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Upcoming Canada eating contests
2019 Sep 21Hot Dog Eating Contest Derby Days Crystal Beach, ON, Canada
2019 Sep 21Pie Eating Contest Mount Pleasant Village Harvest Fair Toronto, ON, Canada
2019 Sep 21Pie Eating Contest Pumpkinfest Teulon, MB, Canada
2019 Sep 21Pie Eating Contest Pumpkinfest Wallaceburg, ON, Canada
2019 Sep 28Pie Eating Contest Harvest Festival Hespeler, ON, Canada
$100 2019 Oct 5Pie Eating Contest Powassan Farmers Market Powassan, ON, Canada
2019 Oct 12Pie Eating Contest Rockton World's Fair Rockton, ON, Canada
($300)2019 Oct 15 Big Eater Face Off Kome Shokudo Richmond Hill, ON, Canada
$6,000 2019 Oct 19I World Poutine Eating Championship - pros Yonge-Dundas Square Toronto, ON, Canada
Three random Canada eating challenges
grilled cheese sandwich Harley Man Challenge Wuddup Dog Cambridge, ON, Canada includes 2 lbs. fries & deep fried Mars bar
spicy burger Ghost of the Big 4 Maverick's Calgary, AB, Canada water allowed, but not milk, topped w/ 4 ghost peppers and a sauce made with four different hot peppers including chipotle, scotch bonnet, red savina habenero and ghot peppers
2 lb. burger 2 Pound Burger Two Parrots Taverna Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Barnes Harley Davidson will hold a hot dog eating contest in Langley, BC awarding $500 to the winner August 17 (via Step Daddy J)
Winnipeg Free Press has an article about John "Step Daddy J" Jugovich winning the perogy eating contest at Folklorama for the fourth year in a row.
Joel Hansen won the first prize of $500 in Friday's Hotpot eating contest at Xiangzi in Markham, ON.
Guelph Mercury has an interview with Canadian food challenger Joel Hansen, owner of the instagram page modelvsfood.
Chez Ma Tante in Montreal will hold a hot dog eating contest on July 18 awarding $500 to the winner.
Gold Eagle Casino in North Battleford, Saskatchewan will hold a hot dog eating contest on July 17 awarding $500/$300/$200. has an article about Darrien Thomas competing in the Nathan's finals.
CBC has an article about Montreal competitive eating focusing on Veronica Boggia. The report documents her completion the challenge at Pizza Spanos in 17:10, about half the time (31:56) previous record-holder Randy Santel required.
Joel Hansen ate 9 sandwiches to win the first prize of $300 in yesterday's sandwich eating contest at Via Panini in Maple, ON.
Via Panini in Maple, ON, Canada will hold a sandwich eating contest on April 13 awarding $300/$150/$75.
Canadian competitive eater Joel Hansen ate 12 pounds of barbecue at Adamson Barbecue in Toronto Thursday night to raise $4,030 for Covenant House Toronto. has an article about a new 26 pound pizza available at Frank's Pizza House in Toronto, billed as the largest in Canada. Joel Hansen inspired the creation of the menu item.
An episode of TV Made Me Do IT about the 2009 AICE USA vs. Canada burger eating contest focusing on "Furious" Pete Czerwinski. has an article about Joel Hansen eating 19 donairs in an hour at King of Donairs in Halifax, NS, which he believes is a world record.
Pewdiepie, owner of the youtube channel with the most subscriptions, produced a video criticizing mukbang eating videos focusing on the controversy that ensued when Veronica Wang flagged other Youtube channels for copyright violations. In the video, Pewdiepie claims "Americans ruin everything" (Veronica Wang is from Toronto). A reddit thread started December 24 has background on the feud between Veronica Wang and the now-deleted Shookbang channel, which produced parodies of mukbang videos.
Joel Hansen has uploaded a video of his runner-up finish at the Supreme Donair eating conest at King of Donair in Halifax, NS which includes his choking incident.
The Toronto Star has a report on yesterday's Supreme Donair eating contest held at King of Donair in Halifax, NS. Nathan Richard defended his title and Joel Hansen was runner up. Both competitiors had choking scares. has an article about Darrien Thomas attempting the Kitchen Sink Burger at Kenzington Burger Bar in Barrie, ON.
King of Donair in Halifax, Nova Scotia will hold a Supreme Donair eating contest on December 8 awarding $500 to the winner.
Elisia Seeber has a report for the Vancouver Courier about her completion of the pasta challenge at Anton's Pasta Bar.
Wings Restaurants will hold a wing eating contest in Surrey, BC on November 29. Vancouver area qualifers will take place on November 15.

2018 Smoke’s Poutinerie contest

Official results. Miki Sudo was announced on stage as the runner up

1st 17.5 Joey “Jaws” Chestnut regains lead for 2018 MLE non-qualfier wins with 11
2nd 16 Darron Breeden
3rd 15 Miki Sudo announced as runner-up on stage
4th 12.5 Matt “Megatoad” Stonie announced as 3rd place on stage
5th 11.5 George Chiger
6th 10 Eric “Badlands” Booker
7th 9.5 Derek Jacobs
8th 8 Darrien “Cheesecurd” Thomas
9th 7.5 “Buffalo” Jim Reeves
10th 5.5 Jesse Kankula
10th 5.5 William “Wild Bill” Myers

Joel Hansen ate 8.5 pounds in 5 minutes to win the amateur contest, which is more than 4 of the 11 professionals ate in 10 minutes

Matt Stonie has posted a livestream video of the contest

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The field for Saturday's Smoke's Poutinerie contest in Toronto has been announced and includes Joey Chestnut, Miki Sudo, Darron Breeden, Michelle Lesco, George Chiger, Derek Jacobs, Badlands Booker, Bill Myers, Jim Reeves and Darrien Thomas. Matt Stonie has also said he will compete. has an article in French about American competitive eating focusing on Bob Shoudt. Molly Schuyler, Raina Huang and Fink Beats the Stomach are also mentioned.
Joel Hansen won the first prize of $1000 in today's pizza eating contest at King of Donair in Halifax, NS.
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