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A website for Dale Boone's campaign for the mayor of Brookhaven, GA has been set up at
Nathan Figuero was the first person to finish (facebook login requred) the 8 Pound Mongo Burrito at Burrito Mexican Grill in Sarasota, which has been available for 4 years. He has a youtube channel about his Florida eating challenges and contests at
The Man vs. Food restaurant in London has started a twitter at They offer s 7 pound burger challenge awarding £250 and a free meal for the entire table if finished.
Nela Zisser is not the only big eating model. Julia Datt has set up to document her large meals in India and Australia. Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Alana Mazurke has started a blog about her Australian eating challenges at
The Telegraph and Argus reports Adam Moran was the first person in over 700 attempts to finish a giant naan bread challenge at Omar's Balti House in Bradford, England. Adam Moran has a facebook page and youtube channel about his eating challenges under Beard Meats Food.
Jason Buttke, winner of Saturday's eating contest at the Madison Bacon Fest, has started a facebook page, youtube channel and twitter about his Wisconsin eating challenges and contests.
Stephanie Wu has started a twitter and has posted the results of last night's corn dog eating contest at the Tulare County Fair: 1) Molly Schuyler 25 corn dogs 2) Eric Chin 11 3) Stephanie Wu 7.75. update Sept 14 Stephanie Wu reports that Molly Schuyler did the Grand Slam challenge at Batter Up Pancakes in a record 3:49 before the contest.
The commenter gourmand noted that has been down. The content at that website has been moved to
The contest section of has been redone. There is a Hall of Fame page listing winners back to 1972.
The URL for Nathan's Famous facebook fan page has been changed from to
A new twitter for Nathan's Famous has been started at
The press release announcing the John Morrell Food Group's partnership with Nathan's Famous gave an end of April launch date for a new Nathan's website, which has apparently been missed. Social media pages for Nathan's were to have been unveiled in March. is a spicy eating challenges blog run by a married couple. In the latest entry Deirdre "The Girl on Fire" Kamber Todd and "Rapid Fire Russ" Todd both eat 25 spicy wings to defeat the "Fire in the Hole" challenge at Pluckers' Wing Bar in Grapevine, TX.
The press release announcing the partnership between Nathan's Famous and the John Morrell Food Group stated that new Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for the Nathan's brand would debut sometime in March 2014, a launch date which has apparently been missed.
Jon "Super" Squibb has started a blog at
Molly Schuyler appeared on Omaha Morning Blend today. Near the end of the interview, she mentions that a facebook fan page has been started which can be found at On the page, there are several videos I had not seen previously including an 8 pound burrito video and a 12 pound tenderloin challenge.
The Wing Bowl home page at currently has an unexpected banner advertisement sponsor

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Haydo of Australia has started a website at Kyle "The Hammer" Hanner of St. Louis has set up a facebook page at
The website for CP Brand's wonton eating contest, now resolves to an empty page from a Singaporean webhosting company. This probably ends whatever hopes that the Asian circuit would be brought back at some point in the future.
A page about the tater tot eating contest to be held at Bar Louie locations on September 19 has been set up at The top five performers will win a trip to Cleveland to compete in the national finals on October 5 to compete for a first prize of $500. (press release)
A fake Matt Stonie twitter has been started at The real one is at
Kevin Ross has started a facebook fan page at
Jeff "The Beast Man" Butler has started a facebook page at
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