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Upcoming Canada eating contests
2018 Mar 24Pasta eating contest at The Geekery! The Geekery Pub Inc Niagara Falls, ON, Canada
2018 Mar 24Wing Eating Contest Wing Fling Cobourgh, ON, Canada
2018 Apr 7Pizza Eating Contest Sunderland Maple Syrup Festival Sunderland, ON, Canada
2018 Apr 8Pancake Eating Contest Sunderland Maple Syrup Festival Sunderland, ON, Canada
2018 Apr 21Poutine Eating Contest PoutineFest Ottawa, ON, Canada
2018 Apr 22Sandwich Eating Contest Toronto Sandwich Fest Toronto, ON, Canada
2018 Jun 16Rib Eating Contest Ribfest & Music Festival Innisfil, ON, Canada
2018 Sep 15Rib Eating Contest Owen Sound Ribfest Owen Sound, ON, Canada
Three random Canada eating challenges
67 oz. steak Hail Mary Real Sports Bar & Grill Toronto, ON, Canada includes a pound of fries and a pound of cole slaw (Does 67 represent the last year the Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup?)
3 lb burger Tommy's Ultimate Burger Challenge Tommy's Kingston, ON, Canada includes poutine & 20 oz milkshake
big bowl Pad Thai Challenge Thai Cafe Burnaby, BC, Canada
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The Ranch Roadhouse in Edmonton will hold a pyrohy (dumpling) eating contest on January 20 awarding $1000 to the winner in honor of Ukrainian New Year's Eve.   
Mike "Strictly Dumpling" Chen produced a video of him attempting a 50 pound lobster challenge costing $662 in Toronto.
"Furious" Pete Czerwinski appeared on Dragons' Den (the Canadian equivalent of ABC's Shark Tank) with a team seeking investment for New Age Performance's line of performance enhancing mouthpieces. Brian Shaw "The World's Strongest Man" was another member of the team. (video)

Carmen Cincotti wins Toronto poutine

Ben Livingstone won the first prize of $1000 in Saturday's Pie Wood Fired Pizza's Let Em Eat 8 in Muskoka, ON Saturday. Takeru Kobayashi did an exhibition before the contest.
Smoke's Poutinerie in Ann Arbor, MI will hold a qualifier awarding the winner a spot in the poutine eating contest in Toronto on October 14. The first round will take place on September 28 and the second round on September 30. The top 3 will receive $250/$150/$100. "Poutine Games" will also be held at Smoke's locations on September 23 for 2 person teams to determine spots in the amateur undercard in Toronto.
Takeru Kobayashi is expected to defend his title at Pie Wood Fired Pizza's Let em Eat 8 in Muskoka, Ontario on September 23. Entrants need to qualify at Pie locations by September 20. The fastest time at each site will win a prize package including accommodations at Clevelands House resort for the weekend of the contest. The winner will receive $1000.
Veronica Boggia finished The Great Pizza Spano Meat Lover Challenge at Pizza Spano in Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec in 19 minutes, breaking Randy Santel's previous record by 12 minutes. update On July 12, Veronica was the first person to finish (in 25 minutes) the challenge at Le Gras Dur in Montreal, which consists of 5 pounds of poutine, a 2 pound burger, a root beer float and 4 fried Oreos.
Pie Wood Fired Pizza will hold "Let em Eat 8" at Kempenfest in Barrie, ON on August 7. Takeru Kobayashi will attempt to win the title for the eighth year in a row. Previous contests have awarded over $5000. update The contest has been removed from the schedule but still appears in some Google search results
Little Bones in Winnipeg will hold 5 wing eating contests tomorrow awarding a total of $1850.
Craigslist has an interview request for a Toronto competitive eater that will pay $50.

