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2017 May 272nd14 2 min2nd Annual Meadowlands Ham Eating Contest East Rutherford, NJ
2013 Jun 153rd?2m10s Triple Triple Burger Eating Contest Little Ferry, NJ
2013 Jun 2?16.5? Annual Brooklyn Pizza Eating Contest Brooklyn, NY

Link Buffet: June 19, 2008

  • Parody about Kobayashi and Badlands Booker using their stomach capacity to smuggle heroin
  • Pat Philbin’s head is the subject of a thread (Picture on the right is the picture originally in the thread)
  • Yardbarker blog entry about Pat Bertoletti’s appearance on “The Early Show”
  • Spectator report of Mattituck strawberry shortcake contest and Booker’s & BB’s musical performances.
  • Blog entry by Dallas qualifier entrant Chris Floyd
  • Megamunch’s report on his office “Six Pack Challenge”
  • Videos of the Denver hot dog qualifier
  • Paul Barlow to do on-air hot dog contest on Star 94 on Friday about 8AM

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Beautiful Brian’s tribute to Pat Philbin

Beautiful Brian has posted a tribute video of Pat Philbin to his website which can also be seen on youtube. The video features the song, “Piggy in the Middle”, which is based on “I am the Walrus” and is sung by The Rutles, a parody of the Beatles.

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Opie & Anthony egg nog contest Dec 20

The egg nog drinking contest held by the Opie & Anthony radio show will take place on December 20.

In a wackbag thread, Pat Philbin says he will defend his egg nog title.

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O & A egg nog contest to offer trip to Colorado

An Opie & Anthony message board has some information about the upcoming egg nog drinking contest:

For the Eggnog contest one of the prizes is a trip to Colorado. That will probably happen at the NY Hard Rock Café perhaps on December 7th. The Homeless Shopping Spree will probably be on the 15th. Joey, the guy who won the Nathan’s Hot Dog contest, had previously said that he wants to be in the eggnog contest but they’ve heard rumors that the competitive food organization may want them to pay money.

Pat from Moonachie. He will be in the Eggnog contest. He sounds down. His new used van is more of a money pit than his old van. The eating organization passed over him for something that was on Spike TV, it was supposed to be the top 16 eaters and he is number 16. He thinks it was because he is the only fat one in the group.

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October 19, 2007 misc. links

Competitive eating articles from NY Times archive

Several articles about competive eating from the New York Times archive which previously required payment are now available for free (in reverse chronological order)
preview of 2005 NJ pizza contest, mentions Pat Philbin
2005 Review of Zen and the Art of Competitive Eating
Short article about Kate Stelnick (she claims to have drunk 14 glasses of water while eating the 96er)
Long 2003 profile of Carson “Collard Green” Hughes
Preview of 2003 Wing Bowl, focuses on Bill “El Wingador” Simmons and “Belly” Donna Villec
Report on the 2002 pelmeni contest
2002 preview of Nathan’s finals, mainly about the Sheas
2002 article about Don Lerman, Badlands Booker & Cookie Jarvis, calls George Shea a “competitive eater since 1988”
2001 profile of Kevin Lipsitz
Article on quick start controversy at 1999 Nathan’s finals
Report on 1999 Nathan’s finals
preview of 1999 Ben’s Deli’s matzoh ball contest
1998 article about Mike DeVito, also mentions start of the IFOCE, originally the International Federation of Hot Dog Eating
1997 interview with Ed Krachie
Report on December 1996 duel between Ed Krachie and Nakajima
1996 Nathan’s final report
1995 Nathan’s finals results
Report on 1995 Nathan’s New Jersey qualifier, contest was 10 minutes long
article on 1994 Nathan’s finals, mentions Curtis Sliwa’s participation
Report on 1990 Nathan’s, says Jay Green & Mike DeVito tied for first place
Preview of 1987 Nathan’s, registrations were still being accepted by phone on July 3
Report on 1984 women’s only pancake contest

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Pat Philbin post-Nathan’s podcast

BeautifulBrian has a podcast of Pat “from Moonachie” Philbin on the Opie & Anthony show from early July about the Nathan’s finals.

Brian also has reports from the handless pie eating contest and the “Zen and the Art of Competitive Eating” Taste o Vision screening.


Pre contest eater profiles

Juliet Lee in the Baltimore Sun
Pat Philbin in
Hall Hunt in
Steakbellie has miniprofiles of all the finalists

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Molly Pitcher video and links

Brian Seiken has a video of the entire Molly Pitcher qualifier along with his appearance on WB 11 at

Steakbellie has a gallery of the contest has a forum thread devoted to Philbin’s victory

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Pat Philbin repeats at Molly Pitcher reports that Pat Philbin won the Nathan’s qualifier held at the Molly Pitcher Travel Plaza for the second consecutive year.

