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Three random Inland Empire eating challenges
patties Patty Record EZ-Take Out Burger Temecula, CA
2 lb. burger Filthy McNasty Lake Elsinore Suns games Lake Elsinore, CA burger stuffed with 2 hot dogs, bacon and cheese
2.5 pound burger Quad Hogg HOGGS Gourmet Grill Moreno Valley, CA
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Naader Reda has a video of his attempt at the 28 inch pizza topped with ghost chilis with "The Spicialist" at Surfer Joe's in San Bernardino, CA. Stephanie Torres provided advice.
Frank "The Tank" Paulin emails that Kevin Ross won $200 at a bangers eating contest at Dillon's Irish Pub in Chino Hills, CA. Frank Paulin was the runner up.
Naader Reda announces that he and John Rivera were the first team to finish the 10 pound cheeseburger pizza challenge at Agua Caliente Resort Casino in Rancho Mirage, CA. update Mar 17 KMIR (via Naader Reda) and the casino facebook have articles about the challenge
Naader Reda has a preview of today's cheesesteak eating contest at Philly's Best in Corona, CA. update Feb 27 Naader Reda reports Jimmy "The Specialist" Lin & Kevin Ross appeared to tie w/5.5 sandwiches. The Spicialist was declared the victory
Naader Reda has a report on the cheesesteak eating contest held in Corona, CA to benefit the National MS Society. Johnnie Excel ate the most cheesesteak sandwiches (6.25). update Feb 8 A video has been produced
Naader Reda announces the Philly's Best in Corona, CA will hold a charity cheesesteak eating contest to benefit people living with MS on Saturday.
Naader Reda announces that he was the first person to finish the new 12 pound pizza challenge at Surfer Joe's in San Bernadino, CA.
Jessica "Queen of Cuisine" has resumed eating challenges after a year's hiatus and has posted videos of two recent successful challenges: The Real Meal Deal at The Original Pancake House in Roseville, CA and the Super Challenge Roll at Miyozen and Emeryville, CA. update Jan 16 Jessica has also uploaded a video of a team pizza challenge she attempted with Kevin Ross at Graziano's in Corona, CA.
Naader Reda is the subject of the cover story for the current issue of Inland Empire Weekly.
Naader Reda has a blog entry about finishing the pizza challenge at Rosati's in La Quinta, CA twice in the same day, once with Matt Cohen as a partner and once with John Rivera.
Naader Reda reports he repeated as the nugget eating champion at the Chick Fil A in La Habra, CA with a new record of 206. Naader also has a blog entry about eating the 72 ounce steak challenge at Iron Hog Saloon in Oro Grande, CA in under 29 minutes.
Naader Reda announces that he finished the 10 pound pizza challenge for two person teams at Graziano's in Las Vegas Ontario, CA in 56 minutes without assistance.
The Victorville Daily Press has an article about Naader Reda attempting the 28 inch pizza challenge at Valenti's in Victorville, CA.
The Hi Desert Star has an article about Naader Reda eating 33 pancakes in 80 minutes at the Denny's in Yucca Valley, CA. Reda was denied $1,260 for finishing a pho challenge in Las Vegas due to his status as a "professional" eater.
The Press-Enterprise has an article about Kevin Ross and his runner up finish in last month's Battle of the Bone in Arizona.
A wing eating contest in Lake Elsinore, CA (Riverside County) tonight will award $700 ($400 to the winner). The entry fee is $60.
Inland Socal reports that Valenti's Pizza in Victorville, CA will award $100 to a two person team that can finish its 28 inch pizza challenge in under an hour.
Don Sturdy reports that Naader Reda finished the Quad Hogg Burger Challenge at Hogg's Grill in Moreno Valley, CA in 7 minutes.
Naader Reda has a blog entry about setting eating a 31 patty burger at EZ-Take Out Burger in Temecula, California to set a house record.
Naader Reda has blog entries about his attempts at the B3 Burrito and IHOP all you can eat pancakes. The server at the San Bernardino, CA IHOP says the house record is 70 pancakes, set by an anonymous male.
Three reality TV "stars" will compete in a hot wing eating contest at Buffalo Wild Wings in Murrieta, California on January 22. Qualifying ends January 15.
Johnnie Excel reports on his December eating contests (Mr. Dash's burgers, America Festival hot dogs, Philly's Best cheesesteaks).
Philly's Best in Corona, California will hold another cheesesteak eating contest on Sunday. Johnnie Excel and Stephanie Torres are expected to defend their titles.
Carmen Torres reports that Stephanie Torres and Aaron Ybarra set the record for the 28 inch pizza challenge at Red Devil Pizza in Granada Hills with a time of 7:18, breaking Ben Monson and Damon Wells record of 8:15. (video) update Naader Reda reports that Stephanie Torres and Damon Wells set the record at Valenti's Pizza in Victorville, CA earlier this month (video).
The Philly's Best facebook announces that no cheesesteak eating contest will occur tonight. The next contest will take place on December 12 in Corona, CA.
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