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Three random St. Louis eating challenges
1.5 burger Great Gibby Burger Gibby's St. Clair, MO also a Eureka, MO location
big breakfast The Kitchen Sink & the Sink The Kitchen Sink St. Louis, MO includes "Kitchen Sink" shrimp & grits and "The Sink" biscuits & gravy
BBQ meal The Big Ben Pappy's Smokehouse St. Louis, MO consists of full slab of ribs, 2 sandwiches, 1/4 of a chicken, and 4 side dishes
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Yasir Salem had the fastest time in the Tour de Donut in Staunton, IL on July 11 after receiving a time deduction of 250 minutes for eating 50 donuts while bicycling. His unadjusted time was 2:33 for the 32 mile course. (via Bucks County Courier)
STLSportsPage has interviews with Juan Rodriguez and Marlene Wigginton about representing St.Louis in the Nathan's finals.
T Mo's will hold an amateur only taco eating contest in Bethalto, IL on May 30 awarding $400 ($200 to the winner).

2015 St. Louis Nathan’s qualifier

update May 18 A press release announces that Guinness will claim the record for most selfies taken (4,296) was set at the game. It would be interesting to know how that total was obtained.

The Cardinals official website has a video (via Teryn Schaefer)


1) Juan “More Bite” Rodriguez 25
2) Kyle Hanner 16
3) Matt Raible 13

1W) Marlene Wigginton 10

Joey Chestnut appeared on KMOX yesterday

Personal bests for announced entrants

2014 Jul 4 6th 32 10 min Juan “more bite” Rodriguez Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest – men Brooklyn, NY
2013 Jun 2 5th 12 10 min Matthew Raible Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – men St. Paul, MN
2014 May 17 1st 9.5 10 min Marlene Wigginton Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – women St. Louis, MO

Previous Winners

2014 May 17 1st 27.5 10 min Sean “Flash” Gordon Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – men St. Louis, MO
2014 May 17 1st 9.5 10 min Marlene Wigginton Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – women St. Louis, MO

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The field for Saturday's Nathan's qualifier is expected to include Juan "More Bite" Rodriguez, Matt Raible & 2014 St. Louis women's winner Marlene Wigginton.
Nathan's Famous will sponsor a Guiness World Records attempt for the most selfies taken at one time in conjunction with the qualifier at Busch Stadium in St. Louis on May 16. Joey Chestnut will be in attendance.
Stephanie Wu announces that she set the house record at Crown Candy Kitchen in St. Louis with 9 milkshakes in 29:17, breaking a mark previously set by Joey Chestnut and Ben Monson.
Olivia Ragni announces that she completed the Pointersaurus challenge in St. Louis. She did the 30 inch pizza challenge at Gusano's in Arkansas two months ago. update Jan 28 Blake Ahrendsen was Olivia's partner

Stephanie Wu finishes Big Texan challenge in 30:40

Stephanie Wu announced that she finished the 72 ounce steak challenge at The Big Texan in Amarillo, TX in 30:40. This would make the five fastest times for women in the official finishers list (a fire destroyed pre-1991 records)

  • 4:59, Molly Schuyler, 2014
  • 9:58, Molly Schuyler, 2014
  • 30:40, Stephanie Wu, 2014
  • 32m, Carlene LeFevre, March 20, 2002
  • 32:24, Johanna Hickey, August 9, 2005

In a 2000 Ripley’s Believe it or Not program, Carlene LeFevre finished the steak challenge in 32 minutes, which was billed as a new women’s record. (Results from that episode do not appear in the finishers list).

update Nov 12 On her trip, Stephanie also set the women’s record for the milkshake challenge at Crown Candy Kitchen in St. Louis and the overall Onion Burger record at Dust Bowl in Tulsa.

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The St. Louis Rams website has a post about Kyle "The Hammer" Hanner, who is working in the marketing department for the franchise.
Former St. Louis Cardinals shortstop Ozzie Smith's new restaurant, Ozzie's Sports Bar & Gril, will offer a spicy wing challenge.
St. Louis Magazine has a gallery of yesterday's falafel eating contest at Cafe Natasha won by Kyle "The Hammer" Hanner.
The Riverfront Times has a blog entry about Cannibal Corpse singer George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher reportedly eating 112 hot dogs at the Gathering of the Juggalos' Hot Dog Eating Challenge.
The Saint Louis Rams twitter reports that Takeru Kobayashi will judge the best burger contest at the Fan Fest on Saturday.
The Lincoln County Journal has a report on a hot dog eating contest held at Sami's on Main in Troy, MO July 23 to benefit five year old Leukemia patient Gram Edwards.
St. Louis Magazine has a long article about Ramsey "The Mantis" Hilton's competitive eating career.
Kyle Hanner reports he won today's taco eating contest at T Mo's in Bethalto, IL. John Palmgren was runner-up and Dale Boone was third.
Tomorrow, Kyle "The Hammer" Hanner will start his day with a 50 mile bike ride to raise money for the American Diabetes Association, then he will face defending champion Dale Boone in T Mo's Taco eating contest and he will conclude with a frozen yogurt eating contest.
Marlene Wigginton appeared on Fox 2 this morning to talk about her victory in the women's division of Saturday's Nathan's qualifier in St. Louis.

2014 Nathan’s St. Louis qualifier

update May 19 The Riverfront Times has a slideshow

update May 18 StlToday has an article giving the female winner’s last name was Wigginton has a video

update 1:13 Central George Shea has the top 3
1) Sean Gordon 27.5
2) Eric “Badlands” Booker 27
3) Kyle Hanner 20
Nic Zamora 16 former Missouri State hockey player

1W) Marlene Wiggenstein Wigginton 9.5
?) Rachel Steele 6
Advantage News has an article about Kyle Hanner competing in today’s qualifier at Busch Stadium. Rachel Steele is another local competing.

Fox2Now has an article

Comments (16) has a podcast of an interview Joey Chestnut did with KMOX about attending Saturday's Nathan's qualifier in St. Louis.  
Badlands Booker, Sean Gordon,  Matt Raible and Josh Miller are listed as expected entrants in the Nathan's qualifier before Saturday's St. Louis Cardinal game (Kyle Hanner will also compete) Joey Chestnut will throw out the first pitch of the game.  
The St. Louis Wing Company in Rock Hill, MO will hold a wing eating contest today awarding two St. Louis Blues tickets.

Screen capture of “Little” Arlene from “Free Spirits” doc

This is a screen capture of “Little” Arlene from the montage in ESPN’s Free Spirits documentary of halftime entertainment acts the St. Louis Spirits of the American Basketball Association used in the 1970s. She was credited with consuming 23 hot dogs, 22 large slices of pizza and 16 large Cokes during a Philadelphia 76ers game. (click for larger size)

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