Restaurants’ Eating Challenges for teams category

Molly Schuyler attempted the 32 inch "Big Don" challenge at Mamma Mia's in Rockford, IL yesterday without a partner. The result will be announced on an upcoming television show.
Yesterday, Ethan Teske and Matt Cohen were the first pair to finish the 36 inch Godfather challenge at Sal's Family Pizza in Franklin, TN.
Yesterday, Molly Schuyler and Tony Mitchell were the first pair to finish the 32 inch "Big Don" Pizza at Mamma Mia's Pizza in Rockford, IL and win $500. (WREX post) (via DM) update article
Darron Breeden finished the challenge at Family Pizzeria in Staffod, VA intended for two diners without assistance yesterday.
Randy Santel and Mitch Dombrowski were the first pair to finish the 40 inch pizza challenge at Toni's Pizzeria in Glasgow today.
KSWO has a report on the 28 inch "Gut Buster" pizza challenge at Fat Boys Pizza in Lawton, OK that awards $300 to a pair that can finish it in under an hour.
Champs Pizza in Glen Burnie, MD has a 36 inch pizza challenge awarding $1000 to a pair that can finish it in under an hour (picture). (via stilez)
Pedram Esmaeelzadeh and Nathan Figueroa were the first pair to finish the 10 pound burger challenge at Burger Craze in Deerfield Beach, FL. update March 9 A challenge video is available.
Big Yeti's Pizza in Dallas will award $1500 to a team that can finish its 30 inch pizza.
Matt Stanton reports that he and Kirk Lower were the first pair to finish the two meter pizza challenge at Criniti's in Sydney.
Don Chingon in Brooklyn will award $1000 in cash and $500 in gift cards to a pair that can finish its 30 pound burrito in under an hour. T-shirts will be awarded to a quartet that accomplishes the feat. (via Stephanie Wu). (also CNBC video)
Stephanie Wu announces that she and an anonymous partner were the first to finish the Big Di XXXL pizza challenge at DiPiazza's in Grand Rapids, MI, earning them a prize of $450.
Stephanie Wu announces that she and Manny Cambra set the house record for the challenge pizza at Randy's Wooster St in Connecticut. They are the 5th duo to succeed in over 2062 attempts.
DiPiazza's in Grand Rapids, MI will award $450 to a duo that can finish its 30 inch XXXL pizza challenge in under 30 minutes. (via
The Daily Sparks Tribune has an article about Molly Schuyler finishing the Super Mondo challenge (intended for two customers) at Pizza Plus in Sparks, NV without assistance. The reporter did not plan to write a story about the challenge; he just happened to be in the pizzeria while Molly stopped on her trip home from Iowa.
Bodybuilders Rich Piana and Jenaya Hofer attempted the 30 inch pizza challenge at Santa Lucia Pizza in Winnipeg.
Randy's pizza in Oakdale, MN announces it is looking for four person teams to face off against an unnamed top female competitive eater on December 30.
Stephanie Wu finished the Alaska size pizza challenge at Neighbors Pizza in Yuba City, CA without assistance, becoming the second person to finish the two person challenge solo. (Molly Schuyler was the first.)
The Breakfast Grub Guy has a report on an attempt at the Mega Meat Challenge at Joseppi’s Pizza in Columubs, OH that awards $100 and $150 in gift certificates to a pair that can finish a 28 inch pizza in under 30 minutes.
The Big Eaters Club has uploaded a video of their attempt at a 55 pound pizza at JC's Pizzeria in Keizer, Oregon.
Personal trainer Skye Alexis finished a 28 inch pizza challenge at Sam's NY Pizza in Tampa with partner to win a 4 day cruise.
Neighbors Pizza in Olivehurst, CA reports that Molly Schuyler finished their "Alaska Size" pizza challenge for two person teams without assistance.
Molly Schuyler is attempting the 28 inch pizza challenge intended for duos without a partner at Boss' Pizza and Chicken in Sioux Falls, SD. update Molly finished the pizza in 16:03. The only previous successful pair needed 49 minutes.
August 23 will be the last day $2500 will be awarded to a duo that can finish the "Big Kahuna" challenge at 8 Buck Pizza Truck in Manteca, CA.
8 Buck Pizza Truck in Manteca, CA announces it plans to drop its Big Kahuna challenge that will award $2500 to a pair that finishes it. The termination date was not announced.
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