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Three random Jacksonville eating challenges
3 lb. burger Kick the Challenge Burger Burger Buckets St. Augustine, FL
4 lb. burrito Long Board Challenge Cabo Taco Mexican Grill St Augustine, FL
5 lb. burrito Five Pound Burrito Back 40 Urban Cafe St. Augustine, FL
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The Krystal Square Off blog has a post previewing Monday's qualifier in Jacksonville. Hall Hunt is expected to make three TV appearances to promote the contest.
JaxDailyRecord reports that bodybuilder Chuck Jensen, winner of a rib eating contest at Woody's, can eat 13 chickens when he gets the all you can eat chicken special.
EatJax reports that all Woody's BBQ locations will hold a rib eating contest on July 11 awarding a $130 Q-Card to the winner. Most Woody's are in Florida (7 in Jacksonville) but there are two Tennessee locations and a new Raleigh, NC restaurant.

Article about Hall Hunt’s Krystal HoF induction

Clay Today has an article about Hall “Hoover” Hunt being inducted into the Jacksonville Krystal Hall of Fame with more information about the boxes that Hall Hunt will appear on:

A total of 15 customers are being recognized and inducted to the Hall of Fame. Three of those are from the Jacksonville area and all of those individuals will have their faces stamped on Krystal boxes that surpass one million units per person present in the states where the fast food restaurant can be found– “from Texas to Virginia and everywhere in between”.

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Link Buffet: December 17, 2008

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Link Buffet: December 13, 2008

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Hall Hunt ends Sonya Thomas’ qualifier win streak

The top 3 at the Jacksonville qualifier according to the KSO twitter:

1. Hall Hunt 60 burgers, breaks previous PB of 52
2. Sonya Thomas 55 burgers, first qualifier loss of career
3. Rich G (amateur) 15

update #2 Jacksonville.com has an article and gallery (gallery from The Hangman) The gallery captions say the Krystal finals will be on ESPN.

update The KSO twitter reports that Hall Hunt won the Jacksonville qualifier. Sonya Thomas was second.

The Krystal Square Off twitter reports the Jacksonville qualifier is about to start. The listed competitors are: Hall Hunt, Sonya Thomas, The Hangman, Glen Owens, Michael Parish, Jeremy Kirch, Mark Barnes and Mike Greenspan. The heat index is 96.

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Sonya Thomas confirms for JAX qualifier

The Krystal Square Off blog confirms that Sonya Thomas will compete in the Jacksonville qualifier on Labor Day and the twitter page is seeking input on questions to be asked in Sonya Thomas’ and Hall Hunt’s podcast interviews.

A gallery of the Chattanooga qualifier is also available.

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Link Buffet: August 23, 2008

  • Sonya Thomas listed as an expected entrant in the Jacksonville Krystal qualifier
  • English article about faked Tomoko Miyake program.

    “We were vague about how we counted the plates and dishes, for instance, counting one plate with four pieces of the same dish as four dishes.”

  • Denver CE meetup group resumes August 28 with a chicken nugget contest
  • Buzz Bishop blog entries about Vancouver Nathan’s contest: preview, results
  • Video of woman attempting Michael Phelps’ typical breakfast
  • Live “Jimmy Buffett-style Music” will play during the Jacksonville Krystal qualifier according to The Hangman

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Krystal Square Off blog started

A blog has been started on the Krystal Square Off website at http://krystalsquareoff.com/blog/. The two most recent posts are about Sonya Thomas’ absence from the Chattanooga qualifier and Humble Bob’s hope to break the triple digit mark. The blog mentions a rumor that Sonya might compete in the Jacksonville qualifier Labor Day weekend.

A Krystal Square Off twitter page has also been set up at http://twitter.com/ksquareoff

update A podcast interview with Bob Shoudt is now available on the blog.

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2nd half of Jacksonville qualifier video

Hall Hunt has uploaded the remainder of the Jacksonville Krystal qualifier video: Part 2a, Part 2b

Hall has also added some pictures and a report on the Chicago jalapeno contest.

