2014 Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest category

Cleveland.com has a interview with Jeff "The Beast Man" Butler about competing in the Nathan's qualifier in Cleveland on June 29.
The new poll asks who you think will be the next person to hit the 50+ hot dog mark in a 10 minute contest. Miki Sudo thinks the women's record of 45 might be in jeopardy in Sunday's Nathan's qualifier in Sonoma, CA.
BostonGlobe.com lists Matt Stonie, Crazy Legs Conti and Jim Reeves as competitors in Saturday's Nathan's qualifier at the Phantom Gourmet BBQ and Music Beach Party in Boston.

2014 Jackie Robinson Rotunda Nathan’s qualifer

update June 16 Mets.MLB.com has a video

Results Part 1 | Part 2

1) Tim Janus 28.5 – reentered contest
2) Brian Dudzinski 26
3T) Bill Myers 17
3T) Brian Seiken 17
1W Larell Marie Mele 14

Tim Janus has withdrawn from today’s Nathan’s qualfier in Queens, leaving the men’s favorites Crazy Legs Conti, Brian Dudzinski and Bill Myers. Larell Marie Mele headlines the women’s field.

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Matt Stonie announces he will compete in the Boston Nathan's qualifier on June 21.
The ESPN schedule for July 4 now lists live coverage of the men's & women's Nathan's finals on ESPN3. Coverage of the women's contest will begin at 11:15 am Eastern. ESPN2 will show the men's contest tape delayed at 2 pm.
Marcos Owens reports that the Nathan's qualifier that was to have taken place at the New Jersey State Fair in East Rutherford on June 21 will not be held. I have not been able to find a cancellation announcement; the contest has been dropped from the schedule on IFOCE.com.

2014 Nathan’s Pocono qualifier

update June 8The Pocono Record has a gallery

update The Times Tribune has a blog entry & gallery

update Marcos Owens won the men’s contest with 28. Juliet Lee appears to have won the women’s

Official results | Part 2
1) Marcos Owens 28
2) Brian Dudzinski 22
3) Micah Collins 21
4) “Wild” Bill Myers 15 updated
5) Eric Livingston 14
6) Andrew Kossuth 9
7T) Chuck Bush 8
7T) Jimmy Coponi 8
9) Scott Long

1W) Juliet Lee 27.5
2w) Andrea Giramonte 4.25
3W) Sarah Garwood 3
The Times Tribune has a contest preview. Bob Shoudt says he will not be able to come due to work issues.

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2014 Nathan’s Savannah qualifier

update The Savannah Morning News has a video

update SavannahNow.com has an article and gallery

Official Results
1) Adrian Morgan 28
2) Jim Reeves 24
? Neil Sebree

1W) Dee Martin 10.5

Steve & Dee Martin’s family is present at the qualifier and all dressed in tie-dyed shirts.

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Nathan's Famous will be the primary sponsor for the #43 car at this weekend's race at Pocono, PA.
Cleveland.com calls Jeff "The Beastman" Butler as the favorite for the final Nathan's qualifier in Cleveland on June 29. Molly Nemunaitis is the only other competitor listed.
The Sonoma Portal claims that Miki Sudo will compete in the Nathan's qualifer at Sonoma Raceway on June 22.
Island Packet has an article about Adrian Morgan competing in Saturday's Nathan's qualifier in Savannah which claims he defeated Joey Chestnut in an egg eating contest.

2014 Nathan’s finals to be tape-delayed on ESPN2

update June 6 The new poll asks what change you would like to see to have the Nathan’s finals covered live.

The July 4 TV Schedule for the ESPN networks is now available and lists the broadcast of the Nathan’s finals at 2pm eastern on ESPN 2. This means the men’s contest will be tape delayed (as in 2012) since the event starting time is noon eastern.

At that time ESPN will be showing the men’s Wimbledon semifinals and ESPN2 will be showing the first quarterfinal of the 2014 World Cup. (If that competition goes to overtime / penalty kicks, it will cut into the Nathan’s program). A rebroadcast is scheduled for July 6 at 1pm eastern.

ESPNU will be showing a rerun of the NCAA Women’s Swimming & Diving Championships, so the Nathan’s finals could be shown live on that channel. The ESPN3.com schedule does not list the women’s contest; hopefully that will be added.

