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Three random Las Vegas eating challenges
big burger Garbage Burger Cheeseburger Land Las Vegas, NV includes order of chili fries
1 lb. burger The Gauntlet The Dillinger Food & Drinkery Boulder City, NV includes 2 servings of beef brisket, two layers of bacon, sides of fries, sweet potato fries, cole slaw & bread pudding
40 oz. steak The Ultimate Steak Stack at the Mirage Las Vegas, NV
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MMA heavyweight Frank Mir attempted the Octuple Bypass Burger challenge at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas. (video)
Takeru Kobyashi attempted the challenge at Pho 87 in Las Vegas on Tuesday's episode of the Japanese television program SixTONES. (Kobayashi segments start at 1:25 and 1:34). This might be his first eating challenge or contest on Japanese TV since the 2002 Food Battle Club.
Stock Daily Dish has a list of food challenges offered by Las Vegas restaurants.

PT’s Ranch Scorpion Wing results

Prizewinners from Sunday’s Scorpion Wing eating contest at PT’s Ranch in Henderson, NV. (Review Journal gallery)

1T Tom Gilbert, $1750
1T Raymond Bryant, $1750
3 Patrick Gregory, $500

Tom Gilbert and Raymond Bryant agreed to split the 1st & 2nd place prize money after a draw in a tiebreaking round.

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PT's Ranch in Henderson, NV will hold a hot wing eating contest on July 28 awarding $2500/$1000/$500.
Plaza Hotel Casino in Las Vegas will hold a hot dog eating contest on July 4 awarding $200, a 2 night stay, $150 to Oscar's Steakhouse, and a cabana + $50 F&B spend.

2019 Las Vegas Nathan’s qualifier

Max Suzuki, Michelle Lesco and Rich LeFevre are expected to compete in Saturday's Nathan's qualifier at the NYNY Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.
La Nova Wings will hold a wing eating contest at the Pizza Expo in Las Vegas on March 5 awarding $1000 to the winner. Comedian Carrot Top will MC. has an article about Miki Sudo attempting the 7 pound pizza challenge at Slice of Vegas in Las Vegas on September 6, which has never been completed. She says she has no motivation to surpass her personal best of 41 hot dogs: "How come you only ate 37 yesterday? Was it the weather?’ I’m like, no, it’s because I have no incremental incentive to work harder … it makes no difference to me.” update Miki finished the challenge in a record 35 minutes.
Marcus, Patrick and Edher tied for the first prize of $2500 in today's Carolina Reaper hot wing contest at PT's Tavern in Henderson, NV.
PT's Tavern in Henderson, NV will hold a Carolina Reaper hot wing eating contest on July 29 awarding $2500/$1000/$500.
The Plaza Hotel Casino in Las Vegas will hold a hot dog eating contest on June 30 awarding a $1,000 prize pacakge including $200 cash.
Riz Sushi in Vancover is offering a 10 pound poke bowl challenge for two person teams. Pairs that can complete the meal in 30 minutes before the end of May will be entered into a drawing awarding a trip to Las Vegas.
Max Suzuki has posted a video of his trip to Las Vegas for the Nathan's qualifier which includes a visit to the Heart Attack Grill to attempt the "Octuple Bypass Burger" challenge.

2018 Las Vegas Nathan’s qualifer

update May 8 The Laughing Lion has a video

Results via El Toro periscope (official results)
1) 42.5 Max Suzuki, highest total on 2017-18 circuit so far
2) 25.5 Tom Gilbert
3) 17.75 Ron Koch, final MLE contest

1W) 29 Michelle “Cardboard Shell” Lesco, highest female total on 2017-18 circuit

Tom Gilbert is expected to be the primary threat to Max Suzuki. This will be his first MLE contest since the 2013 Las Vegas Nathan’s qualifer. His total of 31 was the highest non-winning total on the 2012-13 circuit, but he did not receive the wild card spot in the finals which went to Erik Denmark.

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Rich Lefevre appeared on 8 News Now to promote Saturday's Nathan's qualifier at the NYNY Hotel & Casino. The hosts did not seemm to be aware that he had already qualified for the finals. (facebook video).
The MLE twitter announces that Max Suzuki will do Saturday's Nathan's qualifier at the NYNY Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. I think he will be the first Japanese competitive eater to attempt to qualify for the Nathan's finals since the 2006 qualifier in Tokyo. No other Vegas entrants were listed.
A Nathan's qualifier on April 28 at the NYNY Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas has been added to the schedule. This will extend the streak of qualifiers at that venue to at least 16 years and makes the total number of qualifiers in the 2017-18 circuit a record-tying 19.
The Cube has an interview with Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy about the wing eating contest his company held in Las Vegas that received recognition from Guinness as the largest wing contest. 3829 wings were eaten during the competition, with the winner consuming 59.
The Las Vegas Sun has a list of food challenges offered by Sin City restaurants. Miki Sudo is mentioned as one of the challenge finishers.
CNBC has a post about a wing eating contest held in Las Vegas Wednesday by Amazon Web Services. The 214 participants resulted in the competition receiving billing by Guinness World Records as the largest wing eating contest. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos mentioned the event yesterday, probably making him the richest person to be associated with an eating contest.
Miki Sudo will serve as a coach in a contest where five entertainers from the Sapphire Pool & Day Club will attempt to finish 2 hot dogs as fast as possible. The event will take place before the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight on August 26.
Tom Gilbert won the first prize of $500 in today's hot dog eating contest at Papaya King in Las Vegas.
Papaya King in Las Vegas will hold a hot dog eating contest on July 23 awarding $500 to the winner.
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