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Josh Hockett will start the Big Bite Podcast, a new competitive eating podcast series. Erik "The Electric" Lamkin is expected to be the first guest. Other episodes will feature Randy Santel, Nate Figueroa, Naader Reda and Mitch Dombrowski.
Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran appeared on Monday's episode of The Digital Human produced by the BBC. The topic of the episode is super normal stimuli. (Download link)
The second part of BBC's World Service Food Chain podcast about competitive eating is available online. This program focuses on the health aspects of competitive eating with Erik Lamkin discussing his history with eating disorders. Andrei Sidorov also attempts the Iron Pig Challenge at Porky's BBQ.
Kate Ovens, Yasir Salem and Takeru Kobayashi will appear on BBC's Food Chain program tonight. The program will also visit an eating contest in Singapore. update The podcast is now available online (mp3 file)
Pedram Esmaeelzadeh has started a competitive eating podcast called Mastication Nation. Guests for the debut episode are Darron Breeden and Wayne Algenio.
The Sporkful has an interview with Tim "Eater X" Janus on how health concerns led to his retirement from competitive eating in 2015. (The first half of the program is a rerun of a 2012 podcast).
Fink Beat the Stomach has an interview with Liz McClurg, female winner of the first contest on the 2016-17 Nathan's qualifier circuit in Nashville.
Fink Beats the Stomach have returned from hiatus with an episode covering the major 2017 events. They have started a segment about youtube videos with analysis of Beard Meats Food breakfast video and Girl vs Food.
Juliet Lee appeared on 98 Rock Baltimore yesterday to promote next month's Peeps eating contest in National Harbor, MD.
A podcast of last weekend's Finkie Awards presented by Fink Meets the Stomach has been uploaded.

2017 Finkie awards results

Here are the results from yesterday’s Finkies award ceremony at Bar 9 in Brooklyn organized by the Fink Beats the Stomach podcast.

Male competitive eater of the year: Joey Chestnut
Female competitive eater of the year: Molly Schuyler
Roomie / Rookie of the Year: Carmen Cincotti
Youtube Feat of the Year: Beard Meats Food
Mascot of the Year: Mr. Married Burgerman

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September's contests including Trenton pork rolls, Lewisville tamales and NYC dumplings are the subject of the latest Fink Beats the Stomach podcast.
Michelle "Cardboard Shell" Lesco discusses pie eating contests on KCRW's Good Food podcast.
Michelle "Cardboard Shell" Lesco and Steve Hendry are the guests on the latest Fink Beats the Stomach podcast. The interviews start around the 18 minute mark.
Miki Sudo (starts at minute 49), Pedram "In Jaws We Trust" Esmaeelzadeh and Mark "Fro Hungry" Reboul are the guests in the recent episode of Fink Beats the Stomach. There is also a bonus episode with and extended interview with Pedram and Mark.
The most recent episode of the Fink Beats the Stomach podcast starts with a recap of the "Finkie" competitive eating awards, then interviews Nate Biller (minute 36) and closes with coverage from January's bacon eating contest at Beer Bourbon and BBQ festival.
Crazy Legs Conti is the guest on the most recent episode of the Fink Beats the Stomach podcast. He is curating a competitive eating art show that will open on July 2.
Wing Bowl 24 competitors Dave "The Termite" Wood & Moe Train are the guests in the latest episode of the Fink Beats the Stomach podcast. Tracy "Mmm Mmm" Goode's retirement was the main topic of the previous podcast.
NJ.com has an interview with Bill "El Wingador" Simmons about his life after getting released from prison. He will serve as a commentator for Wing Bowl 24 alongside Angelo Cataldi. In a Sports Skillet podcast (Jan 31, hour 2, minutes 6-21) The five-time Wing Bowl champion said he planned to release a book later this year and hopes to open a restaurant (via Stephanie Wu).
Voting will close today for the "Finkies" competitive eating awards. Fink Beats the Stomach will host an awards ceremony later this month. update Jan 13 A poster for the event has been produced. (via Stephanie Wu)
Don "Moses" Lerman headlines the latest edition of Tablet Magazine's Unorthodox podcast. During the program, he tries to eat as many latkes as possible in five minutes.
This is That, a CBC Radio program, produced a segment about Camp Odoon, "the world's number one training facility for those who consider themselves to be 'food athletes.'". The show describes itself as "a current affairs program that doesn't just talk about the issues, it fabricates them".
Zagat produced a behind the scenes video recorded at this year's Nathan's finals starring Yasir Salem and Crazy Legs Conti. Fink Beats the Stomach makes a cameo.
Crazy Legs Conti did an interview on Kiss 108 this morning with the following description: "Boston competitive eater #CrazyLegs on @MattyShow about how to beat @joeyjaws at @originalnathans @eatingcontest". (According to the eatfeats database, Conti is winless (0-47) for his career vs Chestnut).
live105.cbslocal.com has a podcast of Joey Chestnut's appearance yesterday on the Kevin Klein show. He says that he has broken off his relationship with Neslie Ricasa after proposing to her during last year's Nathan's finals and that MLE prevented him from wearing an item promoting a military charity during a previous Nathan's finals.
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