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2019 Jul 43rd2310 min Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest - women Brooklyn, NY
2019 Jun 221st23 10 minNathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier - women Washington, DC
2018 Jul 43rd2510 min Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest - women Brooklyn, NY

Tim Janus defeats Joey Chestnut in CP Biggest Eater Melbourne

The Herald Sun reports that Tim Janus ate the most wontons, 310 in 8 minutes, at the pro exhibition at the Melbourne qualifier for the CP Biggest Eater. Joey Chestnut ate 297, 83 less than his record last year, and Juliet Lee ate 175 to break her female record of 160. Final results for the Australians competing have not been posted.

update The MLE facebook reports that Felix Ariga and Brad Stokes tied for 1st place in the contest for Australian males with a total of 105 wontons, less than the 109 Helen Tan ate to win the Singaporean women’s contest. Milly Chow was the best Australian female with a total of 75 wontons.

According to the eatfeats database, this is Tim’s first victory over Joey since the 2009 grits contest in Bossier City, LA. (All of Tim’s previous three victories over Joey Chestnut were in grits contests.) This is also Joey’s first loss in a contest for a food other than chicken wings in over a year. A list of head to head results for Joey vs. Tim follows after the jump

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The CP Australia facebook has a short video of Tim Janus and Juliet Lee promoting Saturday's CP Biggest Eater qualifier in Melbourne Saturday.
Joey Chestnut, Tim "Eater X" Janus and Juliet Lee are expected to compete in the Melbourne, Australia CP Biggest Eater qualifier on November 19.
A WJLA article about Ben's Chili Bowl Eating contest mentions Sonya Thomas and Juliet Lee (but does not explicitly say that they are expected to compete.) update Sept 30 Joey Chestnut, Sonya Thomas, Bob Shoudt, Juliet Lee, Micah "Wing Kong" Collins, Crazy Legs Conti and Brian Subich and others are listed as entrants.
Germantown.Patch.com has an interview with Juliet Lee, who says that she is getting repulsed by the amount of meat she is eating in contests.

2011 Nathan’s finals – women

1) Sonya Thomas 40, 1 off record, 9-peats as best woman at Nathan’s
2) Juliet Lee 29.5
3) Stephanie Torres 28.5, 3rd woman to exceed 25, finals record for rookie female
4) Michelle “Cardboard Shell” 20
5) Larell Marie Mele 16
6) Maria “The Incredible Sulk” 15
7) Laura Leu 8.5
8) Grace Lee 4, probably greatest % decrease between qualifier & finals since Jed Donahue’s 1 HDB
9) Laura Gallagher 3

16:42 If Sonya Thomas competed in the men’s division, she would have came in fourth and won $1,500, $1,000 less than the same as the original women’s 1st place prize of $2,500.

16:07 Grace Lee claims she ate 24 hot dogs. Official results have her at 4.

13:43 CNN has raw video from the contest.

12:40 According to The El Paso Times, the official results have Juliet Lee & Stephanie Torres in a tie for 2nd place w/29.

12:10 ESPN showed Juliet Lee and Stephanie Torres in a tie for 2nd place w/ 29.

11:51 EatingContest has full results:

11:41 The contest is over. Sonya has won with a total of 40 hot dogs, one off her record.

11:39 Stephanie & Juliet are tied w/2 minutes left.

11:36 Halfway through the contest Sonya is up by 6 followed by Juliet, Stephanie and Michelle.

11:33 The CNN stream has apparently stopped to avoid conflicting with the ESPN3 webcast.

11:32 The women’s contest has started

11:21 Introductions have started before the 11:25 official ESPN 3 broadcast time. Laura Leu has been introduced.

The contest (without audio) can be viewed on CNN.com

The BBC has an audio interview with Sonya Thomas

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AmIAnnoying.com is now taking votes on Juliet Lee.
The Voice of America - China has a video (in Chinese) about Juliet Lee with footage from the Roy Rodgers roast beef slider contest.
Ken Hoffman has a column for the Houston Chronicle where he describes serving as Juliet Lee's judge in yesterday's Nathan's hot dog contest. He recorded her total as 23 hot dogs (after giving her credit for three "chipmunked" hot dogs), but her official total is listed as 27.

2010 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest field

(Bumped & Modified originally posted June 27)

The following people won a slot in the 2010 Nathan’s finals by winning a qualifier. The second column is the number of hot dogs eaten in the qualifier (click on the names to see their contest history)

2010 May 6 29 “Big” Ben Monson Las Vegas, NV
2010 May 8 38.5 Eric “Badlands” Booker Foxborough (Boston), MA
2010 May 8 18 Bryan “Big Sexy” Beard San Jose, CA
2010 May 15 23 Peter “Pretty Boy” Davekos East Hartford, CT
2010 May 15 28 Tim “Gravy” Brown Newnan, GA
2010 May 29 40 “Notorious” Bob Shoudt Atlantic City, NJ
2010 Jun 5 29 Erik “The Red” Denmark Tempe, AZ
2010 Jun 6 12 Andrew Bosque Virginia Beach, VA
2010 Jun 12 34 Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas Norfolk, VA
2010 Jun 13 23.5 Sean “Flash” Gordon Thackerville, OK
2010 Jun 19 13 Kristopher Adams Fayetteville, NC
2010 Jun 19 30 Pat “Deep Dish” Bertoletti Charlotte, NC
2010 Jun 26 46 Tim “Eater X” Janus Queens, NY
2010 Jun 26 25 Crazy Legs Conti Escondido, CA
2010 Jun 26 28.25 Juliet Lee Fishkill, NY

Allen Goldstein received a slot by leading the wild card standings. Here are the wild card standings according to results in the eatfeats datbase (qualifier winners not listed):

