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Three random San Francisco eating challenges
6 lb. sushi roll OK Godzilla Challenge Oriental Kitchen Colma, CA also have a 4 lb. challenge
big sandwich Ultimate Adam Bomb Adam's Grub Truck San Francisco, CA
pounds Bob's Donut Challenge Bob's Donut & Pastry Shop San Francisco, CA
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The New York Times has an article and blog entry about how customers of Ike's Place have overrun the neighborhood it is located in after the sandwich shop appeared on the San Francisco episode of Man vs. Food

Man vs. Food August 26 (San Francisco) episode links

Travel Channel Episode Guide

Videos: commercial | Haight Ashbury clip


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There will be a live chat with Adam Richman on at 10:30 pm eastern after the show.

TrueSlant has an interview with Adam Richman


(From Paul Barlow) San Jose Citysearch has a list of "Practice Spots for Competitive Eaters" in the San Francisco Bay Area. announces that Pete Davekos, Brian Subich and Kevin Ross are expected to compete in Saturday's San Francisco-area Nathan's qualifier.
CrazyInSuburbia reports that Adam Richman attempted the Kitchen Sink sundae at San Francisco Creamery Co in Walnut Creek, CA yesterday for an upcoming episode of Man vs. Food
The official Man vs. Food twitter reports the next two sites will be San Francisco and Oahu.

Link Buffet: September 10, 2008

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Link Buffet: September 8, 2008

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Link Buffet: August 16 2008

Comments (3) Kevin Ross wins final qualifier

San Bruno, CA qualifier results from

1. Kevin Ross 17.75 HDB, awarded year’s worth of Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs
2. Roger Schlafly, Santa Cruz, 11 HDB

The only pre-contest media mention I could find was a listing in a San Francisco Chronicle calendar which mainly contains gay pride week activities.

update Runner-up Roger Schlafly has a blog entry

update #2 The San Mateo Daily Journal has a contest report. Joey Chestnut appeared and signed autographs.

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New location for Bay Area qualifier

The northern California Nathan’s qualifier will take place this Saturday at The Shops at Tanforan in San Bruno in the JCPenney Lower Court. Previous qualifiers were held in Daly City.


Daly City qualifier article

AsianWeek has an article about last Saturday’s Nathan’s qualifier in Daly City, CA, won by Rich LeFevre. The controversy about the size of the hot dogs is mentioned.


Rich LeFevre wins in San Francisco


1. Rich LeFevre, 21 jumbo dogs (equivalent to 34 HDB)
2. Jason “Erbivore” Erb 9 jumbo dogs (equivalent to 16 HDB)
3. Andrew “Skinnyboy” Lane, 8 jumbo dogs (equivalent to 14 HDB)

update Pat M has a flickr gallery

update #2 Song Monk has a livejournal entry with pictures and videos

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Daly City preview has a preview of today’s Nathan’s qualifier in the San Francisco area. Bert Chi and Jake True are two locals who will take on Rich LeFevre.

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SFU Chinese New Year haggis eating contest

There will be a haggis eating contest at San Francisco University on Thursday to celebrate the Chinese New Year. An attempt will be made to set the record for the largest number of people eating haggis simultaneously. The contest was instituted to honor both SFU’s Scottish traditions and the university’s large Asian population.

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SF Verizon Wings first-person account

Duncan Scott Davidson, a writer for the San Francisco Bay Guardian, has a report of his experience as a competitor in the San Francisco Verizon VoiceWing buffalo wing qualifier held at Knuckle’s sports bar in October. In that contest, Rich LeFevre defeated Cookie Jarvis in double overtime. Davidson managed 1.97 pounds of meat in 10 minutes. If you are interested in who won the $250 third prize, which was never listed at, it was triathlete Chris Coble.

updated 6:03 – URL fixed, thanks Andrew Lane

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Editorial about SF Verizon wings

An article about last Saturday’s Verizon Voicewing Buffalo wing qualifier has finally appeared in the form of an editorial in Thursday’s Oakland Tribune. The author has the right to voice whatever opinions he wants about competitive eating, but not to print incorrect facts. He claims that Kobayashi and Joey Chestnut appeared in that contest.


SF Verizon Wings Results

Rich LeFevre made a triumphant return to his previous hometown at the Verizon VoiceWing Buffalo wing contest in San Francisco, defeating Cookie Jarvis in double overtime on Saturday. This is the second double OT contest “The Locust” has been involved in this year (He lost to Sonya Thomas in the MTV popcorn contest in June.) Rich and Cookie’s regulation total of 4.92 pounds is considerably better than Joey Chestnut’s winning total of 4.51 from the Seattle contest. Three other competitors qualified for the finals in Boston, but are not listed. (From, no article currently available).

At the Mississippi State Fair Sunday, Buffalo Jim Reeves won the Krystal qualifier with 27 burgers. David Ray of Yazoo City almost won with 26 and John Anderson finished took third with 20. “Krazy” Kevin Lipsitz appeared, but finished out of the money. This article from the Clarion Ledger mentions the contest. (Updated 10/17 10:33 am)

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Cookie Jarvis interview / SF wings preview

The San Jose Mercury has an interview about Cookie Jarvis in conjunction with the Verizon Voice Wing chicken wing contest to be held Saturday. The contest will be held at the Hyatt at Fisherman’s Wharf, which seems a more apt location for a seafood eating contest.


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