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Three random Chattanooga eating challenges
24 in pizza Pizza Challenge New York Pizza Department Hixson, TN
2 1 lb. burgers Heart Attack Challenge Heart Attack Shack East Ridge, TN includes extra large order of heart attack frie
6 lb. empanada Whole Lotta Love Challenge Love Empanadas Dalton, GA
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Actor Elijah Wood won a moon pie eating contest held at the Chattanooga Film Festival. In 2010, the Lord of the Rings trilogy protagonist oversaw a chicken wing eating contest in New York City. update April 7 WRCB has an article and video
Krystal will hold a "Square Off for Square Meals" eating contest at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga tomorrow. The winner will be the first to eat 6 Krystal burgers.  
The new owners of the Krystal restaurant chain are moving its headquarters to Atlanta from Chattanooga, site of six Krystal Square Off finals from 2004 to 2009. (Via Daniel Easter
A Times Free Press article about the 2010 Southern Brewers Festival in Chattanooga mentions the lack of a Krystal Square Off qualifier at this year's event.
Notorious B.O.B. has posted a review of the 2009 Krystal Square Off finals to He believes that three unnamed competitors should have been disqualified.
Kobayashi has posted some pictures from the Krystal Square Off finals to his blog: Part 1 | Part 2
The Krystal Square Off VI results post has been updated with Val Bromann's blog entry and other links.

Kobayashi ends 3 year major drought at KSO VI

update #4 Oct 1 Val Bromann has a blog entry and gallery
Jamie of Hungry Sisters also has a blog entry
Krystal has a flickr gallery of the contest
AOL has an article
A UTC Echo columnist did not have a positive experience at the finals

update #3 The Hungry Sisters have a contest report about serving as bunnettes and a contest video is available. The Crossvile Chronicle also has a column.

update #2 Bobby DeBarge has a flickr gallery

update The Chattanoogan and Times Free Press have articles and the KSO blog has a contest report

The full results via the eatingcontest twitter & a post-contest twitpic

1 Takeru Kobayashi, 93 points
2 Joey Chestnut 83
3 Pat Bertoletti 78
4 Bob Shoudt 71
5 Sonya Thomas 65
6 Hall Hunt 50
7 Tim Janus 59
8 Erik Denmark 58
9 Tim “Gravy” Brown 52
10 Jim Reeves 50
11 Eric “Badlands” Booker 47
12 Tyler Keys 8

The teleblog of the webcast is available after the jump
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A video of Joey Chestnut's appearance on WDEF this afternoon is available. Joey predicts the winning total will be between 85 and 90. Kobayashi has also posted a blog entry from Chattanooga.
The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga student newspaper has an article about the Krystal Square Off.

Pat Bertoletti wins w/ 47 burgers (67 points)

Pat Bertoletti’s twitter reports that he won today’s Krystal qualifier in Chattanooga by eating 42 regular Krystal burgers and 5 Angus burgers worth 5 points. “Wild” Bill Myers was second.

George Shea’s twitter has the top 5:

1. Pat Bertoletti 67 points
2. “Wild Bill” Myers 34 points
3. Rick Petralia 31 points
4. “Chef” Mike Nafziger
5. Paul Barlow

update The Krystal Square Off blog already has full results

update Aug 25 The Chattanoogan has a gallery

update Aug 26 Flickr has galleries of the qualifier, running of the grill and media event.

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WDEF has a report on today's Krystal Square Off opening ceremonies.
The Krystal Square Off blog has details about tomorrow's opening ceremony and Saturday's first qualifier in Chattanooga. Bill Myers, Paul Barlow, Mike Nafziger and Rick Petralia are expected to compete against Pat Bertoletti.
The Krystal Square Off blog reports that Pat Bertoletti will compete in the first Krystal Square Off qualifier at the Southern Brewers Festival in Chattanooga, TN on August 22.

Val Bromann goes to KSO V

Val Bromann has a blog entry and gallery about her trip to the Krystal finals. Her father drove her from Chicago to Chattanooga from midnight to Sunday morning.