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Jacksonville Krystal qualifier video

Hall Hunt has uploaded a video from the Jacksonville Krystal qualifier to http://youtube.com/watch?v=lkdGCnDDHYM


Jacksonville.com qualifier gallery

Hall Hunt wins JAX qualifer, “Rubber Gut” 2nd

KrystalSquareOff.com has the top 5 of today’s qualifier:

jaxkrystalcaptures.jpg 1. Hall Hunt 49
2T. Elizabeth “Rubber Gut” Canady 38 (just 4 off Sonya’s female first time Krystal record of 42)
2T. Tim Brown, 38
4. Juliet Lee, 35
5T. Scott Schnipper, 23
5T. Geno “The Dominator” Duncan 23

I think this is the first time women have occupied half of the top 4 of an IFOCE contest.

Jacksonville.com has an article about the contest

FirstCoastNews.com also has an article with a video (click on the thumbnail above for some captures from it)

update Jacksonville.com has another article about the contest.

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Krystal Square Off webcam down

I had intended to liveblog the webcast of the Jacksonville Krystal qualifier, which is supposed to start at 3pm eastern, but it is currently not working.

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Jacksonville qualifier roster

The list of expected entrants in today’s Jacksonville Krystal qualifier has been posted. Ranked eaters expected to participate are Hall Hunt (9), Juliet Lee(10), Tim Brown(15) and Richard Foley(50). Bryan Miller has been

Elizabeth Canady set the women’s 2 minute record to qualify by eating 13 Krystals in 2 minutes. The Lee/Canady pairing will probably be the first notable matchup between females in IFOCE history that does not involve Sonya Thomas.

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Jacksonville.com profiles Hall Hunt

Jacksonville.com has an article about Hall Hunt, who will compete in the Jacksonville Krystal Square Off qualifier on Labor Day.

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2006 Jacksonville qualifier galleries

From The Hangman – Gallerys of last year’s Jacksonville Krystal Square Off qualifer can be viewed at http://photos.jacksonville.com/mycapture/folder.asp?event=168132 The Hangman says that he and Hall Hunt will compete in this years qualifier.

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Burger Eating Contest at NE Florida Fair

jacksonville.com has a report from the Burger King hamburger eating contest at the Northeast Florida Fair, won by Shawn Copher with 8 burgers in 10 minutes.


Mobile AL Wing Bowl & NE Florida Fair contest

The Krystal finals will not be the only southeastern eating contest to be held later this month:

Northeast Florida Fair

Other new features at this year’s fair include a pizza-eating contest at 4 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 29.
Five contestants will be drawn at random from those who register to participate between 3 and 4 p.m. The person who eats the most pizza in 10 minutes or finishes four 10-inch pizzas before the 10 minutes is up will be the winner. The champion pizza eater will win $100 and bragging rights for a year. Second- and third-place winners will win $50 and $25 respectively.

But hamburger-eaters still get their day at the fair. The third annual hamburger-eating contest will be 7 p.m. Monday. Five contestants drawn from those who register between 6 and 7 p.m. will vie for a top prize of $100, with the other contestants each winning $25.

Mobile, Alabama Wing Bowl

Wing Bowl II kicks off Saturday in Bienville SquareThe region’s top wing-cooking specialists will be going beak to beak at the Wing Bowl II Chicken Wing Cook-off on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
The Wing Bowl’s three-minute eating contest, open to anyone 18 or over, has a $500 prize. Entrants must sign up at Wings Sports Grille in Mobile or Daphne before to the event.


JAX qualifier gallery

Hall “Hoover” Hunt has some pictures from the Jacksonville Krystal qualifier in his flickr gallery.


Jacksonville Krystal qualifier galleries

from hallhooverhunt.blogspot.com: Jacksonville.com has three galleries of the Krystal qualifier held in Jacksonville on Labor Day weekend.


Joey breaks Kobayashi’s JAX qualifier record w/52 burgers

Joey Chestnut won the the Jacksonville Krystal qualifier with 52 burgers, 10 behind Sonya’s result last week. This does break Kobayashi’s Jacksonville qualifier record of 50 from 2004. The webcam has hung up on me before any other results were announced.

