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Three random hot dog eating challenges
14 in. hot dog M.O.A.D (Mother of All Dogs) Tony Packo's Toledo, OH
6 hot dogs Spike's Kennel Club Spike's Junkyard Dogs Boston (9 MA/RI/CT locations), MA 6 hot dogs needed to get on Wall of Fame, meal free only if restaurant record is broken - each store maintains it's own record.
pounds Titanic Hot Dog Hot Dog Harbour Hilton Head Island, SC current record is 3.5 hot dogs
(All hot dog eating challenges in database) has a report on the "Dogzilla" eating contest held at B & B Classic Dogs in Bellevue, NE where Molly Schuyler finished a 5 pound hot dog in 3 minutes.
Molly Schuyler will attempt a five pound hot dog at B & B Classic Dogs in Bellevue, NE today in honor of National Hot Dog day. has an infographic about the holiday. update has a video of Molly finishing the hot dog in under 3 minutes.
Smokey's in Walsall, England announces that Emma Dalton is the first Briton to finish its meter long monster hot dog challenge in under an hour. has a blog entry about the "CLAWlossal Challenge" available at Hickory (NC) Crawdads games. Spectators who finish the meal consisting of a foot-long chili-cheese dog, pub chips, a half-pound burger, a pulled pork sandwich and a corn dog in less than an inning will get it for free.
The Calgary Stampede from July 4-13 will have a 777 pound burger for sale for $5,000 and a 125 pound hot dog available for 1,000. (via Brett Shulhan)
The Arizona Diamondbacks are experiencing a shortage of its new "D-Bat Dog", an 18 inch corn dog costing $25, due to high demand. (Report by D-Bat Dog finisher)  
ABCLocal has a gallery of extreme menu items available at ballparks.  
Pauly's Famous Franks N Fries in San Jose is offering a groupon for $12.99 that can be redeemed for a Joey Chestnut two foot long hot dog challenge (normal price $25.99).
KCAUTV has an article and video about Molly Schuyler finishing the "Doggie Pile" Challenge in 3:32 at Dog Eat Dog in Sergeant Bluff, IA. The challenge consists of 10 hot dogs with a specialty topping and a pound of chili cheese fries and was Molly's first hot dog eating challenge or contest. (video)
CNNMoney has an article about the "24" menu available at Texas Rangers games which includes supersized hot dogs, burgers, pretzels, sausages and quesadillas. The Washington Nationals dropped their 8 pound "Strasburger" from the menu, reportedly because too many customers "were taking it as a food challenge."
Jamie McDonald ate 30 chili dogs in 37 minutes ate GoldBurgers in Newington, CT yesterday.
The 24 inch "Boomstick" hot dog will return to the Texas Rangers lineup of menu items for the 2013 season. A 1 pound "Beltre Buster" burger topped with 8 ounces of bacon and a 24 inch “Murph-a-Dilla” quesadilla will also be available.
The Roast Grill, featured in the North Carolina episode of Man v. Food, now maintains a women's house record. Kristen Baughman has a blog entry about tying that mark (13 chili dogs).
The owners of Hillbilly Hot Dogs in Huntington, CA will renew their wedding vows in a ceremony on December 12 in Valencia, CA that will feature a "Homewrecker" hot dog eating contest.
Yahoo! Sports Minute has a video about the top food stories of 2012 which include the Strasburger and Giant Slugger ballpark eating challenges.
The Boomstick Express, a vehicle shaped like a giant hot dog, will debut at today's Texas Rangers game to promote the 24 inch "Boomstick" frankfurter.
The Chicago White Sox will hold a "Giant Slugger" jumbo hot dog eating contest tomorrow awarding four suite tickets, a customized jersey and an autographed baseball. Tweet #GiantSlugger to @WhiteSox to obtain a spot.
A 2.75 pound hot dog called the "Giant Slugger" has been added to the menu for July St. Louis Cardinals home games. A "Giant Slugger" eating contest will be held on July 4.

“Strasburger” debuts at Nationals home opener

The “Strasburger” made its debut at yesterday’s Washington Nationals home opener (it will not be available at all home games). The 8 pound burger named in honor of pitcher Stephen Strasburg weighs 8 pounds, costs $59 and has 8,000 to 10,000 calories. The second Strasburger ever purchased was reportedly finished by a two person team. (There are no listed prizes or official recognition for a sole finisher.)

Other ballpark eating challenges:


Seattle Weekly's Julien v. Food series returns with an account of her attempt at the Big Dawg 22 Inch chili dog challenge from Wing Central.
Randy Santel has uploaded a professionally produced video of his attempt at the 10 hot dog challenge at Cafe Chilingo in Leavenworth, Kansas.
The Leavenworth Times has an interview with the owner of Cafe Chilingo about the hot dog eating challenge that Randy Santel will attempt today.
Courant reports that "The Big Dog" will return to the menu of Doogie's in Newington, CT. The two foot long hot dog was dropped from the menu after the meat packer producing it went out of business, but a new supplier has been found.
Juan "One More Bite" Rodriguez was the first person to finish the "Get Beefed" foot long challenge at Sonio's in Las Vegas with a time of 26:55.
The Rockford Corner Bar announces that the amateur record holder for its chili dog challenge (43 chili dogs in 4 hours), Balinda Gould-McIntosh, passed away on September 2 at the age of 46 after a struggle with cancer.
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