Hall Hunt also has some pictures on his blog.

update Jamie of Hungry Sisters has a pre-KSO report which includes her selection as Kobayashi’s bunnette and several videos. (She will post a contest report later)

update #2 The trip report on hungrysisters has been extended to cover the contest and a gallery has also been uploaded.

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Joey Chestnut repeats in the KSO

From the Krystal Square Off twitter:

1. Joey Chestnut 93 burgers
2. Pat Bertoletti 85 burgers
3. Takeru Kobayashi 84 burgers

update #4 Fox 61 video
blog entry by Kevin the Cool Guy
blog entry by unexpected spectator
youtube video recorded from the audience

update #3 A gallery of the finals is available

update #2 Times Free Press has an article has a report on Dr. Big Time’s 10 place finish

Kobayashi has a blog entry which concludes (automatically translated)

First of all, I would from next year through the IFOCE, or do believe in freedom.

Of course, is also free to Nathan and Crystal would want to be a challenge.

update The Krystal Square Off blog has full results reports Kobayashi received a 2 burger deduction, which cost him second place and $5,000 in prize money

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Kobayashi arrives in Chattanooga

WDEF has a blog entry about Kobayashi’s appearance today at a Chattanooga Krystal. Kobayashi has a message for Joey Chestnut in an embedded video.

Bodog is taking bets on Krystal Square OFF V. In addition to betting on the winner (the amateur is available at 99 to 1 odds) there are several proposition bets.

In other local television news, Pete Davekos will appear on the Fox 25 morning news to promote the Garlicky Greens eating contest at b.good.

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Link Buffet: September 25, 2008

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Sonya Thomas confirms for JAX qualifier

The Krystal Square Off blog confirms that Sonya Thomas will compete in the Jacksonville qualifier on Labor Day and the twitter page is seeking input on questions to be asked in Sonya Thomas’ and Hall Hunt’s podcast interviews.

A gallery of the Chattanooga qualifier is also available.

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Humble Bob wins Chattanooga w/58 burgers

The KSO twitter page has announced that “Humble” Bob Shoudt has won the Chattanooga qualifier with 58 burgers. Sonya Thomas retains the Chattanooga qualifier record of 62.

has the top 3:
1. “Humble” Bob Shoudt, 58
2. Larry “The Legend” McNeil, 28
3. Rick Petralia, 20
? “Super” Paul Barlow, 18

update #2 Mike Nafziger emails that Bob Shoudt passed out before the contest due to lack of calories.

update #3 Full results are now available on

update #4 WDEF weatherman ties for fifth with 18 burgers

update #5Video of the contest and a Humble Bob interview are available on has videos of yesterday’s celebrity eating contest

The KSO twitter page is currently taking predictions.

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Krystal Square Off “Running of the Grill”

You can follow the events of the opening festivities for Krystal Square Off V on the KSO twitter page at The “Running of the Grill” is almost concluded and the press conference is about to begin.

The Times Free Press has an article and WDEF has a blog entry about today and tomorrow’s events. Registration for amateurs tomorrow starts at 2pm.

Viewing tomorrow’s qualifier requires admission to the Southern Brewers Festival which costs $15.

update has a preview of the qualifier focusing on the favorite, Bob “Stoudt” [sic]

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Krystal Square Off V opening ceremony

The Krystal Square Off blog announces that the opening ceremony for the Krystal Square Off will take place on Friday starting at 1pm eastern. Events will include a “Running of the Grill”, a press conference and a 2 minute burger eating contest between Chattanooga news personalities.


Krystal Square Off blog started

A blog has been started on the Krystal Square Off website at The two most recent posts are about Sonya Thomas’ absence from the Chattanooga qualifier and Humble Bob’s hope to break the triple digit mark. The blog mentions a rumor that Sonya might compete in the Jacksonville qualifier Labor Day weekend.

A Krystal Square Off twitter page has also been set up at

update A podcast interview with Bob Shoudt is now available on the blog.

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Link Buffet: August 19, 2008

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