2016 Smoke’s Poutinerie

update Oct 5 Videos: Carmen Cincotti | Erik Lamkin vlog | Scott Lomas Introductions / Contest start

update Oct 2
Articles: Toronto Sun | |
Thank you on for holding the contest
Videos: Eduardo M | Erik Lamkin video of vegan protestors from Direct Action Everywhere. Unlike at Nathan’s, they do not appear to have interfered with the contest table. This is the third MLE contest in 2016 the group has protested (Chicago Ribs, Nathan’s, poutine)

Instagram videos from “Step Daddy J”‘ have the top 3 for the amateur contest:
1st 9 Erik “The Electric” Lamkin
2nd 6 John “Step Daddy J” Jugovic
3rd 5 Darrien “Cheesecurd” Thomas

update Here is what MLE reports are the pro results: Part 1 | Part 2
1 Joey Chestnut 25.5
2 Carmen Cincotti 25
3 Matt Stonie 23.25
4 Geoff Esper 18.5
5 Gideon Oji 14.5
6 Michelle Lesco 13
7 Yasir Salem 12.5
8 Badlands Booker 10.75
9 Jim Reeves 8.6
9 Steven Dorgo 8.6
11 Bill Myers 8
12 Ben Do 7.75
13 Jesse Kankula 7

Erik Lamkin reports he won the amateur contest

Erik Lamkin produced a training video

Previous winners

2015 Oct 3 1st 22 10 min Matt “Megatoad” Stonie World Poutine Eating Championship – pros Toronto, ON, Canada
2014 Oct 4 1st 14.75 10 min Matt “Megatoad” Stonie World Poutine Eating Championship – pros Toronto, ON, Canada
2013 Oct 19 1st 24 10 min Joey “Jaws” Chestnut World Poutine Eating Championship Toronto, ON, Canada
2012 Oct 13 1st 9.5 10 min Joey “Jaws” Chestnut Smoke’s Poutinerie World Poutine Eating Championship Toronto, ON, Canada
2011 Sep 24 1st 9.75 10 min Pat “Deep Dish” Bertoletti Smoke’s Poutinerie World Poutine Eating Championship Toronto, ON, Canada
2010 May 22 1st 13 10 min Pat “Deep Dish” Bertoletti Smoke’s Poutinerie World Poutine Eating Championship Toronto, ON, Canada

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Toronto Life has an interview with Matt Stonie about competing in the Smoke’s Poutinerie’s World Poutine Eating Championship on Saturday.
John "Step Daddy J" Jugovic announces he won the qualifier to determine the Canadian team for Battle of the Big Eaters 4 in Richmond, BC.
Matt Stonie, Joey Chestnut, Eric "Badlands" Booker, Yasir Salem and "Buffalo" Jim Reeves are expected to compete in the World Poutine Eating Championship in Toronto on October 1.
The Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver will offer a 10 pound Hercules Burger for $70 from August 20 to September 5.
Takeru Kobayashi ate 49 slices of pizza at Kempenfest in Barrie, ON today to defend his Pie Wood Fired Pizza title.
PIE Wood Fired Pizza will hold Let em Eat 6 at Kempenfest in Barrie, ON on August 1. Takeru Kobayashi and Pat Bertoletti are expected to compete and the contest will award $6001.
Sad news from Vancouver: I received an email that Ken "The Demolisher" Wong passed away at the age of 65. The funeral will be on March 30.
Wild Wing Ottawa will hold a wing eating contest tomorrow awarding a $1000 shopping spree. Molly Schuyler will also attempt to eat 10 double burgers in 10 minutes. update Jun 24 At Fatboys Southern Smokehouse yesterday, Molly ate 2 Tailgator combos (4 pulled pork poutines, 2 BBQ nachos, 4 lbs of wings and 16 sliders) in 23 minutes.
Cameron's Clothing Company in Kindersley, SK will hold a taco eating contest on June 4 awarding $500 to the winner. has a request for Canadian competitive eaters to compete in the qualifier for Battle of the Big Eaters 4 in Vancouver in September. The selected competitors will face teams from Japan, the USA and another country later in the fall in Dallas. Entrants appearing in the qualifier will receive $200 and those that compete in Dallas will get an additional $500.
Maxximus Supplements in Port Coquitlam, BC will hold a cookie eating contest on May 29 awarding $250 to the winner.
Teddy Delacruz won the first prize of $500 in the Beast Off burger challenge at Cannibal Cafe in Vancouver.
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