1. Pat Philbin, 27 HDB
2. Allen Goldstein 24 HDB
3. Arturo Rios, Jr. 21 HDB
4. Brian Subich 19 (out of wildcard contention)
5. Steakbellie 17.5 (or 16.5) has a contest report

Steakbellie has a pre contest report

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The return of Pat from Moonachie has an article about Pat Philbin’s first IFOCE contest since his suspension and reinstatement.

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Pat Philbin article in has an article about Pat “from Moonachie” Philbin which focuses on his suspension and reinstatement.

“We felt that the video that he did for ‘Opie & Anthony’ was somewhat outrageous,” Shea said. “But I think that, given the overwhelming support that he has among fans, there was a sense that we reacted too quickly and too strongly.

“There was a rush to judgment,” Shea said. “And we reversed it.”

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Pat from Moonachie wins “Pest of the Year”

Pat “from Moonachie” Philbin has won the Opie & Anthony “Pest of the Year” for 2006 voted on by readers of the wackbag forum.

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Pat Philbin’s IFOCE ranking restored

Pat Philbin has regained his #24 IFOCE ranking that he had before the “Baby Bird” video.

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Pat from Moonachie in Opie & Anthony egg nog contest tomorrow

Pat “from Moonachie” Philbin will compete in an egg nog drinking contest on the Opie & Anthony show Friday (XM 202). Pat will also compete in the Atlantic City meatball contest on Saturday.

updated A Wackbag thread reports Pat won. His total and opponents are not listed.

updated #2 A rather gross post-contest video is available on youtube at Watch at your own risk. forum thread with pictures

updated #3 A video capture of Pat’s reversal is after the jump if you are sure you want to see it

updated #4 The video has been removed from youtube due to terms of use violations. It can be seen at
Read the rest of this entry »

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Pat from Moonachie videos on youtube

(from Youtube has 8 videos of Pat “from Moonachie” Philbin on the Opie & Anthony show, including 3 of his attempt at eating 100 hard boiled eggs while walking the streets of New York City this week. He apparently gets to 97, but regurgitates so his mark will not supplant Sonya Thomas’ record.

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Pat Philbin wins Molly Pitcher qualifier

Molly Pitcher Rest Area results

From “eater” & Brian Seiken &

Pat “from Moonachie” Philbin with 22.5
Allen “Shredder” Goldstein with 20.5
Arturo Rios 15.5
“Beautiful” Brian Seiken 12.5 officially retired from Nathan’s after contest
Don “Moses” Lerman reversal

This wackbag thread has results and pictures

Updated 7:05 – The Courier Post has an AP article about the contest

NoFilterPaul has some pictures and a video on his myspace page

Updated June 24, 2:31 pm Brian Seiken has a writeup with some pictures of the contest

Updated 6:28 pm Krista has an interview with Philbin for Digest

Ed Catlett has a gallery of the qualifier

AP photos has a picture of Philbin and Lerman

Updated June 26, 7:15 pm – Philbin’s win makes a Japanese blog

Updated June 28, 1:29 pm – Moth has a flickr gallery of the contest

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Opie & Anthony (& Pat from Moonachie) to be simulcast on free radio

The Opie & Anthony (& Pat Philbin) radio show will be simulcast on free radio in seven (mainly northeastern) markets from 6am to 9am eastern starting Wednesday, April 26, replacing David Lee Roth’s talk show. The duo will air two uncensored hours solely on the XM satellite network from 9 to 11.

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Opie & Anthony St. Patrick’s Day egg eating contest cancelled

From – registration required to view post.

A hard boiled egg eating contest held at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City was supposed to have been broadcast live on the Opie & Anthony show on Saint Patrick’s Day. Like the egg nog drinking contest held on air in December, the contest would have featured Pat “from Moonachie” Philbin and Badlands Booker, but would have also been open to the general public. That event could not be held because due to problems with state and/or local government. A lack of a permit was one reason given why the contest could not take place.

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Booker defeats Philbin in Egg Nog

(from On the Opie and Anthony radio show this morning, Eric “Badlands” Booker defeated Pat “from Moonachie” Philbin in an Egg Nog drinking contest. Both Philbin and Booker vomited after drinking 71 double shots of the holiday beverage, but Philbin suffered a reversal of fortune first, giving Booker the victory. If you missed the contest, you can relive it through an 800+ post thread on the Opie and Anthony message board.

I am surprised that IFOCE endorsed this event (I am assuming that the IFOCE contract would require approval for a contest like this) as I don’t think it promotes the image of competitive eating they would like portrayed.

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Pat Philbin auctions trophy for Katrina relief

(From In a very generous gesture, Pat Philbin has placed the trophy he won at the Philadelphia Nathan’s qualifier along with his competitor’s pass for the Coney Island contest on ebay with 100% of the proceeds going to the Red Cross for Katrina relief. The current bid is $108.51 which is a doubling of the bid from two days ago. Bidding ends September 22.

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