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Three random hot dog eating challenges
meter long bratwurst Meterbratwurst Gasthof zur Gemütlichkeit Minneapolis, MN
2 hot dogs Double Dog Dare Frank & Simon's Lincoln, NE
18 in sausage Polish Sausage Challenge Joe's Fullerton, CA
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Top Dog in Town in Wangara, WA, Australia will hold a Megadog eating contest on April 8 awarding $1000 to the winner. has has an article about tonight's episode of Man v Food, which will feature three restaurants in western Michigan. The challenge will be the DC Challenge at Dog Central in Mt. Pleasant, MI. The program will conclude the second season of the relaunch with Casey Webb; a third season with the new host has been announced. Broadway World reports that ratings have been improving.
The Corner Bar in Rockford, MI was destroyed after a fire that started in a dumpster triggered a gas line explosion. The restaurant started mainting a "Hot Dog Hall of Fame" for customers that could eat 12 or more chili dogs.
Ivan Mendoza announces that he was the first person to finish the "Uber Terminator" 3 foot bratwurst challenge at Meckelenburg's Garden in Cincinnati that was featured on "Ginormous Food".
Joey Fatone of NSYNC will be present in Orlando from 5 - 8 pm today for the launch of a hot dog eating challenge at his restaurant, Fat Ones Dogs.
A clip from the most recent episode of Duck Dynasty where Godwin attempts to eat 10 chili dogs in 2 minutes for a T-shirt can be viewed on youtube.
The 5 pound stromboli at Papa Piccione's in Kent City, MI was the top entry in the online poll ran by to determine the most extreme food challenge in Michigan. Rockford Corner Bar's chili dog challenge was the runner up.
A 48 inch "Aggie Dog" weighing 12 pounds is available at Kyle Field at Texas A & M University (via Stephanie Wu).
Spike’s Junkyard Dogs owner David Gettleman offers five tips for winning a hot dog eating contest. He says the chain record is 23 hot dogs, which was set by Matt Stonie.
Stephanie Wu has a facebook post on Spike's Junkyard Dogs Kennel Club record and the mystery about who holds the overall record for the chain. Matt Stonie ate 23 hot dogs in 2010.
A link to a video of Dave "US Male" Goldstein attempting Cool Dog Cafe's "Homewrecker" challenge appears in Courier Post's list of South Jersey eating challenge.
Meredith Boxberger ate 9 specialty hot dogs in 12:29 to set the record at What Up Dawg? in East Lansing, MI. has a report on attempt at the 2 foot long "Horse Collar" kielbasa available at Green Bay Packers home games.
Stephanie Wu reports she set the all time record (4:48 previous men's record was 5:01) for the Challenge Dog at Roy's Chicago Dogs at the Yard in Petaluma, CA. has a report on the "Dogzilla" eating contest held at B & B Classic Dogs in Bellevue, NE where Molly Schuyler finished a 5 pound hot dog in 3 minutes.
Molly Schuyler will attempt a five pound hot dog at B & B Classic Dogs in Bellevue, NE today in honor of National Hot Dog day. has an infographic about the holiday. update has a video of Molly finishing the hot dog in under 3 minutes.
Smokey's in Walsall, England announces that Emma Dalton is the first Briton to finish its meter long monster hot dog challenge in under an hour. has a blog entry about the "CLAWlossal Challenge" available at Hickory (NC) Crawdads games. Spectators who finish the meal consisting of a foot-long chili-cheese dog, pub chips, a half-pound burger, a pulled pork sandwich and a corn dog in less than an inning will get it for free.
The Calgary Stampede from July 4-13 will have a 777 pound burger for sale for $5,000 and a 125 pound hot dog available for 1,000. (via Brett Shulhan)
The Arizona Diamondbacks are experiencing a shortage of its new "D-Bat Dog", an 18 inch corn dog costing $25, due to high demand. (Report by D-Bat Dog finisher)  
ABCLocal has a gallery of extreme menu items available at ballparks.  
Pauly's Famous Franks N Fries in San Jose is offering a groupon for $12.99 that can be redeemed for a Joey Chestnut two foot long hot dog challenge (normal price $25.99).
KCAUTV has an article and video about Molly Schuyler finishing the "Doggie Pile" Challenge in 3:32 at Dog Eat Dog in Sergeant Bluff, IA. The challenge consists of 10 hot dogs with a specialty topping and a pound of chili cheese fries and was Molly's first hot dog eating challenge or contest. (video)
CNNMoney has an article about the "24" menu available at Texas Rangers games which includes supersized hot dogs, burgers, pretzels, sausages and quesadillas. The Washington Nationals dropped their 8 pound "Strasburger" from the menu, reportedly because too many customers "were taking it as a food challenge."
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