The July 4 schedule on NathansFamous.com appears to confirm that the telecast will be tape-delayed.

update The early World Cup quarterfinal on July 4 will have a team from group E or F vs. G or H. Germany vs. France appears to be the most likely matchup. The USA could play at that time in the extremely unlikely event they win Group G.

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2014 St. Paul Nathan’s qualifier

update June 9 City Pages has an interview with Yasir Salem. Sean Nichols has a video

update June 3 TwinCities.com has a gallery. The female winner / sole participant was Margo Hill. Andrew “The Bear” Kogutkiewicz also competed

update June 2 City Pages has a blog entry

TwinCities.com has a contest report. Yasir Salem also reversed in the overtime.

The top 3:
1) Yasir Salem 27.5
2) Steve Hendry 27.5 – reversed in overtime
3) Josh Miller 19
1W) Margo 9

update #2 Raya Zimmerman reports that Steve Hendry reversed in overtime giving Yasir Salem the victory

Update Raya Zimmerman reports that Yasir Salem and Steve Hendry have tied after 10 minutes with 27.5

Yasir Salem will attempt to qualify after competing yesterday in Illinois. Josh Miller, Steve Hendry and Matt Raible are also expected to compete.

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2014 Chicago Nathan’s qualifier

update June 3 WGN has a podcast of an interview with Michelle Lesco ChicagoNow calls for a Chicago style hot dog eating contest

update June 2 Val Bromann has a contest report

update #2 The Daily Herald has a contest report where George Shea incorrectly claims Michelle Lesco set the Nathan’s Illinois record; Patrick Vandam ate 31 hot dogs in Matteson in 2008.

update Juan Rodriguez has the winners & runners up

1) Badlands Booker 27.5 HDB
2) Yasir Salem 26
? Thomas Coats Jr. 10

1) Michelle Lesco 28.5
2) Niki Rodriguez 10, new women’s wild card leader
? Val Bromann 4
Siblings Juan (31 HDB) and Nikki (10) Rodriguez are currently the wild card co-leaders.

Yasir Salem and Val Bromann appeared on NBC Chicago this morning.

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MCall.com has the field for next weekend's Nathan's qualifier at Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, PA. Bob Shoudt and Juliet Lee will be the favorites. Marcos Owens, Meredith Boxberger (probably inaccurate), Bill Myers and Eric Livingston are also listed.
Nikki "Mouth" Rodriguez, sister of Juan Rodriguez, appeared on Fox Chicago this morning to talk about competing in tomorrow's Nathan's qualifier in Bloomingdale, IL.
The (first names of the) winners of today's Nathan's qualifier for military members at Fort Lee, VA have been announced: Chanyaw with 12 and Sheila with 5. update May 30 Progress Index has the full names of the winners: Chan Yau and Sheila Nelson
Val "Valkyrie" Bromann is selling T-shirts about competing in the Nathan's women's finals. She will be competing in Saturday's Chicagoland qualifier despite having already obtained a spot in Coney Island.

2013-14 Nathan’s qualifier winners

Here is the current field for the Nathan’s finals:
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Progress Index has a preview Thursday's Nathans' qualifier for retired and active military at Fort Lee, VA.

Ronnie Hartman wins 2014 Nathans’ Charlotte qualifer

update May 30 The Rushville Republican has a contest report

update May 28 Crazy Legs Conti has a contest report for the Huffington Post

update May 26 Exmainer.com has an article

Brian Seiken interview Brian Subich about the qualifier in his latest podcast

Rake and Herald has a contest report

Ronnie Hartman (contest | results) and NGuyenCHanh1911 have videos

update Results from George Shea
1) Ronnie Hartman 21
2) Crazy Legs Conti 20.5
3) Brian Subich 20
? Corey Fanguy 15
? Jeremy Sims
? Damien Boykin

1W) Meredith Boxberger 18, highest so far in 2013-14
?) Katie Boykin wife of Damien Boykin

Joey Chestnut’s appearance on WBTV and Ronnie Hartman’s interview on WCCM can be viewed online.

Meredith Boxberger is the only announced female competitor.

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WCCB has an interview with Ronnie Hartman about competitng in Saturday's Nathan's qualifier in Charlotte. Crazy Legs Conti and Damien Boykin are also expected. The article incorrectly says this will be the first Charlotte Nathan's qualifier; Concord Mills was a previous site.  
Marlene Wigginton appeared on Fox 2 this morning to talk about her victory in the women's division of Saturday's Nathan's qualifier in St. Louis.
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