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3 lb burger Rita's Challenge Canadian Brewhouse Canada includes large poutine, locations in AB, SK, BC
4 lb. burger Four Pound Burger Challenge Deacon's Pub Calgary, AB, Canada
spicy burger Ghost of the Big 4 Maverick's Calgary, AB, Canada water allowed, but not milk, topped w/ 4 ghost peppers and a sauce made with four different hot peppers including chipotle, scotch bonnet, red savina habenero and ghot peppers
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The Calgary Stampede from July 4-13 will have a 777 pound burger for sale for $5,000 and a 125 pound hot dog available for 1,000. (via Brett Shulhan)
Joey Chestnut ate at least 23 fish tacos in 5 minutes at halftime of today's Calgary Stampeder Canadian Football League game.
Joey's Restaurants announces that Joey Chestnut will attempt to set a fish taco eating record in Calgary some time between August 7 and 9.

Aaron Osthoff & Meredith Boxberber win Nathan’s Calgary qualifier

update June 9 The Globe and Mail has an article about Meredith Boxberger.

update Nathan’s Famous Canada has a facebook gallery
The Calgary Herald has an article reporting that Nicole Anderson was disqualified.

1) Aaron Osthoff 31 hot dogs

1) Meredith Boxberger 23

Meredith Boxberger appeared on CTV yesterday to promote the contest. The Calgary Herald also has a gallery of extreme eating contests.

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The Calgary Herald has an article about Nicole Anderson, who will seek to defend her Canadian women's Nathan's title on Saturday. She will be competing against Meredith Boxberger.
The Sugar Shack Candy Store in Vulcan, Alberta will hold a hot dog eating contest on March 30 awarding $600 ($300 to the winner).
Studio 82 in Calgary will hold a hot dog eating contest awarding an iPad mini on November 25 as part of its Grey Cup Party.
The first qualifier will be held today for Hudson's Tap House (locations in Edmonton, Calgary & Saskatoon) Really Really Hot Wing Challenge. The grand prize will be a trip for two to Las Cabos, Mexico.

Aaron Osthoff wins Calgary qualifier w/33 HDB

update June 4 Nathan’s Famous Canada facebook has a“>gallery.

update June 3 Lee Vilinsky wrote a column for his student newspaper decrying the Food Network for its excess. (via Ryan Batty)

update #3 The Calgary Sun has an article which says Heather Osthoff ate 7 hot dogs.

update #2 lists the Canadian winners as Nicole Anderson and Lee Vilinisky, subject of yesterday’s profile in the Calgary Herald. Nicole signed up for the contest this morning.

update CJAY 92 has a gallery

Robert Firlotte reports that Aaron Osthoff won the men’s division of today’s Nathan’s qualifier in Calgary with 33 hot dogs. Aaron’s wife Heather appears to have won the women’s division according to this picture. update Heather ate 12 hot dogs as did the Canadian female champion Nicole. The male Canadian champion was Gino with 16 hot dogs.

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Nathan's Famous of Canada has a link to Aaron and Heather Osthoff's appearance on Breakfast Television Calgary today. The Calgary Herald has a preview focusing on Lee Vilinsky.
A press release announces that Aaron Osthoff and Ben Do are expected to compete in the Nathan's qualifier in Calgary Saturday.
Nathan's Famous of Canada announces it will hold the Canadian Hot Dog Eating Championship at the CrossIron Mills Mall near Calgary on June 2.
The Boston Herald reports that Sonya Thomas will attempt to set a record for eating meatballs at the Phantom Gourmet Food Festival in Boston on Saturday. (The article claims that Sonya's hot dog record is over 50). update The meatball record attempt will be on September 24 and Sonya Thomas will be at the grand opening of the new Nathan's Famous in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada (Calgary area) tomorrow. (via comment)
Hudson's Tap House in Calgary is holding a wing eating contest awarding a trip to Toronto with tickets to NFL and NHL games. Qualifiers will take place on Wednesdays until September 14.
Yesterday Ken Ben Do commented that the Nathan's qualifier in Calgary scheduled for June 18 has been canceled. Ken Wong emailed his cancellation notice to confirm that the contest will not take place.
(from CalSun reports that Tommy Burger Bar in Calgary, Alberta has created a giant triple cheeseburger with three 45 pound patties (total weight 141.73 lbs.)

Short story (and possible novel) with female competitive eater

The Columbus Dispatch has a review of “This Is Not Chick Lit,” a collection of short stories by female authors. The reviewer has the following comments on one of the short stories in that book:

Most delightfully surprising is The Seventy-two-Ounce Steak Challenge by Dika Lam, who has published only a few short stories in small magazines. Her touching and hilarious story follows two Chinese-Canadian sisters on a working vacation in Calgary, Alberta, where one of them starts down the path that will take her into becoming “the champion you know and love — winner of the International Matzo-Ball-Eating Contest, title-holder of the Conch Fritter Invitational, the girl who downed nine sticks of butter in five minutes.”

A review in econoculture says that Ms. Lam is working on extending her short story into a novel.