2nd Crazy Legs Conti 36
3rd Seaver Miller 35
4th-Adrian Estevez 28
4th-Joe LaRue 28
6th-Hall Hunt 27
7th-Bryan Miller 26

Updated 11:26 – full results are available at the krystalsquareoff.com

Updated 9/5 7:40 am – firstcoastnews.com has an article, pictures and a video clip

2:14 pm – jacksonville.com has an article about the contest – Thanks Brian Cooley

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Krystal Jacksonville qualifier roster

krystalsquareoff.com has a full roster for today’s qualifier in Jacksonville. 7 Top 30 ranked eaters are expected:

Joey Chestnut (IFOCE #2)
Crazy Legs Conti (IFOCE #11)
Hall Hunt (IFOCE #15)
Joe LaRue (IFOCE #16)
Seaver Miller (IFOCE #17)
Bryan Miller (IFOCE #23)
Brickhouse Braunstein (IFOCE #29)

The contest is expected to start at 3pm today (eastern)

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Jacksonville Krystal Results

Krystal Square Off Qualifier, Greater Jacksonville Fair, Nov 6 (from IFOCE.com)
1. “Crazy Legs” Conti, 31 burgers
2. Hall Hunt, 30 burgers
3. Brian Miller, 24 burgers

Conti is not the first Bostonian to win a big event in Jacksonville in 2005; the Patriots won the Super Bowl in February.

Not only does Hunt miss the top spot and automatic qualification by just one burger, his total puts his 3 contest average at 26.67, third place in the wild card category, and less than a burger behind Loren Yarbrough’s average of 27.33. The top two wild card qualifiers make the finals and Joey Chestnut has the first wild card slot. No eater can compete in more than three qualifiers.

Jacksonville.com has a profile of Hall Hunt (registration required)

With one qualifier remaining in Knoxville Sunday, the winners of the first round contests are:

2005 Sep 5 57 Sonya Thomas Chattanooga, TN
2005 Sep 11 44 Eric “Badlands” Booker Nashville, TN
2005 Sep 18 39 Tim “Eater X” Janus Atlanta, GA
2005 Oct 30 36 Ron Koch Savannah, GA
2005 Oct 2 35 Rich LeFevre Dallas, TX
2005 Sep 25 33 Sam “Big Country” Vise Memphis, TN
2005 Oct 23 32 Chip Simpson Birmingham, AL
2005 Nov 6 31 “Crazy Legs” Conti Jacksonville, FL
2005 Oct 9 29 “Humble” Bob Shoudt Perry, GA
2005 Oct 16 27 “Buffalo” Jim Reeves Jackson, MS

Notable eaters who have yet to qualify include Cookie Jarvis and Patrick Bertoletti. Don “Moses” Lerman and Kevin Carr have also announced intentions to compete in Knoxville.

Recorded non-winning finishes of 20 or more burgers are: (list might be incomplete)

2005 Sep 5 56 Joey Chestnut Chattanooga, TN
2005 Nov 6 30 Hall “Pretty Boy” Hunt Jacksonville, FL
2005 Oct 23 30 Loren “Bubba” Yarbrough Birmingham, AL
2005 Oct 23 28 Larry “The Legend” McNeil Birmingham, AL
2005 Sep 11 28 Patrick Bertoletti Nashville, TN
2005 Sep 18 27 Loren “Bubba” Yarbrough Atlanta, GA
2005 Oct 16 26 David Ray Jackson, MS
2005 Oct 30 26 Hall “Pretty Boy” Hunt Savannah, GA
2005 Sep 18 26 Shaun Kessler Atlanta, GA
2005 Oct 9 25 Loren “Bubba” Yarbrough Perry, GA
2005 Sep 11 24 “Donkey Kong” Zakerski Nashville, TN
2005 Oct 9 24 Hall “Pretty Boy” Hunt Perry, GA
2005 Sep 25 23 “Super” Dave Connolly Memphis, TN
2005 Oct 2 22 Kurtis Wright Dallas, TX
2005 Sep 25 22 Thomas Petrowski Memphis, TN
2005 Oct 2 21 Levi Oliver Dallas, TX
2005 Oct 16 20 John Anderson Jackson, MS

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