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2018 Oct 27Burritozilla Eating Finals Iguana's San Jose, CA
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12 ultrahot chicken wings Hellfire Challenge Smoke Eaters 3 locations, CA no drinking or napkins allowed, finger licking required - formerly 911 Challenge at University Chicken
10 spicy wings Ghost Chili Wing Challenge Boulder Creek Brewery and Cafe Boulder Creek, CA french loaf of bread topped with six 1/2 pound burgers, 1 pound of french fries, one pound of crispy fried onions and one pound of "Whiz" sauce, includes 20 oz milkshake
4 patty burgers Burger Challenge JJ's Homemade Burgers San Juan Bautista, CA challenge includes 4 patty burgers, a plate of fries and a milkshake
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Iguana's will hold a Burritozilla eating contest in San Jose on October 27 awarding $1000 to the winner. A qualifier will be held on Oct 13.
Molly Schuyler ate a 5 pound Burritozilla in 1:25 to defend her title at Iguana's in San Jose and win $1000. After winning the contest, she ate a 2nd Burritozilla in 2:20 to win a $100 bonus.
Molly Schuyler will attempt to defend her Burritozilla eating title and claim a $1000 prize at Iguana's in San Jose on Saturday. Her competition will be Edward Chin, Justin and Steve.

Silicon Valley Taco Fest eating contest

Joey Chestnut and Matt Stonie are expected to compete in the Silicon Valley Taco Eating Contest in San Jose on Saturday.
Registration is now open on for the Snowbird Bratwurst Eating Championship in Snowbird, UT and the Chacho's World Taco Eating Championship in San Jose. Both contests will take place August 19.
Joey Chestnut and Matt Stonie were both at a San Jose area Iguana's Tacqueria for yesterday's Kevin Klein Live radio show. It does not appear either of them attempted to retake the five pound Burritozilla record from Molly Schuyler.
Joey Chestnut has uploaded a video of him finishing a 5 pound Burritozilla at Iguana's in 1:41. Molly Schuyler took 1:32 in a recent contest and Matt Stonie needed 1:50 in a video.
Molly Schuyler finished a five pound Burritozilla in 1:25 to win the first prize of $1000 in today's contest at Iguana's in San Jose. (video)
Molly Schuyler finished a Burritozilla in 1:32 in today's qualifier at Iguana's in Campbell, CA, breaking Matt Stonie's previous record of 1:50. She also appears to have eaten a second Burritozilla after the first.
Iguana's will hold a Burritozilla eating contest awarding $1000 on October 1. A qualifier awarding spots to the top 4 finishers will take place in Campbell, CA on September 10.

Joey Chestnut wins Chacho’s Tacos

update has an article
South Bay Pulse has a video

Results Part 1 | Part 2

1 Joey Chestnut 79 in 8 minutes
2 Carmen Cincotti 68
3 Michelle Lesco 56
4 Adrian Mogan 53
5 Steve Hendry 37
6 Sergio Reyes 24
7 Cameron Birdwell 23
8 Henry Navarro 13
9 Jon Davis 12
10 The Man Called H 10
11 Tito Best 8

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Liverpool Football Club players Robbie Fowler and Luis Garcia both attempted the 5 pound Burritozilla at Iguana's Tacqueria in San Jose.
HawkeyeSports has an article and gallery about the University of Iowa attending the Beef Bowl tonight, a pregame meal for Rose Bowl teams held at Lawry's. The event has not been an official eating contest since the 1960s. Stanford will visit the Beverly Hills steakhouse tomorrow. Elika Sadeghi got to dine with the Hawkeyes and posted a video of her meal. ( article)

2015 Chacho’s Tacos

update Aug 19 Metroactive has a gallery

update South Bay Pulse and 69leviattann have videos

Full Results Part 1 | Part 2

1 Matt Stonie 103
2 Michelle Lesco 59
3 Miki Sudo 58
4 Steve Hendry 54
5 Jesse O’Con Jr. 30
6 Mary Bowers 23
7 Leslie Ryder 20
8 Jon Davis 15
9 Angie Hendry 14
10 Enrique 7

Matt Stonie has set a record with 103 tacos in 8 minutes.

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Dirtbag Dan reports that Edward Chin ate his Burritozilla in 4:10 to win today's contest at Iguana's in San Jose. has an article and gallery about the parade held to celebrate Matt Stonie's Nathan's victory in San Jose yesterday. has a preview about Saturday's Burritozilla eating contest at Iguana's Taqueria. Dax Swanson, Jake Larry and Edward Chin are the finalists.
The next two qualifiers for the amateur Burritozilla eating contest that will award $1350 on July 18 will take place in San Jose on June 20 and June 27.
Dax "The Ginger" Swanson won today's Burritozilla eating qualifier at Iguana's in San Jose.
Iguana's will hold qualifiers for its Burritozilla eating contest in San Jose and Santa Clara on Saturday. The finals on July 18 will award $1350 ($1000 to the winner). The contest is amateur-only (that status is not defined).
Iguana's Tacqueria has posted pictures of two finishers of the Burritozilla in the early 2000s: Joey Chestnut and "mystery hot girl". The San Jose restaurant will hold qualifiers for a Burritozilla eating contest next month.
The Huffington Post and have articles about Matt Stonie's latest video where he finishes the "Burritozilla" from Iguana's Tacqueria in San Jose in under 2 minutes. At the start of his competitive eating career in 2010, he needed 15 minutes to finish the five pound burrito.
Chacho's Taco will hold its second MLE contest in San Jose on August 15.

2014 Dia de Los Muertos taco contest

Official results Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

1 Matt Stonie 101
2 Michelle Lesco 49.5
3 Steve Hendry37
4 Ed Chin 35
5 Dax Swanson 29
6 Steven Banuelos 10
7 Mary Bowers 18.5
8T Jon Davis 14
8T Harold Montes 14
10 Kimani Jones 11
11 Anthony Ware 7.5

Chacho’s has a video from the contest

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