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Three random sandwich eating challenges
3 lb. sandwich The Flatliner Halligan Bar & Grill Richmond, VA includes 1 lb. fries
5 lb. sandwich Fatboy Challenge Mac's Speed Shop Charlotte, NC sausage, brisket, chicken, pulled pork, bacon and onion rings, side of mac and cheese and a liter of beer, also a Fayetteville location
5 lb. sandwich Five Pound Philly Cheesesteak - defunct Fat Tony's Wichita, KS restaurant closed, includes 1 lb. fries
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Philly Mag has an obituary for Abner Silver, owner of Jim's Steaks in Philadelphia, who passed away earlier this month. The restaurant maintains a cheesesteak eating record (Pat Bertoletti is the current holder) which was started when Lynda Kuerth won a 1977 competition. The University of Pennsylvania student newspaper has a report on that event (on page 15).
The Ohio Deli, site of the Dagwood sandwich challenge in the Columbus episode of Man vs. Food was destroyed by fire early this morning.
The facebook page for Bartolini's in Midlothian, IL reports that Miki Sudo failed to break Molly Schuyler's record for the 10 pound meatball sub challenge. (via email)
Bartolini's Restaurant facebook reports that Juan "More Bite" Rodriguez attempted to break Molly Schuyler's record for the 10 pound meatball sub. (He did not succeed).
The New York Times has a review of Bear's Smokehouse in Hartford mentioning owner Jamie McDonald's competitive eating career. OmNomCT has a blog entry abour the Bearwich sandwich challenge awarding $500 available at that restaurant, which will be attempted by bodybuilder Manny Cambra today.
The 10 pound meatball sandwich at Bartolini's in Midlothian, IL was finished by Molly Schuyler in 7:57, breaking Pat Bertoletti's record of 9:20. Molly also set a new record of 2:13 for the Triple D pancake challenge at Rivers Edge Cafe in Sacramento.
Emma Dalton failed to finish the new Christmas Big One sandwich challenge at Buzz's in Southampton, England. update Dec 2 The Daily Echo has an article.
Emma Dalton was the first person to finish the breakfast sandwich challenge at Big Dave's Cafe in Bromsgrove, England. update Nov 10 The Bromsgrove Standard has an article.
Pudge's in Conshohocken, PA offers a cheesesteak sandwich eating challenge that awards $180 to a customer that can finish it in under 30 minutes.
CTNow has an article about the opening of Bear's Smokehouse in downtown Hartford. The restaurant will award $1000 to a customer that can defeat owner Jamie McDonald in an eating contest, a sandwich challenge awarding $500 is also on the menu. has an article about the team cheesesteak record that the New York Mets keep track of when they play series in Philadelphia. On April 30 this year, the team ate 103 sandwiches to set a new single day team record.
A Key to the City Eating Challenge containing 10 1/3 lb. burgers, 2 lbs. bbq pulled pork and 1 lb. onion rings is available at Frederick (MD) Keys home games. Diners who can eat the massive sandwich in under 90 minutes will get it for free.
Ann Hamlin ate a 3.5 pound "Elvis" sandwich containing peanut butter, jelly and bacon in 45 minutes to win a contest held at Annabelle's Own in Midland, MI. She also holds the 30 minute hot dog record at Dog Central in Mt. Pleasant, MI.  
Taste of Philly in Selinsgrove, PA will award $100 to the first person that can finish its 24 inch "RUManenough" hoagie in under 30 minutes.
ABCLocal has a gallery of extreme menu items available at ballparks.  
The Cincinnati Reds will hold a "Bacon Challenge" at home games this season. Fans who can finish four one pound bacon sandwiches in an inning will get their meal and a T-shirt for free.  
Jake's Deli in Milwaukee has started a five pound corned beef sandwich eating challenge named "The Gravedigger" in honor of former Green Bay Packers defensive lineman Gilbert Brown. (via
Jim's Steaks announces that Bob Shoudt ate 20 cheesesteaks in an hour to retake the house record after Pat Bertoletti ate 17 sandwiches before the Wing Bowl. update Feb 25 PhillyMag has an article.
Jamie McDonald has produced a video of his attempt at the "Bearwich" challenge offered by his restaurant, Bear's Smokehouse.  
A press release announces that Jamie McDonald will attempt the 8.5 pound "Bearwich" barbecue sandwich challenge at his restaurant tonight in Windsor, CT. He will then award $500 to a customer who can beat his time for the challenge. has an article about Wing Bowl 22 odds claiming that Pat Bertoletti ate 17 sandwiches in 35 minutes at Jim's Steaks to qualify. (His stunt was eating scrapple and cream cheese). This would smash the official record of 13 sandwiches set by Bob Shoudt in 2007. Lynda Kuerth claimed to have eaten 15 sandwiches in the 1970s.
Laura Yezchak was the first woman to finish the three sandwich challenge at Steel City Sandwiches in Indiana, PA.
Molly Schuyler finished the 11+ pound sandwich challenge at the Mad Greek Deli with 6 minutes left to claim a $600 jackpot. update Jan 4 Articles: KPTV | Daily Mail | The Blaze
The Big Eaters Club announce that Molly Schuyler will attempt the Mad Greek Challenge in Portland on January 2. She will receive $500 if she finishes the 10+ pound sandwich along with a pound Greek fries in under an hour.
The Big Eaters Club has a video of Stephanie Torres attempting the Progressive Challenge at the Mad Greek Deli in Portland.
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