2010 May 8 28.75 Allen “Shredder” Goldstein Foxborough (Boston), MA
2010 May 15 27 “Jammin” Joe LaRue Newnan, GA
2010 May 29 25 “Buffalo” Jim Reeves Atlantic City, NJ
2010 Jun 5 25 Adrian “The Rabbit” Morgan Tempe, AZ
2010 May 29 24.5 Pat “from Moonachie” Philbin Atlantic City, NJ
2010 Jun 26 24 Micah “Wing Kong” Collins Fishkill, NY
2010 Jun 5 22 Damon “The Omen” Wells Tempe, AZ
2010 Jun 26 21 Brian “Dud Light” Dudzinski Queens, NY
2010 May 29 20 Dave “U. S. Male” Goldstein Atlantic City, NJ

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Juliet Lee wins Splashdown Park Nathan’s qualifier

update The Poughkeepsie Journal has an article

YNN has a video

3:36 The top 3 have been posted

1) Juliet Lee 28.25
2) Allen “Shredder” Goldstein 25.5
3) Micah “Wing Kong” Collins 24
? Drew Altavilla 6.5

Goldstein will be the wild card unless someone breaks 28.75 in the final qualifier in California (or the runner up in the first contest today exceeded that amount)

1:23 The contest has started

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MORE Magazine has an interview with Juliet Lee. The interview will appear in the July / August issue.
HVEcho reports that Juliet Lee is expected to compete in the Nathan's qualifier at Splashdown Beach Water Park in Fishkill, NY on Saturday. Micah "Wing Kong" Collins is also expected.

Joey Chestnut defeats Kobyashi in Singapore

update May 12

News Channel Asia interview with Juliet Lee

quirkyhill blog entry

CPBrand galleries: press conference | contest

KlikTV has a video

update May 10 VoxSports videos and galleries

Reuters video

soshiok article about Juliet Lee

The MLE facebook reports that Joey Chestnut (380 wontons in 8 minutes) defeated Takeru Kobayashi (370) in Singapore. I think this is Kobayahi’s first loss in Asia since the 2002 Food Battle Club. Juliet Lee (160 wontons) won the women’s division.

update Bernama and Channel News Asia have articles and Road Runner has a gallery (via gastroboy)

update #2 BBC News has an article and video, ETribune has a news video and Sen028 has contest footage The BBC article says that Joey and Kobayashi will compete in a pizza contest before Nathan’s

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Kobayashi, Joey & Juliet Lee in Singapore May 9

CPBiggestEater.com announces that Takeru Kobayashi, Joey Chestnut and Juliet Lee will compete in a shrimp wonton contest in Singapore on May 9. Qualifiers for the contest will take place on April 25 and May 2.

This will be the second Singaporean event for Kobayashi and Joey Chestnut; they also competed in a contest in July 2008.

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Gratitute Cocktail has a blog entry titled "Today I'm Thankful for Juliet Lee".
The MLE facebook reports that Juliet Lee will appear on Fox 5 News tomorrow morning, implying that reports of her retirement have been exaggerated.

The Washington Post profiles Juliet Lee

The Washington Post has an long article and gallery about Juliet Lee and her family which mentions her next competition:

Right now she is getting ready for her next major event, a meatball-eating contest in Vegas on Nov. 8. Only Lee pointedly says she is not getting ready. She doesn’t do test runs or drink stomach-stretching amounts of water or train in any way for an eating outing. “If I ever start training, they going to be really scared of me,” she says.

To which her competitors respond: “She’s lying. Everybody who’s semi-decent in this sport trains in some way,” says Tim “Gravy” Brown, a 205-pound Chicago eater ranked ninth in the world. “You can’t just show up and eat 60 hotdogs.”

The Washington Post’s 2005 article about Sonya Thomas is also available.

update Oct 13 A transcript of a Washington Post chat session with JulietLee is available.

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Juliet Lee has updated her WriteNow page with information on her tamale victory. (Her thoughts on the Knoxville Krystal qualifier are not mentioned.)

Juliet Lee wins Lewisville tamales

update #2 DallasNews also has an article and video

update NBCDFW has an article and video

From a comment by the City of Lewisville

1) Juliet Lee 48 tamales
2) Nate Biller 42
3) Bryan Beard 26
4) Brent Ricord 25

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2 point penalty costs Juliet Lee WC slot

update #5 The KSO blog has the full results

update #4 George Shea has the top 4:

1) Tim Janus 55 points
2) Juliet Lee 49 points (originally had 51 but received 2 point deduction)
3T) Nate Biller 42 points
3T) Micah “Wing Kong” Collins 42 points

The two point deduction cost Juliet Lee a wild card slot since Erik Denmark was the only other non-winner to exceed 50 points.

update #3 The top 2 are now posted on the ksquareoff twitter – Tim Janus won with 55, Juliet Lee was second with 49.

update #2 The contest is over but results have not been announced. The KSO twitter reports that there is controversy about Juliet Lee’s result.

update The contest has started.

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Juliet Lee has updated her WriteNow page with pictures and a report on her victory in Sunday's cheesesteak contest in Brooklyn.

Juliet Lee wins Brooklyn cheesesteaks

update #2 BeautifulBrian.com has a contest report and video

update The top 3:

1. Juliet Lee 4.33 10 inch sandwiches
2. Pat “from Moonachie” Philbin, 4
3. Micah “Wing Kong” Collins, 3.9

The IFOCE twitter reports that Juliet Lee won today’s cheesesteak contest in Brooklyn.

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Juliet Lee has updated her website by adding a report on her experience at this year's Nathan's finals and competing against elephants the day before.
Bunnette Zoe has posted a blog entry about riding the bus of champions which contains short interviews with Juliet Lee and Joey Chestnut.
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