 12 Walmart donuts.
Dan Kennedy will announce the first Elite Eats Entertainment online video-based eating contest on Wednesday.
The British Eating League, founded by the owner of the George Pub in Stockton-on-Tees, England has started an instagram page.
In their latest podcast, Fink Beats the Stomach interviews Dan "Killer" Kennedy about his organization, Elite Eats Entertainment.
Teesside Live has an article about Craig Harker, owner of the George Pub and founder of the British Eating League, receiving a complaint for posting "To all you fat birds, chin up! It's Pancake Day soon!" on his advertising sign. He says that a video of the League's Jaffa Cake eating contest video received 53K comments on LadBible's facebook page.
In the first half of the lastest FBTS podcast, a George Chiger video is used to spur discussion of what makes a good restaurant challenge video. The "radio silence" of All Pro Eating is the topic of the second half., the All Pro Eating website has been restored after becoming inaccessible at the start of the year. There does not appear to be any information about the hiatus or other new content.
The website for All Pro Eating, was not renewed and currently brings up a GoDaddy landing page. The organization's facebook and twitter remain up, but have not been updated in over a year.
The George Pub and Grill in Stockton on Tees, England announces the British Eating League.
Dan "Killer" Kennedy and Andrew Puhl announce the launch of Elite Eats Entertainment in a video. The organization will take over the Caribbean food contests in East Islip, NY on August 11 from All Pro Eating and also sanction the burger eating contests at Taste of Hamburg in Hamburg, PA on August 31.
Corey Fanguy has posted two emails from Sam Barclay. The first email announced he had received a place in the Rouse's crawfish eating contest. A subsequent message told him that the spot was offered in error and that he would not be able to compete.
The official MLE twitter @eatingcontest appears to have been "shadowbanned", with none of its tweets appearing in search results. The account does not appear in twitter user search either.
The New Yorker has an account on how George Shea writes introductions for competitive eaters. has an interview with George Shea. He says MLE would not sanction a ghost pepper or other ultra-spicy contest, but the organization held a "Battle Of The Bhut [Jolokia] XXX Wing Eating Championship" in 2010 and 2011.
The Akron Beacon Journal reports that Todd Greenwald is being sued by one of the co-founders of the Association of Independent Competitive Eaters (AICE) for allegedly reneging on an oral agreement to become partners and co-owners of All Pro Eating. The lawsuit seeks over $25,000 in damages.
The new poll asks if you think there are more opportunities for top competitive eaters inside or outside Major League Eating.  On Sunday, Glutton Force Five and Jamie McDonald won contests which will enable them to open their own restaurants, which they could not have done if they were bound by the MLE contract.
CBS' Tailgate Fan blog claims that MLE desires a monopoly over competitive eating and says the organization "does not seem to want you to have any food-related fun outside of its sponsored events".
In a comment on his facebook page, Pat Bertoletti says he does not expect to return to Major League Eating, citing contract issues for the termination of the relationship.

All Pro Eating 2013 Calendar

Registration is now open for the Bun & Cheese and Beef Patty Eating Championships in Lake Quassy, CT on July 14. If no All Pro Eating events are added before that date, the only All Pro Eating contest from the first half of 2012 to return this year will be the El Al hamantaschen contest. A new onion ring eating contest will take place in Ohio in May. The January-June schedules for the past two years follows after the jump: Read the rest of this entry »

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Jell-O Pudding Prix violates MLE safety standards

The MLE facebook announces the Jell-O Pudding Prix, where the public will submit videos in which they attempt to best the times for eating a cup of pudding posted by five ranked MLE eaters. (No prizes are listed.)

This competition appears to be in complete violation of the Major League Eating safety standards which are posted at

MLE will not sanction or promote any events that do not adhere to the highest safety regulations. MLE believes that speed eating is only suitable for those 18 years of age or older and only in a controlled environment with appropriate rules and with an emergency medical technician present.

MLE is against at-home training of any kind. MLE strongly discourages younger individuals from eating for speed or quantity under any circumstances. MLE urges all interested parties to become involved in sanctioned events — do not try speed eating home.

Presumably “at” should be the second to last word of the above paragraph.

update Oct 12 CKKraft calls the Pudding Prix a “huge advertising mistake”

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Alex Perez hopes that schedules for September 29 can be rearranged to facilitate him competing in both the tamale eating contest in Lewisville, TX and the fried pie eating contest in Dallas.
Joey Chestnut has posted the following suggestion to the Major League Eating twitter: "you guys need to produce a good contest. I'm starving to death."
Damon "The Omen" Wells announces that he is leaving Major League Eating. He will become the sixth member of the team attempting the 54 inch pizza at at Big Mama's & Papa's on Sunday. This will probably leave the IFOCE top 50 without any southern Californians whenever it is updated (assuming Ben Monson is removed also.)
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